How to Reduce Dust in a House – SIMPLE and EFFICIENT!

How to Reduce Dust in a House

If you have a problem with the dust and you want to know how to reduce dust in a house, then just follow these main and simple steps:


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You Must Take Off Your Shoes Before Entering Your Home


This is the rule that we all need to remember and apply in our everyday life. Entering your home without taking off your footwear is one of the main reasons not only to bring in your house dust and another kind of dirt but also is not hygienic. Besides that, there are high chances to damage your carpets and floors.


Placing Doormats Outside and Inside of Every Entrance


The next step is to place doormats outside and inside in front of every entry in your house, so the people who are entering your home can wipe their feet. If you do this, you can significantly reduce the dust and debris that are coming into your home.


You can clean the doormats outside by shaking them, with a hand vacuum or you can use carpet beaters. Do this often or at least three times a week.


Clean the Air Ducts in Your Home


The air ducts and the vent covers are the places that we must clean at least once a month. These are the places where can be easily accumulated a lot of dust over time.


Clean them nice to improve the ventilation and if you don’t do this, the outdoor air that passes through the air ducts will blow the dust inside your home. This is an easy job; anybody can do it and only takes a few minutes.


Always Start Cleaning From Top to Bottom


Three or four times yearly, you need to do a deep cleaning in your home.


When you do the deep cleaning, it is wise to start first with the highest surfaces and continue all the way down, you can use a microfiber cloth or a vacuum cleaner.


For example, at first, start with cleaning the walls from the top corners to the bottom, and then clean the curtains, mini-blinds, then top surfaces of the furniture, continue with other objects in your home and the last thing for cleaning is the floor.


In this way, all the dust will fall down on the floor and it will be easy to clean it.


Stop Using Feather Dusters


Many people get the habit to use the feather dusters for removing dust from the surfaces in their homes.


If you use a feather duster, you cannot collect the dust from the surfaces or any other object you want to clean actually you just push the dust around.


Most of the feather dusters are not efficient in cleaning the dust which is not good for people who have allergies.


Only the ostrich feathers are efficient in collecting the dust from the objects but still, I don’t recommend them. It is better to use a damp microfiber cloth or your vacuum cleaner with a bristled dusting attachment.


Use a Vacuum Cleaner


Using a quality vacuum cleaner can be really a great thing in effectively cleaning the dust and debris in your house.


How often do you need to use a vacuum cleaner it will depend on the location of your house, how big is your house or apartment, how many people live in your house, what are the heavy traffic areas in your house and how much dust, debris, and other dirt are accumulating over time in all areas in your house.


Mop the Floors


After every vacuuming, it is good to use a wet mop to collect all the dust and debris you missed, especially when you clean wooden floors or tile floors in your home.


Use a Broom and Dustpan


Many times is happening that you need to clean the floor in your house but it doesn’t require using a vacuum cleaner.


In those cases, you just need a broom and a dustpan to sweep the dirty area.


It’s recommended a few times in a month to wash your broom and dustpan. Before you place them in the storage room and make sure they are dried.


Use a Microfiber Cloth to Remove Dust


Microfiber cloth is a great cleaning tool to collect the dust from many of the surfaces and furniture in your home. After every use, wash the microfiber for later reusing.


Clean Often Your Beds, Pillows, Sheets, and Blankets


Clean Often Your Beds

Your bed is a place where can be accumulated a lot of dust over time.


Once a week do vacuuming on your bed surface and the mattress, wash and dry up the pillows and the blankets, and change the pillowcases and the bedsheets.


Use a Broom Handle or Carpet Beater


When you are doing cleaning the dust in your home, also it is important to do a cleaning of all of your rugs and cushions.


Like the furniture, carpets, and beds in your house, the rugs and cushions are also objects that are accumulating dust.


All that you need to do is to take all of your rugs and cushions outside for beating in order to remove off the dust as much you can.


For this purpose, you can use an old broom handle or you can use a rug beater or a carpet beater.


Another excellent way to effectively remove the dust from the rugs and cushions is to use a vacuum cleaner.


Reduce the Carpets and Rugs in Your Home        


Using carpets in your home can be one of the reasons for increasing the level of dust into the air.


The carpets are holders of dust and in if you don’t clean them often, in a short time can be accumulated a lot of dust.


So anytime when you walk over the carpet, it will release a small amount of dust into the air and this is not good if you have a family member with an allergy.


It’s good if you can minimize the floor areas in your home covered with carpets and rugs. A better option is to have installed a hard surfaces floor like wooden floor or tile.


But, if you love to have carpets in your house then you need to think of investing in a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter or a vacuum cleaner with dust bug and double-layered microfilter inside.


Clean Lint Collector in Your Drying Machine


Always before and after using your drying machine you need to clean the lint collector. During the drying process, a lot of dirt and dust can be accumulated on the lint collector.


If you don’t clean the lint collector always when you open the door of your drying machine to take out your clothes, a lot of dust will spread into the air.


Groom Your Pets


Also, cats and dogs can collect and accumulate a certain amount of dust. Brush them often to reduce the amount of their fur and dander.


Choose a place where is easy to clean all the fur and dander after brushing your pets. In most cases, people are using the bathroom or laundry room, they are great places for grooming your pets.


Minimize the Clutter in Your Home


Many of us keep piles of magazines and books scattered on the floor, a lot of toys around, many decorative items everywhere and piles of clothes thrown on the couch or bed.


All those things are contributing to increasing the level of dust and debris in our homes and they give us a hard time when we want to do the cleaning in our homes.


So, all that you need to do is go through your house and start with:


  • Arrange all the books on the bookshelves
  • Place all the magazines into carton or plastic boxes and remove them in your basement, garage or you can sell them for some extra cash, which is not bad
  • Collect all toys and arrange them nicely in the kids’ room
  • Take all of your clothes and nicely fold and arrange into the closets and always keep the closets clean. Because at any time when you open the closet’s door dust, fabrics, and flakes of fiber will go into the air and will fall down on the floor
  • Also, try if you can to get rid of from some of the decorative items


Reduce Dust with a Dehumidifier


Dehumidifiers are devices that can decrease the level of humidity in our homes, which means drastically, will reduce the chance for dust mites, allergies, and molds in your home.


So investing in a good dehumidifier you will make your life healthier without any worries if you have any family members that suffer from allergies.


Reduce Dust with an Air Purifier


Air purifiers are devices that are really contributing to decreasing not only the dust but also mold spores, chemicals, and odors in our homes.


Especially they are of great benefit for people with asthma and allergies. You can place them close to windows for better efficiency.


Do Not Leave the Windows in Your Home Opened Too Long


Always we open our windows to let fresh air inside our homes. But, don’t leave them to long to be opened, it’s enough about 15 to 20 minutes and then you can close the windows.


If you leave the windows opened longer, the chances are high to enter dust inside your home especially when is windy.


What is Dust?


So now when you know the main steps on how to reduce the dust in a house let’s see what is actually dust?


Dust is a mixed accumulation from tiny small particles and in most cases, it consists of hair, pet dander, dirt, bits of cloth fiber, pollen, airborne debris, paper, and carpet fluff.


Our Final Thoughts


We think by following these simple steps explained in this post for sure you will drastically reduce the dust in your home.


But, one thing for sure you need to remember, whatever techniques you apply to clean the dust, you will never completely rid of the dust in your home, it is impossible. You can only reduce the dust and to maintain the low level of dustiness in your home.


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