Should You Vacuum Before Carpet Cleaning?


Should you vacuum before carpet cleaning with a carpet washer or a steam carpet cleaner? Isn’t a wasting time a vacuuming before cleaning?


The answer is simple: Yes, always you need to vacuum first before cleaning a carpet. It is recommended to do a thorough vacuuming with your regular vacuum cleaner before cleaning the carpet with a carpet cleaner or a steam carpet washer. 


  • The main reason to do vacuuming first is to remove all loose sands and dirt that has been accumulated deep into the carpet. Vacuuming at the same time will help to loosen the fibers of the carpet which is going to make the deep cleaning and washing of the carpet easier and more effective. This way of preparing the carpet for cleaning also will reduce the number of times of changing the dirty water from the canister of the steam carpet cleaner or washer which the cleaning process will be faster.


  • Another benefit while you vacuuming before using a steam carpet cleaner or washer is that you are able to notice and remove all those small things that are scattered around the area on the carpet that you want to clean like toys, metal coins, small pieces of paper, rubber bandages and other things that can block the hose of the steam carpet cleaner or carpet washer and will drastically slow down the whole cleaning process.


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So, what basically is going to happen if you don’t do a vacuum cleaning before cleaning the carpet with a carpet washer or steam carpet cleaner?


  • During the deep cleaning process, there is a high possibility the water in the cleaner’s tank fast to become dirty and some of the dirt and grime to be smeared along the cleaning path as you clean with the carpet cleaner. This will prolong and make harder the whole cleaning process.


  • Also, another disadvantage of not vacuuming the carpet in advance will make the whole cleaning process less efficient and slower, which means longer keeping of the carpet cleaner and higher rental costs.


  • Plus, if you don´t own a carpet cleaner, then you will need to rent it on a limited time, so you´ll want to finish faster your cleaning job just to keep low rental cost, which you are not going to be 100% effective in the cleaning your carpets and rugs.


That’s why the vacuum cleaning of the carpet is necessary before doing a cleaning of the rugs and carpet and the second important thing that you will need to do which is going to speed up the whole cleaning process is to declutter the whole area where you need to do a cleaning and also remove as many things from the small furniture for uninterrupted cleaning of the carpet.


When you’ve done with the cleaning and your carpet is completely dried your job still is not finished. Now is the time to do one more vacuum cleaning.


The main reason for the second vacuuming is to remove some of the sands and dirt particles that have been lifted up to the surface of the carpet which the carpet cleaner was not able to clean them. And another positive reason by doing the second vacuum cleaning is that you will fluff the fibers of the carpet and make the carpet to look more pleasant, almost like a new.


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Regarding the carpet cleaner whether to buy one or rent it whenever you need it is really not easy to make the right decision. If you have some extra storage space in your home it would be wise and a great decision to buy a carpet cleaner. On this way, you will not spend any more extra money for renting which in the long term is going to pay off a lot.


Another advantage of owning a carpet cleaner is that you can make your own cleaning schedule and without a rush, you can do a better and thorough cleaning of your carpets and rugs. Also, there is another third option when you need to clean your carpets and rugs and that is to call professional cleaners that can do the cleaning job for you with their own cleaning machines.


Our Final Thoughts

But again, always keep in mind and better make a habit of doing a vacuum cleaning in advance, before you call someone to do a deep cleaning of your carpets and rugs. In most cases, they never do vacuum cleaning. And also don’t forget the second vacuum cleaning after the carpets and rugs are deep cleaned or washed.


As you can see these are the main reasons why should you vacuum before carpet cleaning and that is your mandatory job to do whether or not the professional cleaning team will vacuum the carpet before cleaning or not.

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