LG LDF5545ST Review

LG LDF5545ST Dishwasher Review

Quiet, durable, with great cleaning capabilities like Bosch, and very affordable, is what sets this LG LDF5545ST dishwasher apart. This LG LDF5545ST review will show you why this dishwasher is a great choice for you.

Our Verdict

The LG LDF5545ST simply is a dishwasher that is on par with some Bosch dishwashers from the 300 Series, which is really surprising because Bosch is one of the biggest names when it comes to dishwashers.

The cleaning power of this dishwasher is literally unmatched by most dishwashers at the same or similar price range. The Normal and Turbo cycles can remove almost all stains from your dishes, and the Heavy Duty cycle can do one of the most perfect cleanings you will ever see.

Every plate, dish including bowls, and other cookware will be spotless and on top of that, every dish will be perfectly dry.

You get a wide range of cycle options, including the ability to download more from the LG website using the SmartThinQ feature.

You can choose to wash half loads, and as well you can also choose whether to use the upper or lower zone which really makes this dishwasher very economical.

What We Like


  • The third spray arm
  • Excellent choices of washing cycles and options
  • The adjustable racks
  • Foldable tines on the both rack
  • High Temp sanitization option that kills almost 99.9% of bacteria at the end of the washing cycle
  • It is very affordable
  • It has excellent cleaning ability
  • It is a very quiet appliance

What We Don't Like


  • There is no third rack
  • If you don’t use the Extra Dry option you will find many watermarks on the dishes
  • No heater for the drying cycle
  • The hook-up kit is not included, you are going to need to buy it separately

LG LDF5545 Dishwasher Review


The Exterior of the LG LDF5545ST

This LG LDF5545ST is 24 inches with a front control panel and digital display dishwasher and it comes with a stainless steel color that gives a beautiful and sleek design to this model. If you prefer a dishwasher without a bar handle and a great look you will love this model of dishwasher.

What you will notice when the first time you take a look at this dishwasher besides its impressive and stylish look is the control panel which is located on the top front with a beautifully integrated pocket handle. The controls have excellent responsiveness and the digital display has a backlit LED light that can be easily seen from far away.

When you take a closer look at the control panel you will see the digital display which is right in the middle.

At the end of the left side, you will see the silver logo of the LG Company next to it is the Power button. Between the Power Button and the Digital Display are located all 9 washing cycles Auto, Heavy, Delicate, Normal, Turbo, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express, and Download cycle.

The Download Cycle allows you to download one of the four extra cycles like Night Care, Casseroles, Glassware and Pots, and Pans.

On the right side of the digital display are the washing options which you have the choice to choose one of the 8 offered options Dual Zone, Half Load, Energy Saver, High Temp, Extra Dry, Delay Start, Control Lock, and Night Dry.


The Interior of the LG LDF5545ST

The front door can be easily open. When you open the door you will notice the inside is made of stainless steel material that looks cool and stylish. So the first things that you will see from inside on the door located in the middle are the Rinse Dispenser and Detergent Dispenser.

You will notice there are two racks: Upper Rack which is can be adjusted in height and a Lower Rack which can be both easily pulled out and pushed in. Both racks are removable.


The Upper Rack

By pushing the buttons on each of the handles on the side, you can raise or lower the rack to get your desired height. This is handy, especially if you need to wash tall items like wine glasses or tall water bottles, which without any problem they can be normally placed on the rack and be able to stand straight up and down.

What is interesting here and also very practical for you are the tines, which some of them can be folded down. So if you’ve got large pans and pots or for whatever reason you need a more of a large space, you can just flip down those tines as you need them, and if you don’t you can flip them back up which it works well.


The Lower Rack

The Lower Rack as well has some tines that you can flip them down, and it depends on how big are the dishes you need to wash, you can choose which tines can be folded down. As I said before, this is a great thing especially if you have large pots and pans.

