Best Bosch 800 Series Dishwasher Reviews 2021

If you want to buy one of the best dishwashers from the Bosch 800 Series, then you can read our Bosch 800 series dishwasher reviews. Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers are extremely quiet, have more advanced features than the Bosch 500 Series, and have top performance when it comes to dishwashers including their clean and modern design that can easily fit into any kitchen.


The Best Bosch 800 Series Dishwashers


Here is the list for the best Bosch dishwashers from the Series 800.

1. Bosch SHPM88Z75N Review

Company: Bosch     Price: $$$$$     Our Rating: 10/10

Overview: Bosch SHPM88Z75N is a 24-inch fully integrated dishwasher, with a stainless steel interior, it offers three racks including the MyWay™ 3rd Rack which is the largest third rack when it comes to capacity for your silverware along with the 6 different place settings for your dishes, which is the largest capacity of Bosch dishwashers in general.

Also, the Bosch SHPM88Z75N is one of the quietest dishwashers from this brand, when it operates it produces about 40 decibels of noise. Besides that, for more convenient washing of your dirty dishes, it features 6 washing cycles and 6 options. The Bosch SHPM88Z75N dishwasher features a precise Touch Control Technology, AquaStop Leak protection system, and on top of that, it is an Energy saver dishwasher.


Product Features

  • CrystalDry ™ Technology: this is a technology that transforms moisture into heat, which speeds up the drying process of the dishes including plastics up to 60%.
  • AquaStop® Leak Protection System: this is another advanced technology from Bosch. This protection system works so that in the event of a water leak the AquaStop system will automatically stop the operation of the dishwasher and will immediately start pumping water out.
  • Super Quiet Operation: Bosch SHPM88Z75N is one of the quietest dishwashers on the market. The maximum noise level produced by this dishwasher is 40 decibels, which is impressive.
  • 6 Washing Cycles and Options: For more accurate and efficient washing of your dishes Bosch SHPM88Z75N offers you a total of 6 washing cycles including Heavy, Auto, Eco, Normal, Speed 60, and Rinse along with 6 washing options such as Delay, Half Load, Delicate, Sanitize, Eco and Crystal Dry.

As you can see, the Bosch SHPM88Z75N dishwasher is the top in the 800 series lineup. These top performers and advanced technologies have one major drawback and that is their high cost. However, if the price is not your problem then Bosch SHPM88Z75N is the perfect dishwasher to have. Also, you can read our full review of the Bosch SHPM88Z75N dishwasher.

2. Bosch SHXM88Z75N Review

Company: Bosch     Price: $$$$$     Our Rating: 9.9/10

Overview: Bosch SHXM88Z75N is built-in stainless steel, bar handle dishwasher, with a capacity of 16 place settings for loading your dishes. By performances, it is similar to the Bosch SHPM88Z75N. This model also comes with CrystalDry technology that drastically improves the drying process of the dishes and plastic items. The Bosch SHXM88Z75N is super quiet actually when it operates; it produces 40 decibels of noise. You will never have to worry that you will be disturbed when this dishwasher operates.


Product Features

  • FlexSpace Tines: This is a feature that you will use very often; in fact, they are flexible Tines that can be folded. By folding them you can make more space on the rack if you need to wash larger pots and pans.
  • 24h Delay Start Timer: The Delay Start option allows you to set the dishwasher to activate automatically at a certain time and start washing the dishes. You have the option to set up the dishwasher between 1 and 24 hours in advance.
  • RackMatic: RackMatic is a feature that refers to the upper rack. This RackMatic allows you to adjust the rack to 3 different heights and up to 9 different positions. This gives you great freedom in loading your dishwasher with dishes of different sizes and shapes.
  • InfoLight: The characteristic of this feature is that whenever the machine is running InfoLight projects a red light on the floor in front of the dishwasher. When the dishwasher completes the wash cycle, the red light goes out at the same time.
  • PrecisionWash: PrecisionWash is an advanced technology used in the Bosch SHXM88Z75N and most models of the Bosch dishwashers. It is a system of sensors that constantly scan the progress of dishwashing. While precision spray arms efficiently and accurately direct the water jet on each object inside the dishwasher.

The Bosch SHXM88Z75N is a truly cutting-edge dishwasher, it has many useful advanced features that keep your dishes and utensils perfectly clean. However, with such top models of dishwashers, the problem is always the high price to be paid. However, the Bosch SHXM88Z75N is worth all the money you put into it.

3. Bosch SHXM78Z55N Review

Company: Bosch     Price: $$$$     Our Rating: 9.9/10

Overview: Bosch SHXM78Z55N is another model of Bosch dishwasher with high washing performance from the 800 series of the Bosch brand. This is a 24-inch built-in bar handle dishwasher with a stainless steel finish exterior.

Like the other 800 series models, this Bosch SHXM78Z55N offers a huge capacity of 16 place settings including the flexible third rack or so-called cutlery tray which offers 30% more space for your silverware and the RackMatic feature that makes the upper rack adjustable in height in 3 different levels and 9 different positions.

