Best Countertop Dishwashers for 2021

Best Countertop Dishwashers

If you are looking for a dishwasher for your small kitchen than a countertop dishwasher is the best choice. But choosing one of the best countertop dishwashers that will suit your needs sometimes is giving a lot of headache to people.


Countertop dishwasher is the best choice in these situations: if you are a couple and you live in a small apartment, for singles who live alone, for students who live in a small rented apartments and their time is valuable, for campers in a nature, RV owners who travel frequently, or offices and studios with small kitchens or maybe you often change your living location.


What is a Countertop Dishwasher?


Here is a short explanation about the type of countertop dishwasher for those who don’t know or maybe a little bit confused.


Countertop dishwashers are smaller in a size than the fully integrated dishwashers. Actually, these types of dishwashers in a size are a little bit bigger than the size of the standard microwave.

Because of their size, they can be placed on the top of the counter in your kitchen. That’s how they’ve got the name countertop.

The main difference between the built-in dishwasher and the countertop dishwasher is that the built-in one is permanently fixed inside your kitchen.


But the positive thing about countertop dishwasher is that can be placed next to any faucet in your kitchen with a special connecting adapter.

Another advantage of the countertop dishwashers is they are using less energy than the other types of dishwashers and also they are consuming less water.

One of the biggest negative things about countertop dishwashers is they have lower loading capacity.


Main Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Countertop Dishwasher



The place where you are planning to install the countertop dishwasher you need to measure the free space between the counter and the bottom of the kitchen’s cabinet.

This is the first thing you should do.


Washing Capacity

Most of the countertop dishwashers offer 6 place settings, which is a priority of every customer.

Usually, the capacity of the countertop dishwashers can vary from 4 to 6 place settings and depends on the model.


Interior Type

There are two types of the interior to choose for countertop dishwashers: with plastic interior and with a stainless steel interior.

It’s widely known that dishwashers with stainless steel interior can last longer, are quieter and are more durable than dishwashers with plastic interior.


Dry Cycle Feature

When you want to buy a countertop dishwasher it’s really important for you to look for a dishwasher that features a dry cycle.


Model with Pump

You better choose a dishwasher with a pump, in case if the dishwasher is installed in a place where the water draining out needs to go above the level of the dishwasher.


Water Heater

There are countertop dishwashers without a water heater and with the water heater. The dishwashers with water heater have two or more settings to regulate the power of the heater.


Washing Cycles

You need to know what washing cycles are important for you because there are models of countertop dishwashers with different washing cycles.


Energy and Water Saver

In the end, we all want to pay smaller bills, so it’s wise to choose a dishwasher that uses less water and consume less electricity. Check the specifications of the dishwasher before you finally make a decision.


But for whatever reason you need a countertop dishwasher, you can check the list below that we selected the best dishwashers for today on the market based on their capacity, implemented features, saving capabilities and prices.


The countertop dishwashers are listed in alphabetical order by brands.


The Best Countertop Dishwashers for 2018


Costway EP22565 Review

Company: Costway

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9/10


Overview: the Costway EP22568 countertop dishwasher that will perfectly match the needs in a kitchen of a small family with its capacity of 6 setting places for more convenient and efficiently washing the dirty dishes.


Some of the main specifications and features for Costway EP22565


  • Interior Type: stainless steel interior that helps in making a low level of noise and also gives longer durability
  • Color: White
  • Washing Cycles: you can choose from glass, rinse, speed, ECO, normal and heavy cycle
  • Capacity: features with six setting places for efficient washing of the dishes
  • Controls: Front controls
  • Level of Noise: this dishwasher makes the noise of 56 dBA
  • Unit Dimension: 21.5 inches width, 19.5 inches depth and 17 inches height


More useful features: there is a detergent and rinse dispenser, you can use the delay start an option where you can choose from 1 hour to 24 hours, easy to read LED display and this dishwasher weights 44 pounds or about 20 kilograms, easy to clean the filter and foldable tines


This model Costway EP22565 with its compact size can great companion in the kitchen for all type of people like students, campers, RV owners, small families, and singles.

But if you think this dishwasher doesn’t meet your needs in the kitchen then you can check the other models from the list.


Danby DDW631SDB Review

Company: Danby

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 8/10


Overview: this countertop dishwasher Danby DDW631SDB is a great companion in your kitchen. You can easily do the installation almost in any kitchen with the Quick Connect faucet adapter to the faucet in the sink.

