Dyson Ball Animal 2 Review

In this our Dyson Ball Animal 2 review, you will learn why this vacuum cleaner belongs among top home products that one family needs to own and the real answer is below.


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The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is an upright bagless vacuum cleaner and is one of the top models from Dyson brand. As a premium model, this vacuum cleaner comes with a lot of technologically advanced features that offer you a brutally suction power with a whole HEPA air filtration which means this vacuum cleaner works at the same time as well as an air purifier.


As the name says Dyson Ball Animal it is obviously this model is specially designed for pet lovers who need a high-quality vacuum cleaner for cleaning the pet hair in their homes. You will be surprised how well it will clean any type of dirt and debris from bare floors and carpets with its extremely powerful motor.


The Design

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has an unusual look if you compare it with other vacuum cleaners. Its design looks a little bit futuristic and colorful. But let’s see what this model has to offer besides its great and colorful design.


The Dyson Ball Animal 2’s Dimensions

The main dimensions of this model are 42.13 inches height, 15.35 inches width and 13.39 inches depth. This weight of this vacuum is 17.35 pounds (about 7.86 Kg) which is a little bit heavier than the Dyson Cinetic Big Ball.


It has a nozzle that is 13.3 inches in width. Its power cord can be stretched to a maximum of 35 feet (about 10.6 Meters) and in combination with the length of the extendable hose; you will be able to reach places that are 50 feet (about 15.24) away from you, which is really impressive. In other words, you will be able to clean an entire room without a need of plugging the power cord from one into another outlet.


The Suction Power

The suction power of this model as Dyson claims is 270AW and this is an upright vacuum cleaner with the most powerful suction on the market, ahead of its competitors.


From one side we all know this sounds more like marketing technique that some of the manufacturers are using often. But, from the other side, the real truth is the Dyson Ball Animal 2 belongs to the group of vacuum cleaners with the highest suction power.


Its motor uses 1400W, about 12 Amps at 120V which is more than enough as an upright vacuum cleaner and it is a little bit louder than the other competitors from the same class.


The Capacity of the Dust Bin

This bagless model has a dust bin with a capacity of 0.55 gallons which is enough for an upright vacuum cleaner of this class. When the dust bin is full, you just simply need to bring it over the garbage bin, and the next thing you need to do is to press the release button to dump the whole content, simple as that.

With this vacuum cleaner, you will never have a need to spend more extra money on buying dust bags, which is a normal job for the owners of the bagged vacuum cleaners.


Key Selling Features of the Dyson Ball Animal 2


Here are some of the main features that the owners of this vacuum cleaner can benefit and those are:


The Powerful Radial Cyclon Technology


The famous Radial Root Cyclon Technology from Dyson uses 12 small specifically designed cones or channels and their main purpose is to increase the speed of the airflow and the centrifugal forces within the cones.


On this way, it will be captured more dust and dirt from the airflow and at the same time, you will get high separation of the microscopic dust and dirt from the airflow the will be pushed straight down to the dust bin.


The Dyson’s Ball Technology

This model features with the innovative Ball technology that gives this vacuum cleaner more maneuverability so you can easily navigate around the furniture and other objects in your home.


Besides the easy navigating this vacuum cleaner has a Self-Adjusting Cleaner Head which has ability automatically to adjust the height when you do a transition from carpeting to a hard floor. Also, there is an option to switch on/off the rotating brush regarding your cleaning needs.


The HEPA Filtration

This vacuum cleaner has a whole HEPA media filtration and a certification from the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America which means this model can be used from people who are suffering from asthma and those who are fighting with the allergens in their homes.


Anyway, this is “NOT a True HEPA” vacuum cleaner, because as a bagless model anytime when you need to empty the dust bin you will be exposed to a small cloud that contains a small percentage of dust, dirt, and allergens. Plus on top of that after every time, you empty the dust bin, it needs to be washed and also after a few uses you need to wash the filter.


So for those who need or prefer an upright HEPA vacuum cleaner to do a real fight against the dust and all types of allergens, we suggest to take in consideration a bagged unit the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog which is an expensive model and comes with a Sealed System and True HEPA filtration. This Miele vacuum will not only clean the floors and other surfaces in your home but at the same time, it will purify the air in your home. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has a lifetime washable filter that can be easily removed at any time when you need to wash it.


Included Attachments with the Dyson Ball Animal 2

Today, almost all vacuum cleaners are coming with the four basic attachments for cleaning like a crevice tool, extended wand, upholstery tool, and the dusting brush.


But this Dyson Ball Animal offers more cleaning attachments like stair tool, tangle-free mini turbine tool for cleaning the pet hair from the carpets, rugs, and upholstery and also it can be used for grooming your pets, a combination tool, a motorized brush with sturdy bristles, and an instant release wand with a flexible hose.


The Main Features and Specifications for the Vacuum Cleaner Dyson Ball Animal 2


  • Type: Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
  • Color: it comes in a purple color
  • A Cord with 35 feet or 10.6 Meters in length
  • It features HEPA media filtration
  • Dust Bin capacity of  0.55 gallons or about 2 liters
  • It comes with attachments like an instant release wand and a long flexible hose, stair tool, tangle-free mini turbine tool for pets, a combination tool and a motorized brush
  • Floor Type: Intended for bare floors, low and medium carpets
  • Specially Designed for cleaning pet hair and allergens
  • Radial Root Cyclon Technology
  • Ball Technology for better maneuverability when you clean your home
  • A Self Adjusting Head with about 13.3 inches cleaning path
  • The Weight is 17.35 pounds or 7.86 Kg
  • The Main Dimensions are 42.13 inches height, 15.35 inches length and 13.39 inches width
  • You will get a satisfying 5 years a warranty


The Main Pros of the Dyson Ball Animal 2

  • Really powerful suction
  • Simple and easy process to empty the dust bin
  • A wide cleaning head of 13.3 inches
  • It is easy to assemble
  • Great capacity of the dust bin
  • The attachments


The Main Cons of the Dyson Ball Animal 2

  • It’s a little bit more expensive than the competition
  • There is not a Cord Rewind
  • The weight
  • There is not a dirt sensor to notify you when to empty the dust bin
  • There are not LED headlights


Our Final Thoughts

We hope after reading this Dyson Ball Animal 2 review you will realize that this is not a low budget model, it is a premium model with top cleaning performances, mostly is going to benefit the pet owners but there is one big disadvantage like many models from Dyson, it is a little bit overpriced. If you still have doubts about this vacuum cleaner you can check our buyers guide with the list of the best vacuum cleaners at the moment, and for those who are looking for a vacuum cleaner especially for allergens and asthma can check our best choice here.

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