For more convenient washing your silverware and other utensils on the bottom rack there is a Silverware Basket. When the washing is finished and all your staff is dried, you just need to lift the silver basket and take it closer to your drawers where you keep all of your clean silverware. Now you don’t need to worry that after each washing cycle some of your silverware to be scattered inside on the rack and not washed well.

At the bottom of the dishwasher under the spray arm in the middle where the water is drained also is located the filter that captures the larger pieces of the food that has been washed out from the dishes. The filter can be easily cleaned, you just need to twist it and pull it out, so simple.


The Third Spray Arm

As you can see at the bottom above the filter there is one spray arm, the other spray arm is placed under the Upper rack and another useful thing that this dishwasher has is the third little spray arm that is located on the top above the Upper rack.

This additional spray arm is getting really good coverage and makes sure your items to be better cleaned. This is a positive thing about this model because some of the models of dishwashers have only two spray arms.


The NFC Tag On (Near Field Communication)

Is the extra and practical feature in this model and is located on the top of the door’s lip on the right side and is called SmartThinQ.

With your Smartphone, you need to download LG’s smart application. Then by bringing the Smartphone close to the area where is written NFC Tag On you can download a washing cycle or you can troubleshoot the dishwasher. Only you can add one extra cycle at a time using the Download Cycle button.

But do not misunderstand, this feature doesn’t make your dishwasher to be Wi-Fi enabled, the only communication is by bringing close or touching your Smartphone on that specific place with the sign Tag On.

Watch The Video – LG LDF5545 Dishwasher Review


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Main Features and Specifications of the LG LDF5545ST Dishwasher

  • Type: Built-in 24-inch, front control dishwasher with pocket handle
  • Tube Material: The Tub is made from NeveRust Stainless Steel material
  • With this model of a dishwasher, you are offered a capacity of 15 place settings for your needs
  • QuadWash Technology: This system has multi-motion arms with high-pressure jets and the ability to rotate back and forth during the washing process. With this system, your dishes can be cleaned from multiple angles.
  • 9 Wash Cycles: In this model, you will be offered a total of 9 washing cycles such as Heavy, Delicate, Auto, Normal, Turbo, Machine Clean, Rinse, Express, and Download Cycle.
  • The Dual Control Cycle will allow controlling the intensity of the spray arms on the upper rack and bottom rack depends on the dirty dishes you need to wash
  • In this dishwasher is featured the EasyRack Plus System and gives you better loading flexibility for various shapes and sizes of dishes
  • LoDecibel Quiet Operation will make this dishwasher to be one of the quietest among its class. When it runs the washing cycle it makes the highest noise of 48 decibels, which is pretty quiet.
  • An efficient and advanced 3 Stage Filter System
  • The Advanced Hybrid Condensing Drying System will successfully dry your dishes
  • The Soil Sensor
  • The Delay Start option gives a choice to set up your dishwasher for later washing from 1 to 12 hours
  • The dimensions of this LG dishwasher are 6 inches height, 23.75 inches width, and 24.6 inches depth
  • The weight of this model is 2 pounds (about 40 Kg)
  • It is an Energy Star certified appliance


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My Final Thought

The dishwasher is super quiet, does a great job, but one of the negative things is there is no heater for the dry cycle. Instead, it uses the heat that it captures during the wash cycle and then in a combination with the heat and a fan which does a pretty good job of drying the dishes. To avoid any watermarks or spots on the dishes, it’s important to use the recommended rinse aid for this model.

I don’t know if it has a good meaning to you, but also we will mention the good thing about this LG LDF5545ST dishwasher is a mid-range price model, with many more features than most of the dishwashers in the same class. This model offers you everything that one high-end dishwasher has for a lower price. This dishwasher can be found at a price ranging from $500 to $680.

I hope that this LG LDF5545ST review will give you useful info and get the right picture about its capabilities. But if you have any other question or you want to add something else or you want to share your own experience with this model, feel free and we would be appreciated if you write down into the comment box.

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