This dishwasher has low water consumption; no more than 3.1 gallons (11.7 liters) of water per washing cycle and also is Energy Star certified, which means paying smaller bills.


The Main Features and Specifications for Danby DDW631SDB


  • Interior Type: durable and quality stainless steel material
  • Color: Stainless
  • Door Style: Front Control
  • Control Type: Digital
  • Washing Cycles: the dishwasher provides 6 wash cycle – light (eco), normal, heavy (intense), glass, soak and speed (rapid)
  • Capacity: 6 place setting of loading capacity
  • Level of Noise: this countertop dishwasher is really quiet in the working process with amazing 54 dBA of noise
  • Model Weight: 44.1 pounds (20 kilograms)
  • Unit Dimension: 54.99 cm width, 50.01 cm depth and 43.79 cm height


Additional features in this model: Delay Start option (2, 4, 6 and 8 hours), Energy Star, silver basket, implemented new and improved spray arm and filter for making the dishes clean.


You don’t need to wait to collect a lot of dirty dishes like the owners of full-size dishwashers for a big loading, and then to wash them one time.


But having a countertop dishwasher is totally different, any time you have any dirty dishes or a few glasses or maybe just dirty silverware just put them inside your countertop dishwasher and wash them the same time. Your countertop dishwasher in your kitchen will make your everyday’s life easier.


The Danby DDW631SDB dishwasher with its compact size can be ideally fitted in all kind of kitchens


Danby DDW621WDB Review

Company: Danby

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 8.5/10


Overview: This 2016 model of countertop dishwasher Danby DDW621WDB is an energy saver and also doesn’t use a lot of water per washing cycle, between 3 and 4 gallons. The detergent and rinse dispensers are already implemented in this model and its interior is stainless steel which promises longer durability of the product.

This model comes with included faucet adapter for effortless installation almost in all kitchens.


Some of the main features and specifications for DDW621WDB


  • Interior Type: Stainless steel interior for longer life of the dishwasher and more quietness
  • Color: Standard white color
  • Tube Type: Compact
  • Washing Cycles: Like the most dishwasher in this class features with 6 washing cycles – economy, normal, rapid, soak and glass
  • Capacity: Features with 6 setting places and silver basket
  • Level of Noise: Satisfying 52dBA
  • Unit Dimension: The compact dimensions of the dishwasher are 17 inches in height and 19.7 inches in width, which means a lot of loading space for your dirty dishes.


More useful features: a user-friendly panel with electronic controls with LED display, delay start option


The Danby DDW621WDB is a low priced model with minimal consumption of water and Energy Star certified, it means if you invest in this countertop dishwasher for sure you will save money in a long period of time. If you love camping and you often go for a vacation then this dishwasher should be on your buying list.


EdgeStar DWP62SV Review

Company: EdgeStar

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Overview: the EdgeStar DWP625SV is countertop dishwasher that features with the standard 5 place settings of capacity for successful and efficient cleaning the dirty dishes.

The exterior of the dishwasher is silver color and metal body with stainless interior. Included 5-foot house and is 17 inches tall.

This dishwasher will consume just 200 KW in one year, which is 61% more energy saver than the other dishwashers of the same size and also is included a powerful spray arm for effectively washing your dishes.


Some of the main specifications and features for DWP62SV


  • Interior Type: a quality stainless steel interior
  • Color: silver
  • Door Style: front control with LED display easy to read
  • Washing Cycles: offers 7 washing cycles
  • Capacity: setting places 6
  • Level of Noise: the noise in operational mode is 52dBA which is a little bit noisier than the other dishwashers in the same class
  • Unit Dimensions: the dishwasher is 17 inches tall and 22 inches wide


More useful features: included child lock function, 5-foot hose with faucet adapter, there is an internal water heater, delay start, capabilities for effectively drying dishes.


If you care about saving water and electricity the EdgeStar DWP61ES is a dishwasher that should be part of your kitchen. The price that you need to pay is reasonable for what this dishwasher offers.

EdgeStar DWP62BL Review

Company: EdgeStar

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Overview: This 2018 model countertop dishwasher EdgeStar DWP62BL is one of the newest dishwashers in this class of this brand. This dishwasher is offered in three colors: black, silver and white.

The dishwasher has a Quick connect adapter that fits the most of the standard faucets in the kitchen and with its weight of 44 pounds or almost 20 kilograms you can easily remove and installed wherever you want.


