Nespresso Vertuo Review

In this Nespresso Vertuo Review, you will understand the fact, why the Nespresso Vertuo is one of the best single-serve pod machines on the market today. For a machine that uses capsules, it is incredible how the shots of espresso have an amazing taste. It has an affordable price; it is powerful, stable and easy to do maintenance.


For those who own the Nespresso’s Original Pod system is widely known for them that is designed with the idea to brew smaller shots of espresso or other types of drinks. But with this new brand Nespresso Vertuo pod machine, the things are much different. This appliance is able to make larger shots of coffee with a much richer taste and it is one of the best pod machines on the market, also easy to operate as well as eco-friendly.


The Design

You will really love the design of this Nespresso machine, with the exterior dominates the black color, with a nice chrome color up on the top and two plastic transparent containers from both sides.


The container on the left is actually a water reservoir with a capacity of 40 oz and is removable which makes the refilling of water is more convenient for you. The container on the right side serves as a disposal unit for the used pods which is also removable for easy emptying. This appliance is 8.3 inches in width, 11.91 inches height and 11.93 inches long.


Usability and Features

This brand new system has a lot of new technology that can simplify its use which means it is extremely easy even for people who are dealing first time with this type of espresso maker, you just need to plug it and make your favorite drink from coffee. After inserting the capsule for your favorite drink all that you need to do is just to press the button on the top of this Nespresso maker to start the brewing process.


It has the ability to identify any Nespresso pod by reading its barcode that is located at the edge of the capsule and regarding that it can adjust the brewing parameters for preparing your favorite coffee. This Nespresso machine featured with an advanced extraction system for automatic blend recognition of the coffee and water.


Its fast-heating ability can prepare your drink in a time of 15 to 20 seconds. The Centrifusion Technology that is in this machine can spin the capsule up to 7000 rotations per minute which allow blending of the coffee and water to produce a perfect crema for your drink. For your satisfaction, you will be able to prepare drinks in 5 different single-serve cup sizes like Espresso – 1.35 oz (about 39.9 Milliliters), Double Espresso – 2.7 oz (about 79.84 Milliliters), Gran Lungo – 5 oz (about 147.86 Milliliters), Coffee – 7.7 oz (about 227.7 Milliliters) and Alto – 14 oz (about 414 Milliliters)


After brewing the coffee the empty capsule is automatically ejected into the disposal container and later it can be recycled which is good for keeping clean our everyday environment. The water container as I mentioned before has a capacity of 40 oz (about 1.2 Liters) and the container for capsules has space to hold maximum 13 large capsules.


The Auto-Shut of feature in this Nespresso Vertuo maker has the ability to save energy and as well as your money. If you don’t use the machine for about 9 minutes, then it automatically is going to shut off.


One More Thing – Your Gift!

When you buy this Nespresso Vertuo machine you will get a complimentary gift which is a welcome pack with 12 coffee capsules with a different unique aroma.


The Cleaning and Maintenance

Besides its usability also the process of cleaning this machine is simplified. We all know we need to maintain the cleanliness of the machine if we want our drinks to have a perfect taste. You can choose one of the two cleaning processes like:


  • Descaling process – where you need to hold the button for seven seconds
  • Cleaning Cycles – You need to press the button three times to commence this process


Other components like the water tank and disposal container you can easily detach them for more convenient cleaning.


The Main Features and Specifications Nespresso Vertuo Coffee Machine


  • Espresso machine
  • Heating time 15 to 20 seconds
  • The Water tank has a capacity of 40 oz (about 1.2 Liters)
  • The Capsule Container has the capacity for 13 to 20 capsules
  • Drip Tray is integrated
  • Descaling alert
  • Power – 1350Watts
  • Auto Shut-Off feature shuts off the machine after 9 minutes of inactivity
  • Cenrtifusion Technology
  • 5 Different Cup Sizes: 35 oz (about 39.9 Milliliters), 2.7 oz (about 79.84 Milliliters), 5 oz (about 147.86 Milliliters), 7.7 oz (about 227.7 Milliliters) and 14 oz (about 414 Milliliters)
  • Dimensions of this machine are 11.93 inches length, 8.3 inches width and 11.91 inches height
  • Its weight is 9.8 pounds (about 4.44 Kg)


The Positive

  • Fast preparation of the drinks
  • Easy to use
  • You will receive a complimentary set of 12 coffee capsules with different flavors
  • You can prepare large sized mugs of coffee


The Negative

  • You cannot use a ground coffee, only capsules
  • The machine doesn’t have a grinder
  • The power cord is short
  • This machine is not compatible with Nespresso classic capsules


The Final Thoughts

If you really want to start or finish your day with a beautiful cup of espresso, cappuccino or American coffee, then this is a great machine to be a part of your kitchen. However, if by reading this nespresso vertuo review still, you have any doubts about this Nespresso Vertuo maker then you can also check our other recommendations.

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