Its EcoSilence ™ motor system makes this dishwasher ultra-quiet with 42 decibels level of noise. I should also mention the InfoLight feature which quietly and simply shows you if the dishwasher is still washing or the washing process is complete. In addition to the ultra-quiet operation also I should mention this is an Energy Star certified dishwasher.


Product Features

  • CrystalDry: CrystalDry is an innovative technology developed by the Bosch brand and incorporated into their top models of dishwashers. Namely, CrystalDry technology converts humid air into dry and warm air that is more hygienic and more efficient way successfully accelerates the drying process of dishes and plastic items by up to 60% faster.
  • 6 Washing Cycles / 5 Washing Options: for more convenient and efficient washing, Bosch SHXM78Z55N offers you 6 different cycles for washing such as Heavy, Auto, Eco, Normal, Speed 60, and Rinse along with 5 washing options including Delay, Half Load, Delicate, Sanitize, and Crystal Dry. These numbers of washing cycles and options give you the ability to choose the ideal program for washing your dishes.
  • Silverware Basket: To your delight, this dishwasher comes with a standard Silverware Basket located on the bottom rack. It is removable and is ideal for washing utensils and cutlery.
  • AquaStop Leak Protection: This is a super useful feature that keeps your dishwasher and your floor from leaking out all the time.

It is obvious; this is a high-quality dishwasher which, in addition to many excellent features and outstanding technology, Bosch SHXM78Z55N also with its clean and beautiful design will fit perfectly into any type of kitchen.

4. Bosch SHV878ZD3N Review

Company: Bosch     Price: $$$$     Our Rating: 9.8/10

Overview: Bosch SHV878ZD3N is the well-known 24-inch dishwasher from the 800 Series which has a white stainless steel exterior with a fully integrated control panel.

If you have a big family, where after every meal you need to wash a lot of dirty dishes or maybe often you love to have parties in your house where cleaning and washing the dishes is the biggest headache for you then this is the perfect dishwasher for you.

The Bosch SHV878ZD3N has one of the largest capacities offered by this brand on the market today. It offers 16 different place settings for comfortably loading your dirty dishes. Now with the peace in your mind, you don’t need to make a big pile of dirty dishes in your kitchen and then to force yourself or somebody else to wash them. Now, this is a main job for the Bosch SHV878ZD3N.

This is one of the top-rated and bestselling models with the highest quality and dishwashing capabilities.


Product Features

  • 42 Decibels: So, first of all, this is an extremely quiet dishwasher. When this appliance is in the washing process makes a noise of 42dBA.
  • Delay Start: This dishwasher has a Delay Start option, which gives you an option to choose your perfect time for washing your dishes.
  • InfoLight: InfoLight is another useful feature that is implemented in all dishwashers from the 800 series. The red light indicates on the floor when the dishwasher is in the washing process. So now you will know when your dishwasher is working or not because sometimes it happens somebody accidentally to open the door of the dishwasher without knowing that the appliance is working and at the same time the steam and hot water may burn the hands.
  • Self-Latching Door: Also, another great feature that is implemented in this appliance is the self-latching door. The moment you close the door and you press the start you don’t need to worry that somebody accidentally will open the door.
  • Third Rack: This dishwasher like most of the dishwashers of the highest class from this brand has a third rack, which you can fold down and you can make more space about 30% for loading your dirty utensils, cutlery, and glasses.
  • AquaStop Leak Protection: Also is worth mentioning the AquaStop Leak Protection feature that will protect your floor from leaking the water from the dishwasher in case of any damage or malfunction.
  • Energy Efficient: For your satisfaction, you need to know that this dishwasher is ENERGY STAR certified. It consumes less electricity, which means it will save your money yearly.


Quick Specifications

  • Type: 24-inch Built-in top control fully integrated
  • The level of noise: 42 dBA which is a pretty quiet
  • Water consumption: 2.9 gallons (10.97 liters) per cycle
  • Washing options: 6 (Dealy Start, Half Load, Delicate, Sanitize, Crystal Dry and Extra Scrub)
  • Washing cycles: 6 (Auto, Heavy, Eco, Normal, Rinse and Speed 60)
  • Dimension: 33.875 inches height, 23.5625 inches width, and 23.0625 inches depth
  • The weight of the product: 99 pounds (44.9kg)

Simply, the Bosch SHV878ZD3N is an excellent dishwasher; it is a relatively new model and is an excellent choice for big families.

5. Bosch SHP878ZD5N Review

Company: Bosch     Price: $$$$     Our Rating: 9.8/10

Overview: Bosch SHP878ZD5N is one of the new models of dishwashers from the 800 series, which is characterized by top washing performance.

This is a 24-inch built-in fully integrated dishwasher with a pocket handle and on the market is available with a Stainless Steel exterior. As usual in this model are implemented the same quality and useful features of the 800 series.