Some of the Features and Specifications for the model EdgeStar DWP62BL


  • Interior Type: is a stainless steel interior like in the most models
  • Color: this is the model with black color, but also are available as well in white and silver
  • Washing Cycles: features 7 washing cycles – light, normal, baby care, glass, heavy, rinse and speed
  • Capacity: like every countertop dishwasher DWP62BL has 6 place settings
  • Level of Noise: it’s quiet countertop dishwasher with 52dBA
  • Unit Dimensions: the main dimensions of the dishwasher are 17 inches tall, 21 inches width and 19 inches depth which can perfectly fit in every small kitchen


More useful features: this is Energy Star efficient dishwasher, including a 5-foot house with special faucet adapter, cutlery tray, detergent and rinse-aid dispenser.


This is a new 2018 model and comes with a lot of features and that is the reason why its price is a little bit up then the prices of the other dishwashers in the same class.

Modern and elegant design, with choices of black, silver and what color, can be perfectly fitted in your small kitchen.


hOmeLabs Compact Countertop Dishwasher Review

Company: hOmeLabs

Price: $$$$$

Our Rating: 9.8/10


Overview: This 2017 hOmeLabs compact model is Number 1 Bes-Seller countertop dishwasher on Amazon. This product has a high performance for a price under $200 with a simple and beautiful design.

With its compact dimensions, this dishwasher will save your space in the kitchen. This model is easy to install with the Quick Connect assembly and the additional accessories like a faucet adapter, inlet and drain hose.


The Main Features and Specifications for hOmeLabs Countertop Dishwasher


  • Interior Type: surprisingly stainless steel for a countertop dishwasher with a price under $200
  • Color: white
  • Washing Cycles: 6 wash cycles
  • Capacity: excellent with 6 place setting rack
  • Energy Star: certified
  • Unit Dimensions: 21.6 inches width, 19.6 inches depth and 17.2 inches height
  • Weight: this dishwasher weights 44.1 pounds (20 kg)
  • The Power Supply: is 120V/60Hz


More standard features: cup rack, spray arms, filter, rinse aid, dispenser inlet pipe connector, cutlery basket, drain pipe connector, detergent dispenser and


This hOmeLabs compact dishwasher because of its performance, dimension, water, and energy saver plus the low price is a perfect choice for outdoor events, owner of RVs and students. Forget about handwashing; give this opportunity to this hOmeLabs compact dishwasher which we strongly recommend to be part of your small kitchen.


Ivation Portable Counter Dishwasher Review

Company: Ivation

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.7/10


Overview: this countertop dishwasher from Ivation brand has a beautiful and modern design in black color, but if you don’t like the black color then you can choose a model with white color.

The model features six place settings and has a durable and easy to clean stainless steel interior.

The dishwasher features a simple touch button for simple operating, can be easily connected to your kitchen faucet via faucet adapter.


The Main Features and Specifications for Ivation Portable Counter Dishwasher


  • Interior Type: stainless steel
  • Color: black, but also the white color is available
  • Washing Cycles: six cycles like most modern countertop dishwashers – heavy, eco, normal, glass, speed and rinse
  • Capacity: 6 setting places for loading the dishes
  • Level of Noise: produces 55 dBA
  • Unit Weight: 49.5 pounds (22.45 kilograms)
  • Unit Dimension: 17 inches, 21.5 inches, and 20 inches


More additional features: spray arm, integrated rinse and detergent dispenser, drain hose and connection, implemented sliding dish rack, silverware basket, cup shelf


This amazing countertop dishwasher is the perfect choice for RV owners, small offices, and small families. Actually, this is the best model from the Ivation brand with a heavy-duty performance like a full-size dishwasher in a compact size.


Magic Chef MCSCD6W3 Review

Company: Magic Chef

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Overview: the Magic Chef MCSCD6W is a countertop dishwasher and has many features that full-size dishwasher has.

This compact dishwasher is a great choice for those with limited space in a kitchen and who needs a simple and useful appliance.


In this dishwasher is included 70-inch inlet house and 47-inch outlet house together with a faucet adapter to make your installation easy.

Also, this model has an anti-flood device which detects if the level of water inside the dishwasher gets too high. So you don’t need to worry about positional leaking from this appliance.


