LG WM3770HWA Review 2021

This Energy Star qualified LG WM3770HWA is one of the most desired front load washers in its class with its 4.5 loading capacity, 12 cycles for washing, 5 different modes for the temperature to choose and 10 options for washing.


The Main Key Selling Points for the Washer LG WM3770HWA


LG’s Smart Diagnosis


LG’s advanced famous technology Smart Diagnosis that is implemented in some of the washers and dishwashers from this brand goes one step farther from its competitors in helping to its customers.


The Smart Diagnosis is designed to help the customers to solve most of the minor problems without calling the serviceman.


But, Let’s See How This System Works


These are simple steps on how to use the Smart Diagnosis:


  • In order to use the feature Smart Diagnosis, first, you need to download the Smart Diagnosis App on your Smartphone which is free.
  • First Turn On the washer by pressing the Power button, then start the application on your Smartphone and press the right arrow button on the phone to continue the next step
  • Now first you need to press RECORD on your phone then you need to bring the mouthpiece of your phone close to the logo Smart Diagnosis on your washer
  • Holding the Smartphone like that you need to press and hold the button Wash Temp on your washer for about three seconds
  • Hold the phone in that position and wait for the tone transmission to be finished which is not going to take more than 5 seconds. You will see the counting downtime on the display
  • When the transmission is finished check press the next button on your phone to check the diagnosis and follow the guidance, so simple


Without worries and headaches of calling the repairman with peace in your mind, this feature will save you a lot of time, money.


The LG Turbo Wash Technology


This LG’s turbo wash feature will make happy everybody with its ability to do laundry in less time than ever, saving up to 20 minutes per load.


The traditional speed wash cycle is able to handle a few lightly solid items, but with this LG’s turbo-wash technology you are able to clean even larger loads with outstanding cleaning performance.


With this turbocharged innovation, the LG’s twin nozzles spray a concentrated detergent solution directly onto the clothes penetrating them fast and powerful.


Also, LG’s atomizing uses a high-pressure nozzle at the top of the drum to help rinse the clothes fast and effectively.


LG Direct Drive Technology


The LG’s washing machine with Direct Drive technology has its motor attached directly to the center of the drum which increases ability and same time minimize the vibration.

Also with the Direct Drive technology comes the unique six motion control technology that is able to rotate the drum at various speeds and directions for a perfect wash.

There is a high-speed processor that controls the direct drive motor which allows you to choose one of the six types of motion for washing your clothes depends on your needs and they are Tumbling, Stepping, Rolling, Swing, Filtration and Scrub.


Watch the Video: LG Inverter Direct Drive Motor




For example:


If you want to remove dirt and stains on more heavy-duty items such as jeans than you need to choose the Stepping Function which uses a powerful tyrant of falling water


But if you need to clean delicate clothing without the worry of being damaged than you want to use the gentle motion of the Swing function which is similar to hands washing


If you use the Scrub Motion it will make a water stream which will dissolve the powder detergent better and faster


By choosing the Filtration Motion will help the detergent to immediately penetrate into the fabric to strengthen the washing performance and meanwhile the residue can be easily omitted


If you want to use the washer at night and you don’t want to disturb your family then choose the Rolling Motion which will maintain clothes to “roll” at the bottom of the drum which ensures the quiet laundry environment while helps melted detergent easily to penetrate into the fabric


Tumbling Motion is a basic washing motion in the conventional washing machine


The Exterior of the Washer LG WM3770HWA


This washer has a beautiful and elegant design; it comes in white color which really is going to look great as a part of your laundry. Also, this model can be found in graphite steel color as the LG WM3770HVA.


When you look at this washer most noticeable part is a large front door with a bar handle which gives you a feeling for a washer with large loading capacity.


In the middle on top of the washer just above the front door, there is one large knob which is easy to navigate and to choose one of the 12 offered cycles for washing. The moment when you start to navigate the knob by turning on the left or on the right side to select your desired cycle you will hear the beep signal that will confirm your selected choice and also you will notice the bright LED light for each movement.


Below the knob on the left side there is a Power button and on the right side is the Start/Pause button. On the top right side, there are a digital display and digital buttons for all available wash options and programs.


It also has a drain clean out that’s easily accessible which is at the bottom down on the left corner in front of your washer and we all know how much important is to have access to your drain filter.


A lot of times you’ll get a baby sock or you know some loose change that you forget to take out of your pants and instead of paying a hundred and something dollars for a service guy to come out and dismantle your washer you could simply just do it yourself.


The Interior of the Washer LG WM3770HWA


The interior of the drum is strengthened with the durable stainless steel material which is a real proof of quality and longevity.


