Kenmore Elite 31633 Washer Review 2021

This Kenmore Elite 31633 is a top load washing machine and with its 6.2 cubic feet is one of the washers with the biggest loading capacities. This washer comes in a beautiful dark gray metallic finish including the stylish black control panel with touch screen display which gives a professional and futuristic outlook of the appliance.


When you start operating with the controls on the panel, you will get the feeling like you are using a Smartphone, because the controls are fast responsively.


On the control panel, you will notice the basic settings like Spin Speed, Wash Temp, Soil Level, and the very practical premium features like Steam Treat, Accela Wash, Two Rinses and Fabric Softener option.


In the bottom of the 6.2 cubic feet drum, there is an agitator with impeller style which is extremely efficient. You will not realize how huge the loading capacity of this washer is until you start comparing it with the other high-end washers of the same or bigger class. Most of the washing machines have a loading capacity of between 4.5 and 5.3 cubic feet.


With the drum of 6.2 cubic feet loading capacity, we think you will never have any problem whatever you want to wash inside and how much laundry you will need to wash. Your job will be just to load up the washer with your dirty clothes, press the desired cycle and option and leave the washer to do its job for what was intended.

Besides its huge loading capacity to be more efficient when it comes to washing the high-volume loads of clothes, its drum is capable of a max spin speed of 950 revolutions per minute.


The Main Selling Features for the Washer Kenmore 31633


Quad Action Impeller


This advanced Quad Action Impeller technology from Kenmore is using powerful spray jets combined together with the impeller motion to effectively clean your clothes and at the same time to remove any kind of dirties.


Watch the Video: The Kenmore’s Quad Action Impeller Technology




Accela Wash


The Accela Wash is innovative technology that Kenmore brand is using in most washing machines and with its special wash motion sequence will effectively wash fast any large loads of dirty clothes without increasing the time of the washing process.

This is one of the reasons why this washing machine will be an excellent choice for people who have big families and have a need for washing a lot of clothes in a shorter time.


The practical and effective Deep Fill option can be combined with most wash cycles and it will make sure the water to get properly heated during the washing cycle and also properly to wet your laundry. This model offers 5 different settings for heating the water to increase the effectiveness of the washing results.


The Main Features and Specifications for the Washer Kenmore Elite 31633


  • Type of the washer – front load 6.2 cu. ft. capacity
  • The Color of this model is metallic grey
  • The Control Panel – electronic, touch screen high sensitive controls
  • You can any from the 10 wash cycles that this washer offers like White Cycle, Heavy Wash, Normal, Delicate, Rinse and Spin Cycle, Light, Steam, Bedding, Speed and Specialty Cycle
  • This washer has 5 temperature settings and also an additional heater for the water
  • The washer offers you 5 spin speed options to choose
  • This washer has dispensers for Detergent, Bleach, Fabric Softener and for Oxygenated Additive
  • There are specialty options for your washing cycles and they are Clean Washer, Sanitize with Oxi and Cold Clean option
  • Included Additional Washing Options Delay Start, Cycle Status, Color Cycle and End of Cycle Signal
  • This Kenmore Elite 31633 is Energy Star compliant and is also High Efficiency (HE)
  • The main dimensions of the Kenmore Elite 31633 are 43.5 inches height, 29.5 inches width and 30 inches in depth
  • The length of its cord is 5 feet (about 152.4 cm)
  • Its legs are adjustable
  • Its weight is 187 pounds (about 84.82 KG)


The Pros of the Washer Kenmore Elite 31633


  • It has a very high end-design
  • It is a great removal of the stains
  • Huge loading capacity


The Cons of the Washer Kenmore Elite 31633


  • The sensitiveness of the controls
  • The price
  • It doesn’t have support for installing the additional pedestal washer
  • It doesn’t have a built-in sink like most of the top-loading washing machines


Our Final Thoughts


There is no doubt that this Kenmore Elite 31633 is a really expensive washer, but again, this appliance is able to handle fast huge loads of laundry any time and effectively can remove the stains, it is energy efficient, has a beautiful futuristic design and a lot of helpful and innovative technologically features to make your laundry time easy and enjoyable, as you can see this model especially is intended for big families.


So if you have a big family and you need to do laundry twice or more times per week, you are busy and your free time is limited than this is the right solution for you.

If you still have any doubts about this model, also you may read our post to see what are the best washing machines for this year.

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