How to Avoid Vacuum Cleaner Mistakes

How to Avoid Vacuum Cleaner Mistakes

How to Avoid Vacuum Cleaner Mistakes

Do you know, what are the most common vacuum cleaner mistakes that people are making any time when they use them? We all know the vacuum cleaners besides the brooms, mops, feather dusters, air purifiers, dishwashers, and washing machines are one of the top home products that are invented to help us to maintain a high level of cleanliness in our homes.


During cleaning most of the people are making a lot of mistakes that are not even aware of them. Many owners of the vacuum cleaners are not even trying to read the manufacturer’s manual to learn what is the best way to use the vacuum cleaners for best cleaning results and also to keep them in good condition and avoid any damaging of these cleaning appliances.


Today, there are many categories of vacuum cleaners and they are manufactured by many specialized high-quality brands like Miele, Dyson, Shark, Bissel, Hoover, and others. They are with different design and every vacuum cleaner comes with different features, specifications, attachments and it is intended for cleaning of different types of floors.


By properly using the vacuum cleaners we can extend their life spun, get better cleaning results, avoid the extra expenses for repairing their damages and also avoiding the damaging the floors in our homes. Now, I am going to explain to you, what are the most common cleaning mistakes that people are making with their vacuum cleaners.


The Vacuum Cleaner Mistakes


Be Extra Careful When You Clean the Vacuum Cleaner’s Brush Roll

In case if you need to check if there is something that is blocking the brush roll, the first and most important thing to do before you put your fingers on the brush roll is to turn off and then to unplug the vacuum cleaner from the source of electricity. Always you need to be extra careful when are doing any cleaning or repairing of the brush roll because there is a high probability to get heavy injuries on your hands, it can damage your clothes and in the worst case, it can pull the hair out from the user’s head. The vacuum cleaners are really powerful appliances.


Especially, you need to pay extra attention if you have kids in your home. When you clean the floor try to avoid their contact with the vacuum cleaner for their safety. As you can see, it is really important to know how to clean properly the brush roll of the vacuum cleaner and always you need to be extra careful.


Never Use a Faulty Extension Cord

When you are using an extension cord, you need to know what is the limited wattage or amp and what types of appliances can be connected on it. In most cases is happening that people are using extended cords that are not intended for connecting the cord of the vacuum cleaner. This can be a cause for damaging the vacuum cleaner and in many cases can even be the main cause of a fire. Before using an extension cord always check its specifications and manual of usage.


The Vacuum’s Cord

Another mistake that people are doing is pulling the cord of the vacuum cleaner. They pull the cord when is plug into the wall socket from far away to save the time (this is called laziness) they need to go over and to unplug it. To be honest, even I did this a few times because I was lazy to go over to unplug the cord to plug to another wall socket that is closest to me. But, this is a wrong way and if you repeat this many times can cause a damaging of the vacuum’s cord which it can be of a high risk of electrocution or causing a fire.


Follow these simple rules: do not pull the cord of the vacuum cleaner from a great distance when is connected on the wall’s socket, do not lift and do not carry the vacuum cleaner by holding for its cord and most important never use a vacuum cleaner with a damaged cord.


Get a habit often to check the condition of the vacuum’s cord. When you clean with the vacuum cleaner and you need to unplug the cord from the wall’s socket and to plug it again into another socket on the wall, before doing this for your own safety always the first turn off the vacuum cleaner then unplug the cord.


Wrong Using of The Vacuum Cleaner

Also, some people are doing a big mistake, when they are using their indoor vacuum cleaners for outdoor cleaning. This is a really big mistake because the indoor vacuum cleaners are designed only to be used for indoor cleaning activities, they are never meant to be used outside of your home. Even the indoor vacuum cleaners are designed and divided into different types regarding the cleaning needs and the types of floors in your home.


Another mistake is using a vacuum cleaner that is designed for cleaning dry surfaces on a wet surface. So for wet surfaces only you need to use a vacuum cleaner the is designed for cleaning only wet surfaces and the same rule applies for dry vacuum cleaners which they need to be used only on dry surfaces.


By using the wrong type of a vacuum cleaner are going to happen the following scenarios:

  • First – you are going to damage and shorten the life of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Second –  you will need to spend extra money on repairing the appliance.
  • Third: there is a high probability in the near future you to spend more extra money on buying a new vacuum cleaner to replace the one that is already damaged which.
  • Forth: if someone in your home has a problem with allergies and suffers from asthma and you are using a vacuum cleaner that is not HEPA certified, that is going to affect negatively on that person’s health.
  • Fifth: you can damage the carpet or floor in your home


So, always you need to know how to buy the best vacuum cleaner that will suit your home cleaning needs like for cleaning outdoor, indoor, allergies and asthma, pets, hard floors or carpets. And more important is you need to use the vacuum cleaner only for a job that is designed for.


Don’t Do Vacuuming Over Hard, Sharp or Metal Items

This is another huge mistake that people are not doing and that is – cleaning the area that you want to do a vacuum cleaning from small hard, sharp and metal objects. These types of objects can damage the brush roller and the fan blade on the vacuum cleaner.


I know is much easier to go over a small metal object with the vacuum cleaner than to bend down and to pick it up.


But, in the end, think about this – do you want to vacuum the floor without removing those object and to do damage on your vacuum cleaner which is going to result with spending extra money for buying a new vacuum cleaner or just simply to spend just 5 minutes to scan the area for removing these objects, it’s up to you.


Avoid Vacuuming Large Amounts of Dust, Flour, Powder, and Ash

When in the kitchen we spill a big amount of flour, sugar or in a living room we need to clean a pile of ash or dust instead first to use a broom with a dustpan, we are using our vacuum cleaner which is a wrong thing. A lot of dust or powder is going to clog the filter of the vacuum cleaner. This is going to block or reduce the suction of the vacuum cleaner and using the vacuum cleaner in this condition will result in overheating the vacuum’s motor.


Always when you need to clean a huge amount of dust, ash or powder it is recommended first to use a broom with a dustpan and then to use a vacuum cleaner. But anyway, the best option, in this case, is to use a dry vacuum cleaner which is specially designed for these types of cleaning.


Wrong Maintenance of the Vacuum Cleaner

Many owners are not taking proper maintenance of the vacuum cleaner which is one of the most important things about any type of appliance in our home. To do proper maintenance on a vacuum cleaner is a really simple and easy job and it doesn’t take a lot of time. It would be enough just to wash or replace the filter on a regular base, to empty the dust canister on time, to check if something is blocking the suction pathway, brush roll, and vacuum’s hose.


Always check the manufacturer’s manual for instructions on how to do proper maintenance on your vacuum cleaner. In case if you have lost the manual, you can easily find it online.


Our Final Thoughts

These vacuum cleaner mistakes are most common that people are doing often consciously and unconsciously. If you’ve ever done any of those mistakes, then you should really avoid them. By avoiding these mistakes you will not only avoid the damaging of your vacuum cleaner and save your money but also it is important for your own safety.

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