Some of the Features and Specifications for the model Magic Chef MCSCD6W3


  • Interior Type: quality and durable stainless steel interior
  • Color: finished with white color
  • Washing Cycles: included cycles – light, heavy, glass, speed and rinse
  • Capacity: 6 washing places for comfortably and effectively washing the dishes
  • Unite Dimensions: the dimensions of MCSCD6W3 are 21.65 inches weight, 19.69 inches depth and 17.24 inches tall


More useful features: included cutlery basket and cup rack, electronic controls with digital display, hygienic drying system for efficient drying of the dishes, easy-clean system, also the detergent and rinse aid dispenser is included, delay start feature that allows you to set up the starting time from 1 hour to maximum 24 hours and 1 year parts and labor warranty.


If you need an efficient, reliable and sturdy dishwasher and also in a higher class than you don’t need to look farther, this is your right choice and for sure you will not regret


This Magic Chef MCSCDW3 is a popular dishwasher, also an expensive model and is one of the top 5 bestselling countertop dishwashers.


Magic Chef MCSCD6W5 Review

 Company: Magic Chef

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 8/10


Overview: From the Magic Chef Brand is coming one more great model of countertop dishwasher MCSCD6W5 with a mid-range price and the same stainless steel interior for longer and live of the appliances and great cleaning results.


The door style of this model is a front control and has semi-integrated electronic controls with easy to use push button functions to more comfortable handling. In this model have Included the features Quick-connect, faucet adapter, inlet and outlet hoses to make the installation of the dishwasher better and easy.


Main Features and Specifications for Magic Chef MCSCD6W5


  • Interior Type: the stainless steel material
  • Color: white
  • Washing Cycles: like in the most models of this class you are offered with normal, heavy, speed, glass, rinse and light
  • Capacity: this model holds up to 6 place settings
  • Level of Noise: the dishwasher operates at 52 decibels, which is quieter than the other models in the same class.
  • Unite Dimension:
  • Product Weight: 49.5 pounds (22.45 kg)


More additional features: delay start option which you can choose between 1 and 24 hours, added detergent and rinse aid dispensers, easy to clean the filter, easy to read LED display, rack with cup shelf and flatware basket for easier loading and also indicator lights


The Magic Chef MCSCD6W5 is a mid-class model that offers everything you need from a countertop dishwasher with normal price.


Company: Midea

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 8.5/10


Overview: the Midea MDC3203DSS3A is another great countertop dishwasher from this brand and comes with a steel body, simple design, and white color. For your satisfaction, this model is using less amount of water and is an energy saver. You are able easily to load and unload the dishes.

Easy connectable and is perfect for campers, students, singles and small families.


Some of the Main Features and Specifications of This Dishwasher


  • Interior Type: stainless steel
  • Color: white color
  • Washing Cycles: standard 6 cycles
  • Level of Noise: the dishwasher produces a 53 dBA of noise which is standard for this class
  • Unit Dimensions: its dimensions are 17.2 inches height, 19.7 width


More useful features: from 1 and up to 24 hours delay wash, has two adjustable racks, features with 6 settings places, also the automatic detergent dispenser is included


The Midea MDC3203DSS3A is a powerful dishwasher that offers you all the features that you need and more from a countertop dishwasher.

It’s not quite much like other models of its class, but If you decide to buy this dishwasher for sure it’s going to meet your expectations in your kitchen and it’s worth the price.


SPT SD-2224DS Review

Company: SPT

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9/10


Overview: this SPT SD-2224DS countertop dishwasher will save a lot of time in your kitchen. The installation of this appliance is easy with the Quick to connect adapter together with inlet hose and outlet hose.

The weight of this appliance is 43 pounds or 19.5 kilograms and is quieter than some of the full-size dishwashers.

Standard, like in the most dishwasher of the same class you are provided with an automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser with water supply warning indicator that always gives you a signal if the tap or faucet is not turned on.

Also, you will be notified if the rinse aid needs to be refilled which is one more extra useful feature in this dishwasher.


Main Features and Specifications for SPT SD-2224DS


  • Interior Type: Stainless Steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Washing Cycles: Impressively 7 cycles – heavy, light, normal, mini party, rinse, speed and soak
  • Capacity: Accommodates with 6 standard place settings
  • Level of Noise: produces 55 dBA
  • Unit Dimension: 21.6 inches, 19.7 inches, and 17.2 inches
  • Delay Start: You have choices of 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours


More extra features: rinse aid warning indicator and water supply warning indicator and LED display with electronic controls


The SPT SD-2224DS countertop dishwasher offers full-size power in its compact design, but to make a final decision also you need to consider your budget and your primary needs.


