How to Clean a Vacuum Brush and a Vacuum Brush Roller

How to Clean a Vacuum Brush and a Vacuum Brush Roller

In order to get maximum cleaning results whenever you use your vacuum cleaner, you need to know: how to clean a vacuum brush and how to clean a vacuum brush roller


What is Vacuum Brush?


A vacuum brush is an additional attachment that you will get together with your vacuum cleaner. This vacuum brush is not coming with all types of vacuum cleaners like for examples are the robotic vacuum cleaners.


This additional accessory usually is attached on the hose of the vacuum cleaner and it helps you to clean places that are hard to reach like furniture, underneath the furniture and the corners up and down on the wall.


If we want to have more efficient cleaning with the vacuum brush, we always need to keep it clean and in good condition.


The cleaning of the vacuum brush is a totally easy job and you can do it in two ways.


The first way is you can use your hands to remove all the dirt and debris accumulated on the vacuum brush and the second way is you can wash it with water and mild soap.


It is recommended whenever you want to clean the vacuum brush; you need to wear gloves (it is more hygienic).


But anyway, if you want to know the simple steps on how successfully to clean the vacuum brush continue with reading this post.


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What Do You Need to Clean the Vacuum Brush of the Vacuum Cleaner?


  • A Bucket – filled with warm water and dish soap or mild detergent
  • Rags or Towels (clean and dry)
  • A Comb – for this purpose you can use an old comb or any other that you have at the moment

1) Washing of the Vacuum Brush


The first thing you need to do is to prepare a bucket with warm water and a mild detergent or dish soap.


The next step is you need to detach the vacuum brush off from the vacuum cleaner hose and then bring it over the bucket.


Slowly dip the stiff bristle brush into the bucket and with your hand carefully scrub off the vacuum brush to remove all the dirt that has been accumulated in the stiff bristle brush.


Also, you need to check inside the attachment if there are any dirt and grime built up to clean it.


2) Drying the Bristle Brush


After washing the vacuum brush is time to dry it.


Now, take clean and dry rags and start carefully to wipe through the vacuum brush from the inside to remove all the water.


Then leave the vacuum brush on the side to completely air dry.


3) Use a Comb Clean the Bristles


Even if the vacuum brush is cleaned properly, still there is some hairs and debris trapped in the bristles.


While you are waiting for the vacuum brush to dry up, you need to take an old comb and start to move it through the stiff bristles brush in order to pull out the debris and hairs that are still trapped in the stiff bristles brush.


Do this process until you completely remove all the remaining hairs and debris from the stiff bristles brush.


4) Repeat This Cleaning Process Often


If you don’t clean frequently the attachment and the vacuum brush, you will realize that while you are vacuuming, the vacuum brush instead to remove the dirt and debris from the floor and other surfaces, it will leave behind a lot of dirt and debris.


That is why you need a few times in the year to do the cleaning process of the attachment and the vacuum brush. But how many times you will need to repeat this process it depends on how frequently you are using the vacuum cleaner and based on that you can make a schedule for cleaning your vacuum cleaner.


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How to Clean a Vacuum Brush Roll


Besides cleaning the vacuum brush also it is important to clean the vacuum brush roller of the vacuum cleaner. Vacuum brush roller actually is a cylinder made from metal, plastic or wood with bristles on it. When you are using the vacuum cleaner the vacuum brush roller rotates at high speed to catch and extract hairs, dirt, and debris from the floor.


If you don’t clean the vacuum brush roll, it will drastically reduce the cleaning efficiency of the vacuum cleaner during vacuuming.


What You Need for Cleaning the Vacuum Roller?


First, you need to prepare all the tools that you need for successful cleaning the vacuum roll and they are:


  • A Comb (it is good if you have an old comb or you can use any comb available at that moment)
  • A Sponge
  • Rags or Towels (clean and dry)
  • A Seam Ripper or Sharpened Letter Opener (if don’t have any of those tools you can also use small Scissors)


1) Get Ready for Cleaning


First, you need to unplug the vacuum cleaner. Then for easy and better access to the underside and the brush roll lay the vacuum cleaner on its back down on the floor.


It is wise on the floor under the vacuum cleaner to place a big towel or nylon to catch all the dirt and debris that will fall out from the vacuum cleaner during the cleaning.


The next step is to read the manual of the vacuum cleaner on how to remove the brush roller. But in most cases, you just need to slide or pop out the brush roll.


2) Clean the Vacuum Brush Roller and the Underside


When the roller already is removed you can easily remove any debris, hairs or other particles wrapped around the brush roller.


So to do this as I mentioned before, you can use any of the tools like a sharpened letter opener or a seam ripper.


Whatever tool you choose, slide along the base of the brush roller to cut the entangled debris or hair and be careful to don’t cut the bristles.


When all the hairs and debris are loosened the next step is to take the comb and move it through the brush roller to remove all hairs and debris.


The next step is, use the sponge to remove all the finer dust particles and stroke the brush roller in the same direction as the bristles.


Now, when the brush roll is already cleaned, the next step is to check the underside area of the vacuum cleaner if there is any dirt or debris that will clog the inner tube or maybe hindering the rotation of the brush roller during the vacuuming process.


3) Reassemble the Vacuum Brush Roll


Once the underside and the roller brush are cleaned, place the brush roller back into its position as the instructions of the manual say.


Now you can plug in and turn on your vacuum cleaner and continue with the cleaning of your home.


These are the two things that every owner of the vacuum cleaner should know how to do it. But also there is one common problem that often is happening while you are using the vacuum cleaner and that is the vacuum brush roller is not functioning properly or at all is not rotate.


When this happens most of the people think that the main problem is the malfunctioning o the motor, which is not.


How to fix a Broken Vacuum Brush Roller?


1) Before to start with dismantling the vacuum cleaner it is wise to find an appropriate place where you can do your work without any interrupting. Choose a hard and flat working surface then place the vacuum cleaner flat on it.


2) Now you need to find where the brush belt is attached to the brush roll. Then check if the brush belt is properly connecting with the brush roller at one end and with the metal spindle on the other end.


3) In case if you see that the brush belt is broken you will need to remove it with the new one. You should have several belts as a backup, but if you don’t, then you will need to go to any vacuum cleaner shop or hardware store to buy a new belt. Don’t forget to take with you the old broken belt to make sure to buy the right size for your vacuum cleaner or you can order a new belt online.


4) In order to replace the belt, you will need to take out the brush roller. Find the flat plate at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner, remove the screws that hold the plate and remove the plate. Now pull upward one end of the brush roller in order to remove the belt.


Now you can easily remove the brush roller and place it on the side. The next step is to check the channels where the brush roller is usually in place.


Here for sure, you will find a lot of hair, fibers from a carpet and other debris that are blocking the brush roller. After you cleaned all debris, place the brush roller back and with your hand make a few turns to make sure the roller can rotate.


5) Place the roller into its place and connect the brush belt with the spindle. While the vacuum cleaner is still laying on the working surface, you need to check if the brush roller is working properly. Plug in the vacuum cleaner and turn on to see how the brush will work.


The brush roller should rotate properly. Now unplug the vacuum cleaner, place the flat plate back and put the screws that hold the flat plate. Now your vacuum cleaner is ready for vacuuming.




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