Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC Dishwasher Review

This is Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC Dishwasher review with all features and specifications

From this Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC dishwasher review, you will understand why this is the best middle-class dishwasher that should be part of the kitchen of any small and middle family.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC is a 24-inch top control, powerful and efficient dishwasher that offers a pretty good number of useful features.

This fully-integrated dishwasher has a fingerprint-proof, stainless steel exterior with great durability, outstanding quiet operation, and great energy efficiency.

It has two racks with a maximum capacity of 14 place settings and for washing your dishes you can choose one of the 6 wash cycles in a combination of one of the two wash options such as Sanitize and Delay Start Option.

What We Like


  • Mainly the owners are especially impressed with the cleaning ability of the dishwasher. Plus this model is NSF certified and in the sanitize cycle rise the temperature during the rinse which extremely reduces the bacteria and improves the drying of the dishes.
  • The quiet operation
  • EcoSense feature that reduces 20% of the energy usage
  • The price
  • Professional and Sleek Design

What We Don't Like


  • Most of the owners criticize this model for the difficulty in seeing how long you have to finish the cycle and also for a bottom rack that just doesn’t always stay on its crest.
  • Other customers criticize the design of the racks that make it difficult to accommodate their dishes and larger bowls and pans.
  • Another thing that the customers are complaining about is the irritating sound of the notification system.
  • Some reviews say that can be a bad smell in the unit, but one of the owners of this model found that the hose from the bottom of the top sprayer was not properly attached and when it was sealed properly the quality of cleaning improve as did the smell. So maybe it is was a quality control issue that can be easily resolved.

Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC Review


The Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC as a fully integrated 24 inches dishwasher is positively accepted by the customers for its simple and perfect design, a mid-range price that is under $700, and its cleaning capabilities.

But, the main key selling points that separate this model from the other dishwashers in its class are the SilentPlus technology that makes this model have a quiet operation of 50 decibels, its high adjustable upper rack, then we have the tall stainless steel tub with polypropylene bottoms of durability and the sanitizer option to eliminate the bacteria and to enhance the drying process.

Another big plus for this model that most of the customers will approve as the Bosch manufacture claim is its impressive minimum usage of water, which on a yearly bases will save you about 280 gallons (about 1060 liters), and with the EcoSense technology, this dishwasher becomes more environmentally friendly and more energy saver.

It is worth to mention, most of the users will be pleased to use the Delicate Cycle for wine glasses and other fragile china and a 30-minute express cycle which allows you to wash different loads of dirty dishes anytime you want.


The Exterior of the Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC Dishwasher

The exterior of the dishwasher is stainless still, and its front is simple, smooth without any logo or marks, which gives a professional and luxury look to this model.

This means this is a dishwasher with hidden top controls. Besides its simple and great design, another thing that will get your attention is a beautifully and stylishly designed bar handle type.

This model like most of the dishwashers has a control panel that is hidden on top of the dishwasher’s door. That is one of the main reasons for its stylish and professional look. The major negative thing for this type of model with the hidden top control panel is that you are not able to see the notification/info whether your dishwasher is finished with the washing cycle or not.

So when you open the door you will see on the top the control panel with all buttons for operating with your dishwasher and the light indicators that indicate which cycle and option are running.


So, let’s see, what are the functions of the buttons and indicators on this control panel?

  • From the very left side, there is a button for Turning On and Turning Off the dishwasher.
  • Next to it from the right side, there are two buttons for the washing options: Delay Start and Sanitize.
  • From the left side of the Delay Start button, there are three indicators that will always notify you, which time did you set your dishwasher to start with washing your dishes. Here in this model, you have only three choices 3, 6, and 9 hours.
  • Going on the left from the option buttons you will see the 6 indicators that will indicate which washing cycle is running at the moment.
  • For this dishwasher, you have 6 washing cycles to choose from and they are Heavy, Auto, Normal, Delicate, Express, and Half-Load
  • Right next to the indicator for the washing cycles there are two buttons that will allow you to select your desired cycle.
  • Next to the buttons on the right side are indicators that will give you info if your dishwasher is finished or still is active, an indicator for the sanitize process and an indicator the will notify you when is the time to refill the Rinse Aid Dispenser.
  • And the last button is the Start.

Also, this model can be found in white color as Ascenta SHX3AR72UC and in black color as Ascenta SHX3AR76UC.


