DeLonghi EC702 Review

DeLonghi EC702 Review

In this Delonghi ec702 review we will explain to you why this is one of the best choices of semi-automatic espresso machine for years and still is one of the top choices among espresso lovers.

Espresso Coffee

What is actually Delonghi ec702? It is a semi-automatic espresso machine that has a stainless steel body and besides the great look, it gives durability to the machine. It comes with a pump that has 15 bars of pressure which is responsible for delivering a perfect espresso shot with a beautiful crema on top.


What is in the Box Together With Delonghi EC702

  • The Coffee Machine Delonghi EC702
  • Bottle of descaler
  • Measuring scoop
  • Pressurized portafilter
  • Baskets for a single and double espresso


Delonghi EC702 Design

The Delonghi EC702 has a sleek design with dimensions of 11 inches length, 9.1 inches width and 11.6 inches height and it can be easily fit within a small sized kitchen. The cup storage tray and the front part of the machine are stainless steel, and the rest of the body is made from plastic in silver color.


Product Highlights


High-Pressure Pump

In order to have an authentic shot of espresso in your home, this coffee machine has a high-pressure pump of 15 bars. The pump with its adjustable controls is going to make sure that every delivered espresso from this machine will be delicious with a great taste and smell.


Coffee Pods or Coffee Grounds

This is a great option that will make happy every espresso lover and that is the ability that you can use either coffee pods or your favorite ground coffee. You can prepare your espresso shots using any of the two SEMPRE crema filter baskets or you can use the third E.S.E (Easy Serving Espresso) basket to prepare espresso with coffee pods. So you can enjoy the quality of both of them at your home together with your family.


Milk Frother

This model comes with a milk frother (steam wand). It is one of the most used features in one espresso machine. Without the frother, it will be not easy for you to prepare cappuccino or latte. The frother is designed to be easily used for everybody, especially for not experienced people. You will be able easily to steam the milk to prepare nice milk foam for your cappuccino and latte. Also, the frother can be used for delivering hot water which is a great thing if you are a tea lover. All that you can do is just press the button the says “brew” and position the knob from “steam” to “hot water” position which is located right above the frother.


Automatic Self-Priming Option

The Longhi EC702 has the ability for self-priming which shorten the time for the machine to get ready for you to start for making your coffee drinks. For this purpose in this machine has implemented two thermostats. One thermostat is for the steaming and the other one for heating the water which means when you need to prepare a cappuccino or latte you don’t need to wait first to prepare your espresso and then to steam the milk, you can do both operations at once.


The Cup Storage Tray

Another great thing about this espresso machine is the cup storage tray (or cup warmer) that is on the top of the machine. The cup warmer gets heat from the boiler that heats the water. So, your coffee cups will be always hot and ready for you to enjoy any of your favorite coffee drinks.

Advice: It would be better if you buy a separately extra tamper because the one that you will get with the espresso machine is not convenient for using, is made from plastic and it is with a low quality.


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Before You Make Your Coffee Drink

The first thing to do before making your espresso or coffee based drink is preheating the machine. These are the simple steps to do preheating of your Delonghi EC702 espresso machine:


  • First, attach the filter holder (some people call it a portafilter) under the boiler outlet (also it is called group head). Make sure the filter holder is empty without ground coffee.
  • Take the coffee cup or coffee mug that you want to use for preparing a coffee and place it under the filter holder then press the button ON/OFF which is the first button on top of the left front of the machine.
  • Wait until you see the OK indicator lights and then just press the coffee button, it is the second button in the middle under the coffee button. The water will start to run through the filter holder into your coffee cup. When the light of the OK indicator will disappear, press again the coffee button to stop the running water.
  • Now you can empty the water from the coffee cup and detach the filter holder from the group head to empty the hot water.


NOTE: You need to know always when you detach the filter holder from the group head the small steam will be released. Don’t be afraid, it is a normal thing and harmless.


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The Main Features and Specifications


  • Type: semi-automatic espresso machine
  • Color: Metal-Silver
  • Plastic and stainless steel materials are used for the exterior of this unit
  • Removable water canister with a capacity of 44 oz (about 1301 Milliliters)
  • Advanced Manual Frother
  • Coffee: Ground Coffee Beans and Coffee Pods
  • Automatically Self-Priming function
  • Pressure Pump that delivers 15 bars
  • Cup Storage Tray
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Wattage: 1100 watts
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • The dimensions of this unit are 11 inches long, 9.1 inches width and about 11.6 inches height
  • The basic weight of this unit is 14.45 pounds (about 6.55 Kg)


What We Like

  • Self-Priming Function
  • Stainless steel boiler with two thermostats
  • Patented Filter Holder that allows you to use coffee grounds and coffee pods for preparing your coffee drinks
  • 44 oz removable water canister located behind
  • Removable drip tray
  • Pump-driven espresso machine for consistently delivering authentic espresso shots
  • The clip on the frother wand for holding the milk pitcher when steaming the milk


What We Don’t Like

  • Basically, the main complaint was no pressure coming from the group head
  • The tamper has an average quality and is made from plastic
  • This espresso machine is missing the auto-shutoff feature
  • There is no bean hopper



The Delonghi EC702 is a pretty affordable espresso machine that is capable of brewing a nice and tasty espresso as well as other coffee beverages. You don’t need to have a barista experience to prepare your coffee drink; it is easily usable for everyone. You will be able to use both coffee pods and coffee grounds.

After reading this Delonghi ec702 review and if you still have any doubts about this espresso machine and you think it doesn’t meet your expectations, in that case, you may check our list of best coffee machines on the market.

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