This washer weighs a total of 224 pounds out of the box; it also has a 1300 RPM maximum spin speed. Now that’s not to say that it will spin at 1300 RPMs, but it is possible.


This washer is very clever because everything is pretty much automatic sensing as in it detects how much laundry you’ve put into the machine and adjusts the wash time, the fill level, the spin speed all of that stuff automatically.


This washer does come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of one-year parts and labor. It does come with a ten-year warranty on the motor.


The tub warranty does not cover the spider arm which is something that does happen to go bad in these machines, not in serious frequency, but it’s about on par with most other washing machines.


The Main Features and Specifications for the Washer LG WM3770HWA


  • 27 inches front load washer with 4.5 cubic feet maximum capacity for your clothes
  • These are all 12 wash cycles that this model has and they are Cotton/Normal, Permanent Press, Delicate Cycle, Speed Wash, Tub Clean, Bulky/large Sanitary. Allergiene Cycle, Heavy Duty, Bright Whites, Towels, and the extra Download Cycle
  • Besides the 12 wash cycles, this washer also offers you 10 options and programs for washing like Pre-Wash, Delay Wash, Extra Rinse, Rinse+Spin Option, Child Lock, Cold Wash Option, Steam, Fresh Care, Turbo Wash and Add Garment program
  • As usual like in most washers here also we have the 5 Soil Level and they are Normal, Medium, Heavy Medium, Heavy, Low Medium, and Light level
  • You have a choice to choose one of the 5 temperature settings for washing your clothes like Hot, Extra Hot, Warm, Cold, and Tap Cold choice
  • This washer features with the LG’s LoDecibel quiet operational sound package which the main function is to minimize the level of noise that is produced from this appliance during operation
  • Also, this model allows you to pair it with the WD100 SideKick Pedestal washer so at the same time you will be able to wash two completely separated loads of your clothes, one in the washer and one in the pedestal washer
  • This LG WM3770HWA washer weights 224 pounds (about 101.6 Kg)
  • Its main dimensions are 38.7 inches height, 27 inches width and 29.8 inches depth
  • This washer is Energy Star qualified and money saver


The Pros of the Washer LG WM3770HWA


  • Loading capacity
  • LG’s Smart Diagnosis
  • LG Direct Drive Technology
  • Turbo Wash Technology


The Cons of the Washer LG WM3770HWA


  • Some of the customers had a problem with the control panel but is not a common problem


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Some Helpful Tips for Your Front Load Washer


Why The Gasket on Your Washer’s Door Gets Mold and How to Avoid It?


The mildew on the gasket on your wash machine door there is nothing to do with the washer or its design, is all about how the owner maintains and cares about the washer.

There are three very important things that you need to do when you own a front load washer to avoid the door gaskets to get moldy and they are:


  • Number 1 – leave the door open when you’re not using it when you trap water in a dark environment that sealed, you are going to get mildew, is like common sense


  • Number 2 – don’t use the cold water, we all know that warm water will tend to fade clothing but the warm wash on most front load or actually most modern washing machines is like 80 degrees.


It’s like not even bath water warm. So don’t be afraid to use the warm wash. Warm water helps dissolve soap more effectively and helps it saturate into your clothing better and not just get stuck on the side of the tub which will cause mold. It’s actually mildew but just for the sake of argument, we’ll call it a mold.


  • Number 3 take advantage of you self-clean cycle. Run your washer on a self-clean cycle perhaps once a month or once every six months or if you ever notice that it’s getting a little funky in there, just run it on a self-clean.


Put some bleach in there or some vinegar, all you want to do is disinfect the tub and it’s really important to use it. The self-clean cycle is very clever and it does a very good job of cleaning itself out.


Another useful thing to do on your front load washer – once every six months or so you should clean out your quaint wrap just on a per general purpose because you’re probably going to find some random little wrapper, sticker or something that gets stuck there and all of those things are great for attracting mold.


Also really important thing is don’t use too much soap. Front-load washers need the right amount of soap to get things done. We are suggesting no more than two ounces of soap per load. Like two ounces is about shot-glass worth of liquid detergent or pots.


You will get excellent results with one pod and if you use a huge load of laundry you can use 2 pods. Don’t use too much soap.

By following these basic steps and frequently use warm water washes, you will prevent the gasket on your washer’s door to get mold and you will never have a stinky washer.


Our Final Thoughts


What we really love about this washer is that you could just put anything in it, you could use a queen size comforter, king size comforter, towels, shirts, huge loads, small loads it doesn’t really matter. It figures it out and it gets it clean.


Today, it’s really hard to find a washer that’s just pretty good at everything; the LG WM3770HWA is one of those wash machines. If you need a dishwasher with large capacity, quick cycle and at the same time is smart this is the right washer for you.

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