The Interior of the Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC Dishwasher

So the interior is not wholly made from stainless steel material like the other pricier dishwashers from Bosch brand, actually, the interior is a hybrid. The tub has made from stainless steel material and the bottom of the dishwasher is from plastic.

This model is able to handle 14 places for washing, which is ideal and can satisfy the needs of any small family and also most of the normal families.


Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC has two racks: Upper and Lower

  • The Upper Rack which is also adjustable, it can be moved up or down depends on your needs and there are also folding down tines which give you more flexibility with loading the dishes
  • The Lower Rack also has tines that can be folded down for comfortably placing dishes included a removable silverware basket


The Main Features and Specifications of the Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC Dishwasher

  • Type: Built-In 24 inch dishwasher with fully integrated control panel
  • You can maximum 14 place settings of capacity for your kitchen needs
  • The reviewed model is in stainless steel color
  • Also, you are going to love the Delay Start option where you can set the time for later washing your dishes and you can choose from 3, 6, and 9 hours.
  • The level of Noise – This Bosch model has a sound-absorbing insulation system that consists of three different types of layers like coated stainless steel, baked-on bitumen, and cotton fiber. When is in the washing process, it produces a noise of 50 decibels. This means you are not going to be disturbed when you are watching a movie or you are talking with your family members in the living-room.
  • In this model is implemented the Triple Filtration System which successfully removes the food particles
  • Two manual adjustable racks with removable silverware basket
  • The Rinse Aid and Detergent Dispensers are included
  • The Inlet and Outlet hoses are included
  • Energy Star and NSF certified
  • The dimensions of this Ascenta model are: 33.875 inches height, 23.5625 inches width, and 23.75 inches
  • The weight of this product is 71 pounds (about 32.2 Kg)


Simple Steps to Unblock the Pump of Your Bosch Dishwasher

One of the main problems that owners of the Bosch dishwashers have is the blockage of the dishwasher’s pump. In case if you have a problem with the dishwasher’s pump read our troubleshooting guide on how to simply solve this problem.


So if you need to unblock the pump filter unit and the spray arms just simply follow these steps:

  • The first thing that you need to do is to unplug the dishwasher’s power cord from the electricity supply for your own safety.
  • The filter unit can be removed by unscrewing the filter cylinder and lifting the unit out
  • Now when the filter unit has been removed it is good to wash it in your sink under the tap before being replaced. Besides the filter unit also you need to check the spray arms. They can be also clogged with small pieces of food. This can lead to poor washing results.
  • The top spray arm can be easily removed by unscrewing it, while the bottom spray arm can easily clip off.
  • After this, you need to check the outlet nozzles. They may be also blocked. You can clean the nozzles under the tap using a cocktail stick. When you finish with cleaning replace the spray arms
  • Also is good to check the wastewater pump, which can be blocked if large food remnants pass through the filter. If this happens the rinse water cannot be pumped out and this can stall the program
  • So to unblock the wastewater pump remove the filter unit as instructed in the manufacturer’s manual. Then remove any water using a sponge if required, prise off the pump cover until it clicks. Now you need to grip the cover by the lug and pull it upwards until it resists, then you need to pull the cover forward.
  • After that check the pump and remove any foreign objects to make sure the pump can move freely
  • When you clean the pump it is good to use protective gloves, sharp objects such as pieces of glass may have collected in that area
  • Then replace the pump cover and ensure it engages correctly.


In the future, if you want to avoid the blockage of the pump and the spray arms, our advice is:

Before loading the dirty dishes into your dishwasher always ensure that all food debris is scraped off beforehand. If you don’t do this, over time debris can build up and possibly block the filters, spray arms, and pump.

Watch the Video – How to Unblock the Pump in Your Bosch Dishwasher


My Conclusion

From this Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC dishwasher review, you will realize that this is a mid-range price model of the dishwasher from the Ascenta series and it doesn’t have the all expected useful features that are found in the Benchmark Series, 500 Series, and 800 Series. But most of the customers’ reviews are positive about how this dishwasher cleans and dries the dishes and the silverware regarding comparing the price that you need to pay for this model.

In the end, this Bosch Ascenta SHX3AR75UC mainly is a good and reliable dishwasher with not so many complaints from the customers and we think will be of great use in your kitchen. With its cleaning capabilities and the mid-range price, this is a dishwasher on a budget, for any small or normal size of families. If you are interested in dishwashers from the other popular brands, you can read here.

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