Product Features

  • Pretty Quiet Dishwasher: The noise of this dishwasher is about 42 dBA which makes this model one of the quietest in its class. You can listen to music in the kitchen without disturbances while your dishwasher is washing the dishes.
  • 16 Place Settings of Loading Capacity: It gives you a lot of loading space for your dirty dishes with its capacity of 16 place settings and a durable stainless steel interior which enhances the cleaning results of the dishes.
  • FlexSpace Tines: It’s worth to mention the extra folding tines on the adjustable first rack in the dishwasher, which means now you have more loading choices to place inside pans and pots of various sizes and shapes.
  • Flexible Third Rack: The Third Rack is a standard feature in most of the 800 series dishwashers, which is also included in Bosch SHP878ZD5N. You can angle the position of this third rack for more comfortably and easily fitting items like espresso cups, utensils, and cereal and soup bowls.
  • Sanitize Option: This model features with Sanitize Option and by choosing this option the dishwasher increases the temperature during the washing cycle and eliminates about 99.9% of the bacteria and also enhances the drying results of the dishes.


Quick Specifications

  • Type: 24-inch built-in, fully integrated with pocket handle
  • There is a 24 Hour Delay Start Timer
  • Load Size Sensor which automatically is choosing the right working temperature based on how much the dishwasher is loaded
  • Energy Star
  • It has 6 washing cycles like Heavy, Eco, Rinse, Speed60, and the Auto which is standard for dishwashers of this brand
  • Also, you can choose any of the 6 washing options like Half Load, Delay, Delicate, Sanitize, Extra Dry, and Extra Scrub
  • A feature AquaStop system which will prevent the water leakage and protect the floor
  • InfoLight notifies you if the dishwasher is still working or the washing cycle is finished
  • The dimensions of this model are 23.5625 inches wide (59.84 cm), 33.875 inches height (86.04 cm), and 23.75 inches (60.325 cm) in depth.
  • The Product weighs 102 lbs (46.266 kg)

If your household is large, you have a big family and you are living in a big house than the Bosch SHP878ZD5N is exactly a dishwasher you need to have in your kitchen.

By choosing this dishwasher you will have a lot of benefits because it’s energy and water saver, your dishes will be perfectly clean and the same time sanitized, even you are not going to realize that is working because is extremely quiet.

6. Bosch SHEM78Z55N Review

Company: Bosch     Price: $$$$     Our Rating: 9.7/10

Overview: This Bosch SHEM78Z55N is a 24-inch Energy Star certified dishwasher with a recessed handle and Touch Control Technology which like most of the dishwashers from the 800 Series, is expected to offer a huge loading capacity of 16 place settings along with three racks including the main bottom rack, upper, and the flexible 3rd rack.

For the cleanliness of your dishes, in this model, Bosch has incorporated advanced PrecisionWash technology which includes sensors that scan and check the progress of the wash all the time during the wash cycle, together with Powerful Precision Spray Arms that effectively target each item in the washing machine.

Also, to keep your dishes always perfectly dry after each wash cycle, Bosch SHEM78Z55N incorporates the famous CrystalDry technology that makes all dishes and items, including plastic ones, always dry and ready to use.


Product Features

  • Very Quiet Dishwasher: Like most Bosch dishwashers, the Bosch SHEM78Z55N is very quiet when running. The maximum noise level that this dishwasher produces is 42 decibels. It will be really hard for you to realize that this dishwasher is working.
  • AquaStop: One of the features that every dishwasher should have is the AquaStop feature. If any water leaks happen from the dishwasher, the AquaStop automatically stops the dishwasher and starts pumping water out. With peace of mind, you do not have to worry about water leaking from your washing machine when you are not at home.
  • FlexSpace: Like most Bosch upper-class dishwashers, this model incorporates the FlexSpace system, which consists of tines that can be folded back to free up more space for your larger dishes.
  • CrystalDry: CrystalDry technology can efficiently transform moisture into heat thanks to the mineral zeolite. This is a new technology invented by Bosch and is often incorporated into dishwashers from this brand. The CrystalDry option gives 60% better results in drying dishes, cutlery, and plastic items than its competitors.

If you are looking for a quality and quiet dishwasher with a front panel and great dishwashing capabilities, I think that Bosch SHEM78Z55N is the dishwasher you are looking for.

7. Bosch SGX68U55UC Review

Company: Bosch     Price: $$$     Our Rating: 9.7/10

SGX68U55UC 24

Overview: Bosch SGX68U55UC is one of the best 24-inch fully integrated ADA dishwashers from the brand Bosch. It has a nice and clean stainless steel design with a towel bar handle. If you have a raised floor in your kitchen, then this ADA dishwasher will be the perfect choice for you.

Bosch SGX68U55UC gives you the flexibility to wash your bulkiest dishes and other large items in the kitchen with ease. It offers 15 place settings capacity for your dishes which is more than enough for one large family.

I just want to say that the Bosch SGX68U55UC dishwasher does not implement new washing options such as AutoAir and CrystalDry, but it comes with almost all the known key features characteristic of the 800 series.

First of all,