How Often to Vacuum a Carpet and Why You Should?


Many people ask the question of how often to vacuum a carpet. We all know vacuuming is one of the vital jobs that we need to do when we need to maintain our homes to look fresh and clean. By doing this you are keeping at a bay all types of allergens and dust and at the same time, your carpets and rugs look nice, fresh and clean.


But again the main questions are: How often should you do vacuum cleaning? Do you need to vacuum on a daily bases or a few times a week? Why is it so important to do a regular vacuum cleaning on the carpets and rugs? How to protect the carpet from damage? How to avoid cleaning mistakes when you vacuum the carpet? Here you will find the answers to all of these questions and the simple rules that you need to apply always when you need to vacuum the carpet.


Why the Regular Vacuuming is Important?

As you definitely know the vacuuming is a fundamental assignment with regards to keeping the home as a clean and a safe place for a living. On this way, you can drastically reduce the number of allergens, dander, dust, and pollen in your home and also you can extend the life of the carpets and rugs on the floor.


But, if you don’t do a regular vacuuming, and plus you are walking over that debris and dust that is accumulated on the carpets then after a long time, it will slowly start to sink deeper into the carpet which it will be a hard job and in many cases impossible to clean the carpet using a vacuum cleaner. In a case like this, one of the main things that you are going to face is a need for deep cleaning on your carpets and rugs by renting a carpet cleaner or calling of housekeeping professionals to deal with your problem. This for sure is going to hit your pocket.


But the main problem is, when it comes about vacuuming, many people have a misunderstanding about the vacuum cleaning process itself. They think that vacuum cleaning means you need to clean only the carpets and rugs.


The reality is that in your home you are surrounded by a lot of surfaces that are collectors of dander, dust, and allergens like furniture, curtains, bookshelves, pet bedding and more. All that can be successfully removed by using the right vacuum cleaner with appropriate attachments like a crevice tool, dust brush, motorized pet tool or upholstery tool.


Don’t Do These Mistakes When You Vacuum Carpet

When you need to vacuum, check the cleaning setting on your vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaners are coming with settings for different types of floors. Many times is happening people don’t use the proper setting of their vacuum cleaner when they are vacuuming the carpet. You shouldn’t be using the setting for carpet on a bare floor and also never use the settings for a bare floor to clean a carpet. The wrong setting on your vacuum cleaner can affect the cleaning results or even can damage the bare floor or carpet in your home.


For example: If you adjust the setting too low on your vacuum cleaner and you start to vacuum a carpet there are high possibilities not only to damage the carpet but also can be damaged the roller brush and the drive belt of the vacuum’s head. Then again, if you adjust the setting too high, then the vacuum cleaner will be not able to pick up the dirt from the carpet.


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Follow These Simple and Important Rules before Vacuuming the Carpet

When we talk about vacuuming, there are basic rules you should follow.


  • The first one is more than obvious, don’t vacuum over hard and large objects like coins, rocks, broken pieces of toy and similar, because they can block the air path in the vacuum cleaner which is going to result with decreasing of the suction power of the vacuum cleaner, overheating and in many cases damaging the unit.
  • The second one is never do vacuuming with your vacuum cleaner when the dustbin or dust bag is full.
  • The third one is never run with the vacuum cleaner over the power cord, and also is very important never to use your vacuum cleaner to remove water on the floor.


So, what you need to do before vacuuming? First, always clean the area from the metal and hard objects, rocks, broken pieces of a toy, and other objects that will cause a damaging of the vacuum cleaner, then empty the dust bin and set the proper cleaning settings for a carpet on the vacuum cleaner. In case if you have a vacuum cleaner with a dust bag and you are not sure whether to replace with a new one or not check there is an indicator that will tell you when the right time to replace the dust bag is.


These are the most important and simple rules that you need to apply before any vacuum cleaning.


How Often Do I Need to Vacuum Carpets?

Here again, we are coming to the main question – How often do I need to vacuum carpet? The real answer is:


If you live in a big house and you have a big family with kids and pets, and if the floor in your home mostly is covered with carpets and rugs, then you will need every second day to do a vacuuming on high traffic areas like a dining room,  living rooms, kids room, and hallways. Other locations in your home like the bathroom, bedroom or guestroom you can vacuum once a week.


But if you are a single or a couple then your vacuuming schedule can be once a week. In case if you are a pet owner then you will need to increase the frequency of the vacuuming in order to remove all the pet hair and dander.


How You Can Protect Your Carpet?

Often people think that with often vacuuming you can damage the carpet which is a really wrong opinion. One of the main reasons for damaging the carpet is the dirt, soil, and sand left in the carpet that breaks down underneath the carpet fibers which creates an ideal condition for growing up of bacteria and dust mites. This is the result if you don’t do vacuuming on a regular base.


In order to protect your carpet, it is highly recommended always to vacuum the entrance areas and the busy areas at least twice a week. With the regular vacuuming, you can successfully get rid of accumulating the soil, dust, bacteria, and debris into your carpet which is the key to reduce the buildup.


In case if you are worried about your rugs and carpets getting ruined, consider of buying a protecting spray for carpets and rugs. But, before using any of the chemicals on the carpet always first check if the carpet is still under warranty because by adding a protecting spray or any other product on the carpet can result in voiding the warranty.


Final Thoughts

As you can see how often to vacuum a carpet it really depends on many factors. But again, doing the vacuum cleaning properly on a regular base is of great importance for your home and flooring. That’s why it is really important when you need to buy a vacuum cleaner to choose a model that will best suit your cleaning needs. Try to look for a model that offers different high adjustments for carpet and bare floors, with useful attachments, powerful suction and with a HEPA filtration system.

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