Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

This an in-depth review for the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 upright vacuum cleaner with the second most powerful suction after its bigger brother Dyson Ball Animal 2 from this brand. Usually, the Dyson brand is well known for its upright vacuum cleaners that provide the most powerful suction and they are always overpriced than the vacuum cleaners from the other competitors. Anyway, let see if this is really the best value upright vacuum cleaner as the manufacturer claims.


Dyson Multi Floor 2 and Its Design

The Dyson Multi Floor 2 is very similar to the Dyson Ball Animal 2 except that it is smaller, lighter, less powerful and less expensive than the Dyson Ball Animal 2. The design of this Dyson Multi Floor 2 is not much different in style to other upright vacuum cleaners from the Dyson brand.


When it comes about weight as I mentioned in the beginning in this post this model it is about 2 pounds lighter with a more compact body than the Dyson Animal 2 vacuum cleaner. Characteristically for this model of Dyson is it has usually vertical body with a visual recognizable gray and yellow color.


It has a transparent dust bin that allows you to see the whole sucked content inside and when you need to empty it. Above the dust canister, you can see the recognizable HEPA filtration system.


The Size and Dimensions of the Dyson Multi Floor 2

This vacuum cleaner has an average size and its basic dimensions are 41.93 inches height, 15.59 inches deep and 13.39 inches wide. It weighs 15.6 pounds (about 7.07 Kg).


The cord of this vacuum cleaner is 31 feet (about 9.45 Meters) and plus if you take into consideration the length of the wand you will have maximum cleaning reach of 40 feet (12.2 Meters). The brush roll of the vacuum head offers you 12 inches (about 0.3 Meters) of cleaning path.


What is the Suction Power of the Multi Floor 2?

This vacuum cleaner provides 250 AW (air watts) of suction power. If you compare this model with the most powerful vacuum cleaner at this moment from Dyson brand the Animal 2 who has 270 AW of suction power, you will realize that the Multi Floor 2 with its 250 AW is not a lot behind the Animal 2 when it comes about suction power. This means the Dyson Multi Floor 2 is a really powerful vacuum cleaner.


The Attachments of the Dyson Multi Floor 2

As a part of the Dyson Multi Floor 2 vacuum cleaner, you will get a few helpful attachments that will assist you for more convenient cleaning in your house and those are:


The Crevice Tool

The Crevice will enable you more straightforward and demanding suction to a particular spot, which can be particularly useful for tight and hard to reach places like lounge chair pads cushions, vehicles, behind and under furniture and so on. Plus it will give you an additional length of the hose.


The Dusting Brush

This attachment has soft bristles that can be utilized for effectively removing the dust from more delicate places in your home which is going to help the vacuum cleaner easy to suck up all that dust that has been gathered by the dust brush. Also, you can attach the dusting brush to the crevice tool. On this way, you are going to create a combination tool.


The Stair Tool

The stair tool will help you easier to clean the stairs in your home. The angle and the size of the nozzle of this tool are perfect for dealing with the repetitive cleaning process on the stairs. The stair tool doesn’t have a motor.


An Extending Wand and a Flexible Hose

The extending wand and hose also are part of this vacuum cleaner. Usually, they are always used when you need to clean some high spots in your home that are not easy to reach like corners on the ceiling, light fixtures, fans, and curtains and so on.


Besides the cleaning of high places, the extending wand and hose can be used for cleaning low areas in your home as well as under tables, beds, furniture, sofas and more. The maximal reach that you can have with the extending hose and wand together is 9 feet (about 2.75 meters).


Also, there are additional attachments that are not included with the Dyson Multi Floor 2 like the Motorized Turbine Tool and the Hard Floor Tool. However, they are available for purchasing.


The Key Selling Features in the Dyson Multi Floor 2

The Dyson Multi Floor 2 offers a few advanced features that will give you an ability to improve the cleanliness in your home as well as the mobility of the vacuum cleaner for greater usability and experience.


The Dyson Ball Technology

The Dyson has invented a special Ball Technology that utilizes for all of their upright vacuum cleaners. This Ball Technology gives you simple mobility and tight turns as required when you clean the floors.


The Self Adjusting Cleaner Head

The Dyson Multi Floor 2 has a motorhead and a brush roll with bristles in form of a spiral, independently from you, they are able automatically to react and to adjust the height for whatever type of floor that you have in your home.


This means this magnificent feature, will maintain the cleaning performances and usability of the vacuum cleaner on a high level always when you do a transit from one to another type of floor.


The Dyson’s Radial Root Cyclone Technology and How Does it Work?

It is widely known that Dyson mainly is utilizing the Radial Root Cyclone Technology to offer a HEPA filtration in all of their vacuum cleaners to effectively filtrate all of the types of allergens and dust particles from the air to microscopic size of 0.03 microns.


