Best Home Appliances for Allergies and Asthma

What are the most important appliances for controlling the level of allergens and dust in a home? The best home appliances for allergies and asthma are very important for people who suffer from them and are of great importance to have in their homes, specially designed appliances for successfully and maximum to reduce all types of allergens and dust. But, not every person can afford to own more than one appliance for this problem in their home.


If your budget doesn’t allow you to own all the needed appliances for allergies, then the best way is to start with the appliance that is the most needed for you at the moment and then over time according to your budget you can upgrade all those needed appliances. Always choose an appliance with features that will best assist you in minimizing the allergens and dust.


If you need to improve the level of cleanliness in your home and at the same time to improve your health condition then the best home appliances for allergies and asthma that you must have are these: vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, air purifier, air dehumidifier, air humidifier, and steam mop.


Why These Appliances Are Important for Reducing The Symptoms of Allergy and Asthma?

Now let’s see why those appliances are really important for your home, how you can benefit from them.


A Vacuum Cleaner – An Appliance That You Must Have

The people usually get a habit to do a manually removing of dust using a dust feather and broom with a dustpan. The dust feather often is used for removing the dust from objects in your home like a flower vase, furniture, picture frames, light fixtures and more. But, the real problem when we use the dust feather is that we don’t remove the dust, we are just spreading it around which is causing additional allergy problem for you.


From the other side, when we sweep the floor with a broom and a dustpan, we do not remove 100% of the dust. We are able to collect only a small amount of dust from the floor and the worst part is that we release a huge amount of dust and allergens into the air, which is really a great danger for the people allergic on asthma and allergens.


The vacuum cleaner is one of the most important appliances that not only people with an allergy need to have it in their homes, but, it should be part of every household. The vacuum cleaners are perfect and extremely efficient in removing the dust and allergens as from the floors as well from the air too. It is important when you need to choose especially a vacuum cleaner for allergens; you need to look for one that is featured with a HEPA filtration system, sealed system, appropriate attachments for effectively reducing of the dust and allergens and as well with powerful suction.


As we all know there are two types of vacuum cleaners regarding where they keep all the sucked dust, debris, and allergens and they are bagless and bagged vacuum cleaners. In this case, we strongly recommend choosing a bagged vacuum cleaner over bagless. They are more efficient in collecting and keeping dust, allergens, pet hair, animal dander and fleas inside the dust bag.


Besides this, a quality HEAP vacuum cleaner will also help you to purify the air in your home.


An Air Purifier Can Improve the Quality of the Air in Our Home

Regardless of your efforts to maintain a high level of cleanliness in your home, you cannot prevent 100% the dust, allergens and dust mites from entering inside your home. The air purifier is the best home product when it comes to reducing and controlling the allergens and dust from the air in your home. When the allergens are at a high level in your home it is good to purchase a high-quality whole-home air purifying unit or air washing system which they are with far away better-purifying results than conventional air cleaners. But, all that depends on your budget.


However, you will have a high purified air even if you placed a few air purifiers in places where you and your family are spending most of your times during the day like the living room, bedroom, and kids’ room. Air purifiers vary depending on the technology they use and the type of filtering system. There are air purifiers with single, dual and three layers of a filtrating system.


The unit with a single filtration layer can only clean large particles from the air. But, the units with two or three layers of filtration system along with the HEPA filter are able to remove even the micro-sized particles of 0.3 microns. Also, air purifiers can be used for eliminating the pet and other odors, and as well as the smoke in your home. In this case, you will need frequently to change the filters in order to maintain the efficiency of your air purifiers.


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A Carpet Cleaner for Deep Cleaning 

Mostly we all have carpets in our home and we all know that carpets are the biggest collectors of dust and allergens. So, in order to fight with all allergens and dust, it is obvious that we need to vacuum the carpets regularly to keep the dust, debris, and other dirt at a minimum level. But, also we need from time to time to use the carpet cleaners or carpet washers to do a deep cleaning to increase the cleanliness of the carpet, as well to keep them fresh and nice. With the deep cleaning of the carpets, you will get rid of all allergens and dust that are causing allergies to hypersensitive people and those who have asthma.


A Dehumidifier to Control the Allergens and Dust Mites

Besides, the HEPA air purifier, the portable dehumidifiers can also help you to keep and control the allergens at a maximum low and healthy level. It’s often been that humidity in our homes is greater than 50 percent above the level allowed. The high percentage of humidity in your home can create ideal conditions for the growth of mold that can cause allergy in people who have an allergen. Also, the high level of humidity can help the dust mites to reproduce and grow rapidly.


Using a dehumidifier, you will reduce the humidity in the air, thus preventing the growth of the mold and dust mites and at the same time, you can keep under control the humidity in your home at your will. It is recommended the humidity in your home to be maintained between 45% and 50%.


A Humidifier to Maintain the Dryness of the Air in Your Home

Humidifiers are appliances that can add moisture to the air and keep the dryness at a normal level which will prevent the irritation of the skin of our body and help you to fight against allergens in your home. The dry air often triggers in people allergies, dry skin, coughing, irritated eyes, dryness in the throat and airways and more.


It’s not only important to buy a quality humidifier, but also how to use it properly for positive results in your home. Don’t add a lot of moisture; always try to keep a balance of the humidity in your home. Use a hygrometer to monitor the level of moisture in your home.


A Steam Cleaner a Perfect Cleaning Appliance for Allergens and Bacteria

It is known that the carpets, rugs, floors and other places in our homes are ideal for growing bacteria, dust mites, molds and other types of germs. This is a really huge problem for people that suffer from asthma and allergies.


One of the best ways to eliminate all those bacteria, germs and allergens is using a steam cleaner. The steam cleaners are using heated water on high temperature of 220 F (about 104.4 C) for cleaning carpets, floors and other surfaces. They are able to successfully kill 100% of all germs, bacteria, and molds. The steam cleaners except water don’t require using any chemicals, which make them perfect cleaning appliances for hypersensitive people on chemicals and strong scents.

These are the best home appliances for allergies and asthma that you must have and they can help you in maintaining the cleanliness in your home and improving your health condition.

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