SPT SD-2213S Review

Company: SPT

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9/10


Overview: the SPT SD-2213S countertop dishwasher is similar to the previous model of this brand but offers with the same extra useful features that will make your life easier in your kitchen. The price is a little bit higher than the other models from the SPT brand.

Front control panel with indicator lights so you can set and track any of the washing cycles that are offered. The dishwasher also features a rinse and water supply warning indicators.


Some of the main specifications and features for SPT SD-2213S


  • Interior Type: the same Stainless Steel like the most countertop dishwashers
  • Color:
  • Washing Cycles: you are able to choose one from the 7 offered cycles
  • Capacity: six standard-setting places
  • Level of Noise: the level of noise may vary from 51 to 55 dBA
  • Unit Dimension: 21.65 inches width, 19.69 inches in depth and 17.24 inches height
  • Door Style: front control


More useful features: Energy Star, removable silverware basket, the automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser, power cord length 4.5 feet (1.37 meters)


If you want to upgrade from the old countertop dishwasher you’ve been using, we think this will be a great replacement, but if you don’t like a dishwasher from this brand you can check also a countertop dishwasher from the other brands.


SPT SD-2224DW Review

Company: SPT

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9/10


Overview: this countertop dishwasher SPT SD-2224DW is a dishwasher with great performance and a little bit more expensive than the SPT SD-2213S model. This model is weight 43 lb (19.5 kg) if you use the normal washing cycle the water consumption is about 2.85 gallons (10.8 liters).

Universal faucet adapter and Quick Connect can help you easy to connect with the water supply in your kitchen.


More features and Specifications for SPT SD-2224DW


  • Interior Type: stainless steel
  • Color: white color of the exterior
  • Washing Cycles: it’s offered 7 cycles like normal, light, heavy, mini party, rinse, soak and speed
  • Capacity: standard of 6 place settings
  • Door Style: front control
  • Delay Start: you can choose from 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours
  • Level of Noise: the noise of this dishwasher is satisfying 55dBA
  • Power Cord Length: 4.5 feet or 1.37 meters
  • Unit Dimension: 21.65” width, 19.69” depth, and 17.24” height


More additional features: water supply indicator, rinse aid indicator, removable silverware basket, residual heat for drying system, here is electronic control and LED display


The SPT SD-2224DW is an amazing countertop dishwasher for a small apartment, small families, and couples. It’s relatively quiet, efficient, simple elegant design and not too expensive. It’s a good deal if you need to wash often on a daily basis small loads of dirty dishes.


SPT SD-2225DW Review

Company: SPT

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.7/10


Overview: The model SPT SD-2225DW is one of the smallest countertop dishwashers in its class with the dimensions of 21.65 inches width, 17.4 inches height and 19.69 inches depth. This is a relatively new model, from 2017 on the market with white color and simple-elegant design.


The dishwasher comes with the universal faucet adapter and Quick Connect, inlet and outlet hoses for fast and easy installation.

The temperature of the water goes up to 148 F (64.4 C), is a water saver, which needs less than 4 gallons per washing cycle and I want to mention the dishwasher is Energy Star certified.


Main Features and Specifications for SPT SD-2225DW


  • Interior Type: Standard stainless steel quality interior
  • Color: White
  • Washing Cycles: 6 choices from normal, heavy, ECO, grass, speed and rinse cycle
  • Capacity:
  • Level of Noise: this dishwasher is a little bit louder than other models with 55dBA
  • Unite Dimension: 21.65” W x 17.4” H x 19.69 D


More additional features: as usual delay start from 1 to up 8 hours,


The SPT SD-2225DW countertop dishwasher is popular among the customers which has 5 Stars on Amazon and is one of the best sellers STP models of these type dishwashers.

But this doesn’t mean that you should buy this appliance. First, check your needs and your budget and also check the other brands and their models.


SPT SD-2201S Review

Company: SPT

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 8.8/10


Overview: the SPT SD-2201S countertop dishwasher is similar to the model SD-2201W. The main difference is the color the SD201W is white colored and the current model that I am reviewing now is with silver color.

Also, both models have implemented almost same features and specification. But let see what we have in this model SD-2201S.

In this model is also included a faucet adapter for simple connection with the water supply from the sink.


