Miele Dynamic U1 Review

This is an in-depth Miele Dynamic U1 review Cat and Dog version of an upright vacuum cleaner which is a premium model from the Miele brand and is specifically designed for pet lovers. But after first using this vacuum cleaner, you will notice this product is able to do perfect cleaning on different types of floors.


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The Main Key Selling Features


The Impressive Swivel Neck Technology


When it comes about domestic vacuum cleaners, one of the abilities that people look for is the maneuverability during the vacuuming process. It is really important for the owners if they can reach almost every part of the house when they do cleaning.


We like the fact that this vacuum cleaner is very maneuverable. With the swivel neck technology that is implemented in this vacuum cleaner, you are able easily to do perfectly cleaning, under the tables, chairs, beds, and furniture.


The Ability for Auto Height Adjustment


Another feature that this vacuum cleaner has, it’s the automatic adjustment the height of the electro brush roll for various types of floors.


If you do vacuum cleaning in an area where you have different types of floors, for example, wooden floor and carpets, you don’t need to do a manual high adjustment on this vacuum cleaner when you transit from the wooden to a floor covered with carpet.


This Miele Dynamic U1 will do this adjustment for you automatically and at the same time will do an adjustment on the suction power for the different type of floor.


The Active Air Clean Filter


This air clean technology will make especially happy the pet owners who face the problem with the odor from their pets. This technology along with Active Air Clean Filter will help to neutralize any odor in your home.


Thanks to the active charcoal cassettes the odor from your pets will be absorbed and you can drastically minimize the bad smell in your home.


The LED Lights


This Miele Dynamic U1 features with quality LED lights in the front base of the vacuum.

They will illuminate the floor ahead of you that needs to be cleaned, which will allow you effectively to clean the dark places in your home.


Many of the vacuum cleaners on the market don’t have this feature.


The Powerful Vortex Motor


This Miele vacuum cleaner features with a powerful vortex motor of 1200 watts.


It has a rotary dial and you can use it to choose one of 4 speeds for cleaning different surfaces like low-pile carpet, deep pile carpet, hardwood floors, and tile floors.


Close to the vacuum’s handle, there are two rocker switches to power on and off the vacuum cleaner and they are easy to reach with your finger while you are cleaning.




When you buy this Miele Dynamic U1 upright vacuum cleaner also you will get the accessories that you will need to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your home and they are:


  • Dust Bag
  • Upholstery Tool
  • Crevice Tool
  • Turbo Brash Roller


This vacuum cleaner has a specially designated place on its backside to keep all accessories in one place, easy to reach at any time and you can use them whenever you need them during the cleaning. This is one of the advantages over its competitors.


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The Main Features and Specification of the Vacuum Cleaner Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog


  • Type: upright corded vacuum cleaner
  • Color: white
  • Type of Bagless or Dust Bag: vacuum cleaner with a dust bag
  • Compatible for all types of floors
  • The length of its cord is 39 feet (about 11.88 Meters)
  • A Bag Indicator Light gives a notice when the dust bag is full and you need to replace with a new one
  • The main weight of this Miele product is 21.4 pounds (about 9.7 Kg)
  • This Miele vacuum cleaner has the Vortex motor of 1200 Watts suction power
  • HEPA filter
  • The vacuum cleaner features with a system of 2 motors: the one motor is for the suction and the other one is for using the Electro-Brush
  • Active Air Clean technology
  • The main dimensions of this product are 45.1 inches height, 9.8 inches length and 15.2 inches width


The Main Pros


  • Powerful suction
  • Very long cord for maximum reach
  • The Vortex motor
  • 4 adjustable speeds for different types of floors


The Main Cons


  • It’s a heavy vacuum cleaner
  • Some of the customers are complaining about clogging
  • There is no cord retraction
  • The price (between $450 and $600)


FAQs for the Vacuum Cleaner Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog



Why My Vacuum Cleaner Turns Off Automatically


This is one of the common cases that owners of this vacuum cleaner are experiencing. In most cases, the main reason why this is happening is that the overheat protection has been activated. When you have this problem you need to do next:


Turn off the vacuum cleaner and then unplug the power cord from the electricity source. Now you need to check if there are any blockages in the vacuum cleaner and next check the filters.


After this leave the vacuum cleaner for about 20 to 30 minutes to cool down, then you can continue with the cleaning.


Why the Power Brush Turns Off and the Power Brush Indicator is Red


When you have a red light it means there is a blockage on the brush roller and this is because a large item is being vacuumed up.


Simply, turn off the vacuum cleaner and unplug the cord from the electricity. Remove the items that caused the blockage and you can continue with your duties.


Why the Power Brush Turns Off and the Power Brush Indicator is Yellow


In this case, the overheat protection turned off the power brush and there are two reasons: a blockage on the brush roller or overheating.


Like in the previous cases you need to turn off the power brush and the vacuum cleaner. Then for your own safety, unplug the power cord.


First, check for any blockages and remove them and check the filters. Now, wait about 20 to 30 minutes for the power brush to cool down. After that, you can use again the power brush.


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Our Final Thoughts


After reading this Miele Dynamic U1 review, for sure some of you will say, this is an overpriced vacuum cleaner and we will agree with you. But overall this is a vacuum cleaner with powerful suction ability, high quality, with great cleaning performances on all types of floors, various accessories available and besides that, it can also remove the odor and purify the air in your home which is perfect for people with asthma and allergies.


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