Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker Review

Do you want to know why the Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker is the right choice for people who have a need for a single serve coffee maker and at the same time, they want to have a multi-cup coffee maker in their homes? Here is why:


The Hamilton Beach 49980A is a coffee maker designed to be easily used and is able to deliver a single serve as well as a full carafe of brewed coffee. Plus this coffee maker allows you to use either ground coffee or coffee pods. As a coffee lover, I think that a nice brewed cup of coffee in the morning is one of the best things that can happen to you. To prepare a nice cup of coffee at any time of the day you don’t need to be a professional barista, the Hamilton Beach 49980A will take care for you to enjoy every drop of coffee you will drink anytime.


The Design

Now before I go deeper and talk about the main features of this coffee maker, first I will explain briefly the design of this 2-Way Brewer machine. The Hamilton Beach 49980A has a great design which is made mainly from stainless steel and plastic.


When you take a look at this coffee maker you will notice the control panel with a digital display which is big enough and you can easily read all the displayed info, then buttons for setting a brewing time and choosing the way how you want your coffee to be brewed. Also, you will see the lever to switch the brewing process between the single-serve side and carafe side, and of course there is an on/off button.


On the single-serve side, there is a compartment for brewing a single cup of coffee with a mesh filter for holding the ground coffee or pre-packaged pods with coffee. On the bottom of the single-serve side, there is a drip tray and the multilevel cup adjuster that allows you to fit in cups and mugs with different sizes. On top of the right side (the carafe side), there is a water reservoir and a brew basket for the 12 cup carafe. On the bottom of the carafe side, there is a hot plate that keeps the coffee in the carafe hot for a longer period.


The coffee maker comes with a 12 cup carafe and a travel mug with a lid included. The coffee carafe has nice visible level markings and its main capacity for 12 servings of coffee. Also, you need to know that the coffee filter has marks for a minimum fill line of coffee which is 8 oz. (about 250 ml) and a maximum fill line for brewing 14 oz. (about 410 ml) of coffee.


The Performances of a Hamilton Beach 49980A

For your home coffee brewing system, Hamilton Beach 49980A coffee machine is a great choice. With its 2-way brewing technology, this model is able to brew a single-serve cup of coffee and as well a 12 cup carafe at your choice ground coffee or coffee pod, which is the reason why this coffee maker is excellent for any situation. It is worth to mention the drip coffee system that will definitely satisfy your drinking needs. You will be able to program the coffee maker to prepare your needed coffee dose any time of the day especially in the morning while you are still sleeping.


You will be able separately to program both the single-serve cup and the coffee pot side. Your main job will be just to fill the needed amount of water, to add the right amount of ground coffee and to program the coffee maker when and how you want your fresh cup of coffee to be ready.


Another great thing that Hamilton Beach goes one step further is the Automatic Pause and Serve feature which will make happy all coffee lovers. This feature allows you to pause the brewing process and to enjoy your freshly brewed cup of coffee at any time you want. You don’t need to wait for the whole brewing cycle to finish.


In case if you have a habit to forget to turn off the coffee maker after you have enjoyed your cup of coffee, this model has an Auto Shutoff feature that will shut off automatically the coffee maker after two hours. So you don’t need to worry about your coffee maker if you forgot to turn it off. This will decrease the consumption of electricity and at the same time, it will save you money.


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The Taste of the Coffee

This Hamilton Beach coffee maker gives you the flexibility to choose your favorite type of coffee to be brewed in the morning. Also, it allows you to use k-cups as well as reusable k-cups. The coffee that is produced from this machine is with a strong and rich test.


The brewing temperature of this coffee maker is about 170 Fahrenheit (about 76.6 Celsius) that is what you should be expecting from the coffee maker in this range of price. This bellow from the ideal temperature that should be and that is between 195 F (90.5 Celsius) and 205 F (96.1 Celsius) and this will be one of the reasons when you will use a non-premium and premium-roast coffee to be with the same taste.


Our Helpful Tips for a Perfect Taste:

  • Often clean the coffee machine
  • Use a quality coffee
  • Use a freshly roasted coffee
  • For better taste grind the coffee before brewing
  • Always follow the directions of the manufacturer
  • When you are adding a coffee into the coffee filter, do not overfill it. If you think that some extra coffee will add more flavor, it is a wrong idea. This will cause leakage and also it will reduce the specially designed process for extracting the flavor.


The Usability

You will be surprised how this friendly user drip coffee maker is easy to use. Depending on how much you need a coffee, a single cup of coffee or you need a whole carafe of coffee, all that you need to do is to add the coffee and water into the selected compartment, to adjust the selector button and to choose how you want your coffee to be prepared as regular or bold.


Easy to Clean

This drip coffee maker doesn’t require a lot of maintenance and cleaning process is easy and simple. The filters are easily removable and you can wash them under the tap water or you can place them into your dishwasher as well. What is good about this Hamilton coffee maker, when you are brewing a single cup of coffee, you are not using the large coffee carafe which means you don’t need to wash it.


The Main Features and Specifications of the Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker


  • Type: drip 2-way brewing system
  • Color: Black and Stainless
  • Coffee Filters Type: reusable filter mesh for the single-serve cup and paper filters for preparing the 12 cup carafe
  • A 12 Cup Glass Carafe is included
  • The Carafe-Side Water Reservoir has an extra-large capacity and measurement markings
  • Brew Strength Selector: 2 (Regular or Bold flavor/strength)
  • 24-Hour Programmable Timer: you can set the time when you want your coffee to be ready for you within the next 24 hours
  • 2-Hour Automatic Shutoff
  • Automatic Pause and Serve feature
  • Its dimensions are 11.08 inches length, 12.23 inches width, and 13.90 inches height
  • The main weight of this coffee maker is 11.85 pounds (about 5.37 Kg)


The Positive

  • The ways of brewing your coffee
  • The 24-hour programmable timer
  • The 2-hour automatic shutoff feature
  • Simple and easy for using


The Negative

  • Instead of reusable filter for the glass carafe, you will need paper filters
  • The pod holder is not compatible for Keurig K-cups


Our Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that this Hamilton Beach 49980A Coffee Maker is not able to brew a coffee on the right temperature, it is an average coffee maker, that comes with great and useful features, with a simple and elegant design, it has an affordable price, which really makes this coffee maker worth buying. If you think this is not the right choice for you, then you may check our list of the top coffee makers on the market.

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