The Main Features and Specifications for SPT SD2201S


  • Interior Type: Stainless Steel durable and easy to maintain the cleanliness
  • Color: Silver
  • Washing Cycles: six cycles normal, heavy, light, speed, soak and glass
  • Capacity: the same capacity of 6 place settings like the model SD-2201W
  • Water Consumption: in normal washing cycle the dishwasher needs about 11.8 liters of water
  • Level of Noise: this model is producing 55 dBA of noise
  • Tube Type: plastic
  • Unit Dimension: its dimensions are – 21.6 W, 19.7 D, and 17.2 H


More additional features: user-friendly electronic controls with LED screen, the automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser, silverware basket with a dish rack, front control door


If you need a dishwasher with a simple design and good performances to do your every day in your kitchen and you are living in a small rented apartment or you are working in a small studio apartment where you are busy with your job, then think about this SPT SD2201S model even the price is not bad.


SPT SD-2202S Review

Company: SPT

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9/10


Overview: The SPT SD 220S is 18” countertop dishwasher and has a power like a full-sized integrated dishwasher. With its dimension of 21.6 inches width, 19.7 inches depth and 17.2 inches tall can be fitted almost in any small-sized kitchen.


The dishwasher comes with included faucet adapter, which is easily connectable to any faucet in a kitchen and you can easily operate. It is capable to heat the water to 148 F for perfectly cleaning the dishes.


Some of the main specifications and features for this dishwasher


  • Interior Type: has a double durable stainless steel for efficient heat retention and excellent drying results
  • Color: silver
  • Door Style: front control door, electromechanical
  • Washing Cycles: half load, quick wash, and china-crystal cycle
  • Capacity: available 6 useful place settings
  • Water Consumption:
  • Level of Noise: produces 55 dBA
  • Tube: is a plastic material


Unit Dimensions: 21.65 inches width, 19.69 inches depth and 17.24 inches height


Other useful features: has also hard food disposer, automatic control for the temperature, option for delay start, also the dishwasher features, removable silver rack, adjustable upper rack, utensil separator


If you are a student who lives in a rented apartment SPT SD 220S is a perfect choice for you. After each meal, you can continue with your studying without a worry that you need to do a hand wash.


SPT SD-2201W Review

Company: SPT

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9/10


Overview: The SPT SD-2201 is one of the best countertop dishwashers of this brand and is designed for any small-sized kitchen, small apartments or office kitchens.


The installation of this dishwasher is simplified with the special faucet adapter. This dishwasher operates at 148 F (64.4 C) temperature.


  • Interior Type: stainless steel interior which is proof of the quality and durability of this product
  • Color: white
  • Washing Cycles: offers 6 washing cycles – light, normal, heavy, glass, soak and speed
  • Capacity: 6 standard place settings are available
  • Water Consumption: around 14.5 liters or 3.8 gallons in the normal cycle
  • Level of Noise: the nose of this dishwasher in operational mode 55 dBA
  • Drain Tube Length: is 5 feet
  • Power Cord Length: is 4.6 feet
  • Unit Dimension: the dimension of this dishwasher – 17.24 inches height, 21.65 inches width and 19.69 inches depth.


More extra useful features: dish rack with a silverware basket, automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser, 1-year warranty, control panel for easy operation


This is a dishwasher with a modern design and it comes in white and sleek silver color. For sure this one of the best countertop dishwashers along with the model EdgeStar DWP62BL and the power is in range of a full-sized dishwasher.


Westland DWV322CB Review

Company: Westland

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10


Overview: the Westland DWV322CB countertop dishwasher comes with black color and modern compact design with excellent load size capabilities. It’s a space saver, needs less water per washing cycle between 2.4 (9 liters) and 4.2 gallons (15.8 liters) and more important is an energy saver.


This dishwasher features a Quick Connect Kit for easy connecting to the sink in the kitchen and is compatible with male and female threaded faucets. This model is heavier than the other models in the same class about 61 pounds which is one of the few negative things.


The Main Features and Specifications for Westland DWV322CB


  • Interior Type: stainless steel interior for quality results
  • Color: black color
  • Washing Cycle: 6 washing cycles of choice
  • Capacity: 6 place setting which gives great loading space
  • Drying Type: Convection drying
  • Dishwasher Weight: 61 pounds (27.66 kg)
  • Ampere Rating: 6 amperes
  • Voltage Rating: 120 volts
  • Unit Dimension: 21.69 inches width x 17.25 inches height x 19.69 inches depth


More additional useful features: 1-year limited warranty, Energy Star certified, a specially designed dish rack, cutlery rack, detergent dispenser included, overflow protection, delay start up to 24 hours, drain hose, hose kit, LED display


This Westland DWV322CB model countertop dishwasher is a great choice for campers and RV owners.