But, how does it work? Simply, the Root Cyclone Technology has two layers of cyclones that use the power of the centrifugal force to separate even the smallest microscopic particles from the air and to push them down into the dust canister for later discarding. Besides this, the vacuum cleaner incorporates a lifetime washable filter which will eliminate the additional cost. The owners with the bagged vacuum cleaners are already having this additional cost.


The Simplicity of Emptying the Dust Bin

The dust bin is designed to simplify the process of emptying the whole content of the dust and debris that has been collected inside. This whole process can be done in two simple steps:


  • First, you need to hold the dust canister for the handle with your hand then just press the yellow tab and pull the dust canister away.
  • Second, bring the dust canister over the trash bin and simply press the release button to dump the whole content from the dust bin.


You need to know: Sometimes is happening when you empty the dust bin some of the debris will be stuck inside. Mostly this is a case for pet owners where some of the pet hair and debris can get stuck inside which it requires from you to use a cloth to wipe inside the dust canister.


This will be an unpleasant job for hypersensitive people on allergies. For those people, we strongly recommend choosing a bagged vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration and sealed system. A perfect example of this type of a vacuum cleaner is the Miele Dynamic U1 Cat and Dog.


The Main Specifications for the Vacuum Cleaner Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2


  • Type: Upright Bagless
  • A Cord with a length of 31 feet (9.45 Meters)
  • The Cleaning Path is 13.34 inches width
  • Dust Bin with 1.6 litter of capacity
  • Intended for all types of floors
  • Attachments: Stair Tool, Crevice Tool, Dusting Brush, Extending Wand and Flexible Hose
  • HEPA washable lifetime filter
  • A Self Adjusting Cleaning Head
  • Its main dimensions are 41.93 inches height, 15.59 inches deep and 13.39 inches wide
  • The weight of the Multi Floor 2 is 15.6 pounds (about 7.07 Kg)
  • A satisfying 5 years of the limited warranty
  • The suction power is 250 AW


Watch the Video: How to Check the Cleaner Head and Base for Blockages



Tips to Minimize the Maintenance Cost for Dyson Multi Floor 2


To keep the Dyson Multi Floor 2 always in great shape and to minimize the maintenance cost we advise you to follow the next:

  • After emptying the dust canister with a clean cloth wipe the canister inside and the yellow cover of the canister
  • It is preferable once a month to wash the filter with cold water and leave it to air dry for no less than 24 hours before the next use.
  • Often check the brush roll if there is any debris tangled around the roller and if so take small scissors and trim it off


Is This the Best Value Upright Vacuum Cleaner or Not?

In one word, the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 is an astounding choice in case you are searching for an incredible, strong upright vacuum cleaner. This vacuum cleaner is a little lighter than equivalent models and is designed in mind to handle various messes on all types of floors. The Dyson Multi Floor comes with various handy accessories, a dust bin with 1.6 liters of capacity and incredible suction power of 250 WA.



  • With its 15.6 Lbs (about 7.07Kg) is 2 pounds lighter than the mightier Dyson Ball Animal 2 upright vacuum cleaner
  • It has a lifetime washable filter which means you don’t need to worry about spending more money on additional dust bags and its maintenance.
  • The swivel steering technology for greater maneuverability
  • The Radial Root Technology for filtration



  • There is not a lift-away canister for more convenient cleaning
  • It doesn’t have a specific tool for cleaning the pet hair and debris
  • The Ball design doesn’t allow you to clean under low furniture
  • Poor cleaning results on high pile carpets
  • The vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a whole HEPA filtration as the Dyson claims.


For Who is the Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2?

If you need an upright vacuum cleaner with overall great performances then the Dyson Multi Floor 2 is not a bad choice at all. As an upright vacuum cleaner for Dyson, this model has an affordable price and offers great features and tools to assist you in every cleaning situation.


So, for who is exactly the Dyson Multi Floor 2? – For people that are looking for a middle size upright vacuum cleaner from Dyson with great maneuverability, cleaning performances and strong suction power that can be used on all types of floors with self-adjusting cleaning head.


Our Final Thoughts

About this Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 upright vacuum cleaner, it is obvious that this model is using almost all of the advanced technologically innovations from Dyson like the self-adjusting cleaning head with a motor of 250 AW suction power which is about 20 AW below the suction power of the most powerful upright vacuum cleaner the Dyson Ball Animal 2 who has 270 AW, then the swivel steering technology, the radial root cyclone filtration technology, the lifetime washable filter, and variety of useful attachments.

In the end, this is an incredible upright vacuum cleaner for any situation in your home. The Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 offers more than you expect for a reasonable price. So, if you are looking for a high-quality upright vacuum cleaner especially from the Dyson brand, this will be an excellent choice that we really strongly recommend it.


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