Samsung WA52M7750AV Review

Samsung WA52M7750AV Top Load Washer Full Review

This Samsung wa52m7750av review will help you to decide whether this top load washing machine is meeting your home needs when it comes to washing your clothes.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Samsung wa52m7750av is a top load washing machine with a 5.2 loading capacity, 13 wash cycles, and average washing performances which are below our expectations. One of the best features is the Activewash scrub sink that allows you to pre-treat stains on your clothes before putting them into the washer for washing.

Besides that, the Samsung wa52m7750av is a smart washer that can be controlled from your Smartphone. By using a specially designed Smart Care app, you can easily troubleshoot potential problems without calling customer service. But regarding the price that you need to invest, it is too high compared to the average washing performance offered by this washing machine.

What We Like


  • Beautiful, modern, and futuristic design with attractive display
  • Transparent built-in scrub sink
  • The 5.2 cubic feet capacity of the tub

What We Don't Like


  • The washer is not able successfully to remove the stains from your clothes
  • The Smart Care feature is not easy to use
  • The washing machine is not as fast as should be, so the wash cycles are longer than expected

Samsung WA52M7750 Washer Review



So let’s start from the beginning, when for the first time you will take a look at this washing machine, at the same moment you will fall in love with its futuristic, clean, and modern design with the black stainless steel finish with a control panel on the top which is simple and easy to use without any expertise.

But it’s it is wisely before using the washer to read its manufacturer’s manual for a better understanding of all of the wash cycles, options, and features.

For those people who don’t want a washing machine with the black stainless exterior, also this model is available in a white color, which is also cheaper than the black one.



This is top a load washing machine, it has a drum of a maximum 5.2 cubic feet capacity to wash your clothes, it belongs to top load washers with the mid-range class of loading capacity, which will be enough to satisfy the main needs of one big family.

When you take a look inside the washer you will see a nice and shiny stainless steel drum with an attractive design that looks like a diamond. Like in the other washers here there is no pole agitator, which means there is much more free space for your clothes.

However, the top load design of this washing machine is not an ideal solution for people who are not tall. They will have difficulty reaching for clothes from the bottom of the tub. So to make it easier for them to get clothes out of this washing machine they will always have to use a small step stool.

Here is a video review of the white version of this top load washer from Samsung


The Performances of This Washing Machine

This washer is not as fast as the other models in its class.

  • For example, if you are going to use the Normal Cycle it’s going to take about 70 minutes to finish the whole washing process.
  • If you need to use the Heavy Cycle the washer is going to need 7 minutes extra than expected to finish its job.
  • For the Quick Cycle, you will need to wait about 35 minutes to wash your clothes which is acceptable.


Most of the complaints from the owners of this washer are not about the speed; actually, they are mostly about low efficiency in removing the stains. The results will get better but not perfect by using the Steam Wash Cycle. So you have to keep in your mind before load your dirty clothes in this washing machine some of them will need to be pre-soak in the sink for better results.


The Main Key Selling Feature of the Washing Machine Samsung WA52M7750AV

An extra useful feature that is implemented in this washing machine is its transparent built-in scrub sink which most of the top load washers from the other brands don’t have.

So maybe some of you will ask why somebody would need a sink in the washing machine.


Well, it’s a clever space saver solution for people who need to do pre-treating or pre-soaking to some of their delicate clothes before loading them into the washer, but because of the limited space in their laundry, they don’t have a sink for that purpose.

You can see that the sink itself is designed for exactly that, it’s got rough lines where you can scrub the clothes. There are two holes in the sink to prevent overflowing the water. The sink has a 1 cubic foot capacity and you get the water by pressing the water jet button, simple as that.


The Main Features and Specifications of the Samsung WA52M7750AV Washing Machine

  • Type of the washer: top load washer with 5.2 cubic feet capacity and built-in sink
  • Color: Black stainless steel finish
  • Samsung’s VRT Plus technology to extremely minimize the level of noise and also the special tub design for effectively balancing the heavy loads
  • The Smart Care feature to help you with troubleshooting via your Smartphone
  • The Self Clean option will take care of the drum in the washing machine always to be fresh, clean, and without odor
  • The main dimensions of this Samsung’s washer are 27 inches width, 29.3 inches depth, 46 inches height, and87 inches height when the lid is opened
  • This washer is 143 pounds (about 64.87 Kg) weight


Our Final Thoughts

By reading this Samsung wa52m7750av review, it is obvious this a great washing machine with an attractive design, but one of the real issues this washing machine has and which is really surprising and for some customers, maybe unexpected about this model are the cleaning performances especially the stains.

This Samsung WA52M7750VA is not one of the best-rated washing machines, but it has average cleaning performances and if you are intending to spend around $1000 on a washing machine, we think there are better choices for that price. Also, read our reviews about LG WM3900HWA which is an excellent front load washing machine, and Kenmore Elite 31633 top load washing machine.

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