FAQs about Countertop Dishwashers


Here are the most frequently asked questions for the countertop dishwashers:


1. What are the steps to prepare and start the washing cycle?


When you are installing the countertop dishwasher in your kitchen make sure about these three things: access to a water input, drainage facility, and the electricity input.


  • Access to a water input, in most cases usually countertop dishwasher is placed next to the sink and faucet in the kitchen.


  • The second thing is you need to make sure a drainage facility to be close to the dishwasher.


  • And the third thing is the electricity input also should be close to the dishwasher.


These are the simple steps of how to use a countertop dishwasher.


First, you need to know that some of the countertop dishwashers don’t have a water heater built inside. But anyway even if the dishwasher has a water heater built inside you need to make sure when you connect the dishwasher with the water supply, should be only hot water.


Now, you need to attach the inlet hose with the special adapter to the faucet. Next thing you need to place the drainage into the sink or drainage facility.


The next step is the loading of the dirty dishes. Usually, the cups and the bowls should be placed on the upper rack, and on the lower rack is better to place plates, cutlery, and other vertical items.


Before you close the door of the dishwasher, you need to add a detergent into the dispenser.


The last thing before you Turn-on the dishwasher you need to add the water, but as I said before make sure to be hot water.


Danby Dishwasher Video Tutorial


Why do I need a countertop dishwasher?


One of the main reasons that you need to buy a countertop dishwasher is the limited space. If you live in a small apartment or a small house with a small kitchen and limited space, for sure is that you cannot fit in that kitchen a built-in fully integrated dishwasher.


The other reason can be if you are renting an apartment without a dishwasher or often you are changing your living location.


Does the countertop dishwasher wash effectively dishes like the traditional full-sized dishwasher?


There is no difference in cleaning results between countertop dishwasher and full-size dishwashers. The countertop dishwashers are doing a great job when it comes to cleaning dishes.


Yes we all know, they are using less amount of water per washing cycle, but that doesn’t mean they cannot clean effectively like the bigger full-size models.


But why countertop dishwashers are using less water? It’s obvious, because of their smaller size; they have smaller capacity from four to six setting places which means they need less water.


Can the countertop dishwasher be permanently installed?


Of course, it’s possible your countertop dishwasher to be installed permanently, but you need to know the countertop dishwashers are not designed for permanent installation. The wrong installation could void the warranty. But if you want your countertop dishwasher to be permanently installed, it will be on your risk.

Our advice is to use your countertop dishwasher as a portable and to follow the instructions of the manufacturer.


Can the countertop dishwasher be installed under the sink?


Some of the models can be installed under your sink next to the main water line. But these types of dishwashers are not designed for that type of installation. Our advice is better to check with the manufacturer to make sure if that saves a solution or not.


My counter space is limited, how much room I need for the countertop dishwasher?


You don’t need to worry much about that, because the compact size of this type of dishwasher is one of the main advantages. They are a little bit bigger than a microwave and you can place them on any flat surface in your kitchen.

Countertop dishwasher can be perfectly fitted underneath the cabinets in your kitchen.

In case if you don’t want to use the dishwasher for a long time, you can easily remove it somewhere else so you can free more space in your kitchen.


Is the countertop dishwasher more economical than the full-sized dishwasher?


Countertop dishwashers are using less water about 3 gallons for each washing cycle than the full-sized dishwashers. For sure they are more economical and efficient than the other types of the dishwasher and the manually washing of dishes.


Do countertop dishwashers have different washing cycles than full-sized dishwashers?


In the countertop, dishwashers are featured the same washing cycles as the full-sized dishwashers including light, normal, heavy, soak and speed options.


Final Thought


I hope reading our blog post will help you what to consider before you finally make a decision about which brand and model of a countertop dishwasher will fit perfectly into your kitchen.

The best way before you go to spend money on a dishwasher is to take some time and write down notes about your needs, the main factors, main features, and specifications, how much you can afford and then do the final step – buying your chosen countertop dishwasher.


But in case if you are interested in the built-in fully integrated dishwasher you can read our review on this link: 

Best Dishwashers for 2018.

For people who have a limited budget and they are looking for a dishwasher under $500, they can this link for best useful info and reviews:

Best Dishwasher Under 500 Dollars

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