Kenmore Elite 81714 Review – Features, Attachments, and Specifications

In this Kenmore Elite 81714 review, you will get info about all main features, specifications, what tools and attachments are coming with this model and what benefits you will get as an owner of this vacuum cleaner.


The Design

The Kenmore Elite 81714 is a bagged canister vacuum cleaner. When you take a look at this vacuum cleaner you will notice that there is nothing special about its design. It has a compact design and it comes with a silver/gray color and a rubber guard that protects this unit from accidentally hitting into the other objects while you clean.


This vacuum cleaner has a double-wall design and it has implemented the powerful 2-Motor System that increases and maintains the effectiveness of the suction power for a smooth operation. This Kenmore model weighs almost 30 pounds (about 13.6 Kg) which makes it a little bit heavier than most of the vacuum cleaners on the market.


The Key Selling Features of the Kenmore Elite 81714 Vacuum Cleaner


The HEPA Filtration System

As the Kenmore brand claims this Kenmore Elite 81714 vacuum cleaner is specially designed to successfully clean the pet hair, dander, and odor which is every day a big headache to the pet owners. For that purpose, this vacuum cleaner has a HEAP filtration system that consists of a HEPA dust bag as a primary filter to capture and keep inside all the dust, pet dander, debris, allergens, dirt, and the pet hair.


Then there is a chamber filter that its main function is to filtrate what the HEPA dust bag didn’t and the last part of this system is the exhaust HEPA filter that filtrates the exhaust air from the anything that is remained.


This HEPA filtration system is able to capture particles with a minimum size of 0.3 microns, and the end result is a 99.97 purified air form all types of allergens and dust. It is worth to mention that this vacuum cleaner is certified by AAFA organization, which besides pet owners also is intended for people with allergy and asthma.


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Dust Bag Indicator

This unit has a dust bag indicator that will always give you a notification when the dust bag gets full and it has to be replaced with a new one.


Cord Rewind

This vacuum cleaner has an Automatic Cord Rewind System that will easily retract the 26 inches long cord inside this unit when you are finished with vacuuming.


This vacuum cleaner has an onboard storage area where you can store the three attachments like the Pet PowerMate, the Dusting Brush, and the Floor Brush and they will be all-time at reach whenever you need them to use. The fourth attachment, the crevice tool is attached under the hose handle.


The Telescopic Wand

While you are cleaning in your home for sure you have a problem to clean places that are not easy to reach like high corners, fixture light and high surfaces of the furniture. This problem will be solved with the adjustable telescopic wand that is part of this vacuum cleaner which is made from aluminum. You are able to adjust the length of the telescopic wand to your cleaning needs and the maximum length of the wand can be extended up to 10 feet (about 3 meters).


Another great thing about the telescopic wand is that it features with a LED light built right into the wand which helps you better to see what you are doing and it will only work when you set the vacuum cleaner in a Carpet mod.


Handle Controls

There are convenient handle controls include variable power to protect delicate surfaces and an on-off bare floor switch which makes multi-surface cleaning fast and easy.


The Ultra Plush Nozzle Technology

This Ultra Plush Nozzle will automatically respond to carpet conditions allowing effective cleaning on any carpet surface.


Here is a short explanation how the Ultra Plush technology works: automated inlets break the suction seal between the nozzle and carpet requiring less effort to push and pull at the same time a stream of air is channeled under the agitator to help capture dirt and debris leaving your carpet with a deeper clean. This is not possible to do with the traditional downward suction.


The Swiveling Steer Technology

The Swiveling power nozzle and low profile deliver incredible maneuverability whenever you need to vacuum. On the rear right side of the PowerMate, there is a pedal for High Adjustment for different types of floors.


What Attachments Are Offered with This Kenmore 81714 Vacuum Cleaner


For more convenient cleaning this vacuum cleaner offers four useful attachments like:


Motorized Pet PowerMate

This Pet PowerMate attachment is one of the most useful tools that you will get with this vacuum cleaner and it will make happy all pet owners. The Pet PowerMate tool has a powerful motorized roller brush and it will help you to solve one of the biggest problems that every pet owner is facing every day. It is capable to remove the most stubborn pet hair everywhere in your home especially from any type of a carpet and furniture.


Crevice Tool

The crevice tool, as a narrowed and slender attachment, it will help you to clean places with crevices like dryer vents, heating or cooling vents, around the refrigerators, washing machines, tight spots, between sofas and more.


Horsehair Dusting Brush

This attachment will help you more convenient cleaning the dust from your furniture, walls and other objects in your home.


Horsehair Floor Brush

This attachment tool mostly is intended to be used when you need to clean bare floors and stairs in your home.


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The Main Features and Specifications for the Kenmore Elite 81714


  • Type: bagged canister vacuum cleaner
  • The maximum length of the cord is 26 feet (about 7.9 Meters)
  • Type of the Wand: Telescopic and Extendable made from Aluminum
  • 10 Feet is the maximum reach of the Telescopic Wand
  • This model weighs 30 pounds (about 13.6 Kg)
  • High Adjustment ability
  • HEPA filtration system
  • A double-wall design that maintains a strong airflow all the time
  • 12 Amps
  • The Motor has 4 speeds
  • The Type of Suction: motorized
  • With this model comes 1 year of warranty


The Main Pros of the Kenmore Elite 81714

  • The vacuum cleaner has a system of two motors
  • It has four useful cleaning attachments
  • HEPA filtration system
  • The Pet PowerMate motorized attachment
  • The Swivel Steering System


The Main Cons of the Kenmore Elite 81714

  • Low quality of the rear wheels
  • The weight
  • The plastic attachments
  • The price
  • The level of noise


Our Final Thoughts

As you can see from this Kenmore Elite 81714 review, this is a great vacuum cleaner with a powerful suction and besides its simple innovative design and a higher weight than the other models, it can offer a lot from the variety of useful attachments and features which is obvious that is specially designed in mind for pet owners and those who suffer from asthma and any type of allergy.


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