Best Dryers for 2021

Best Dryers

If you want to buy a dryer, this is your best-detailed buyer’s guide with the best info and answers for the best dryers on the market today.

The Simple Process of Drying

Most of the dryers have a rotating drum which also is called a tumbler. In the drum, the heated air is circulated to evaporate the moisture, while at the same time the drum rotates to make an air space between the clothes, so the heated air will easily pass through the clothes in the process of removing the moisture and it will speed up the drying process.

One of the common things that are happening when you are washing the clothes for a long period in the dryer is the clothes are losing a short of fiber or lint and are getting less soft and mostly and in the most cases they shrink.

There are two main types of dryers of clothes when it comes the way how they are loading: Front Load Dryers and Top Load Dryers.

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Gas Drying Machine

Gas Drying Machines or Gas Dryers are working on a natural gas instead of electricity but still, they need a 120 Volt outlet. They need special installation in the laundry and that is the reason why they are a little bit more expensive than the drying machines powered with electricity. The Gas drying machines are slightly faster than electric dryers and more energy efficient.

Electric Drying Machine

Electric Drying Machines or Electric Dryers as the name says they are using electricity to do the job and widely most popular dryer, much easier to install, they require a 240 Volt outlet which almost all households have and they need low maintenance.

Watch the Video: How Does an Electric Dryer Work? 

Vented Dryers

The drying process of the vented dryers is relatively simple. From the outside, the dryer gets the room air temperature inside the dryer and then the air is heated by the heating element.

The heated air is passing through the wet clothes to evaporate the moisture which the end product from this process is the evaporated moisture that needs to be sent out through a proper duct and ventilation.

So in most cases, the air in the laundry room or in your house is cooled or heated by the air conditioner, which means when the vented dryer is using the air from the room where is located, the air needs to be heated to reach the proper temperature for drying the clothes inside the dryer.

That is the reason why the vented dryers are using more electricity than the ventless dryers, which is one of the disadvantages.

  • Pros: these types of dryers have a larger capacity and they are more efficient in drying.
  • Cons: The vented dryers require a proper installation and they are using more energy which in long-term will cost you extra money.

Ventless Dryers

Actually, there are two types of ventless dryers: Condenser Dryers and Heated Pump Dryers.

Condenser Dryers

The condenser dryers are similar to vented dryers because they are using the air from the room where they are placed and then the air is heated inside the dryer.

But the difference between the condenser and the vented dryer is, the condenser dryer doesn’t need a duct and ventilation to exhaust the air outside.

Instead of that, the condenser dryers have a heat exchanger to heat the air at a higher temperature.

Then the heated air is passing through the clothes to dry by absorbing the moisture and then the air continues back through the condenser or heat exchanger and to condense the water vapor into a separate water tank or to drain out through a pipe.

This process is repeating until the clothes get dried.

  • Pros: you need often to empty the water tank and their price is higher
  • Cons: Condenser Dryers are easy to install, they are using less energy than the vented dryers and they don’t require a setup of special duct and ventilation.

Heat Pump Dryers

The Heat Pump Dryers same as the condenser dryers are taking the air from the room where they are located, but their drying process is different.

The air continues through the Heat Pump where the cold side is condensing the vapor into the water tank or through a pipe is draining out from the dryer.

Then the air continues through the hot side of the Heat Pump for reheating the air and then the process is repeating until the drying finishes.

This type of dryers is using 50% less energy than the condenser or traditional electric dryer, but they are more expensive.

  • Pros: They are the most efficient dryers, you don’t need to set up a special duct and ventilation and they don’t create moisture in the laundry room.
  • Cons: they have a smaller capacity, they are one of the most expensive types of dryers and the drying process is longer.

Best Rated Dryers for Clothes

Amana NED4705EW Dryer Review

Company: Amana

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 8/10

Overview: This Amana NED4705EW is an electric front load dryer and the exterior is in white color. It offers maximum drying capacity of 7 cubic feet which more than enough for one large family and it offers 13 drying cycles.

The dryer has many useful features including Heavy Duty Dryer, Reversible Door, and Automatic Dryness Control.

When you need to dry heavyweight loads like jeans, heavy work clothes or jackets than the Heavy Duty Dryer is the right cycle. It’s using higher temperature and at the same time, it is extending the drying time for more efficient drying results.

The Reversible Door gives you a choice how to be installed; on from which side you want to open the door, from the left side or from the right side.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Amana NED4705EW

  • Type: front-loading electric dryer with 7 cubic feet
  • Color: white
  • There are 4 temperature settings for more efficient drying like Air Dry, Low, Medium and High setting
  • Wrinkle Prevention Option
  • The Interior Drum Light helps you to see better and clearly inside the drum when you are doing loading and unloading your clothes
  • End of Cycle feature to notify you when the drying process is finished
  • The dimensions of this Amana dryer are 43.38 inches height, 29 inches width and 27.75 inches depth
  • This Amana dryer weights 109 pounds (49.44 Kg)
  • Energy Star Rated

AMANA NED4655EW Dryer Review

Company: Amana

Price: $$

Our Rating: 9/10

Overview: if you want your clothes to be always dry and in perfect condition without any wrinkles then this Amana NED4655EW electric dryer needs to be as a part of your laundry space.

With its 6.5 cubic feet capacity is the perfect choice for small and average families but that doesn’t mean if you live in a large family you don’t need to buy it, this dryer will satisfy also the needs of most large families.

One of the negative sides is the monotone design in white color and its front door doesn’t have a glass which you are not able to watch what is happening inside.

Anyway, this dryer has great performances, it offers you 11 drying cycles that you can use them in combination with Wrinkle Prevent option to get your clothes dried and ready for wearing without any wrinkles.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Amana NED5655EW

  • Type: front load electric dryer
  • These are some of the drying cycles included Cool Down, Extra Dry, Timed Dry, Auto Dry and also it’s worth to mention the Wrinkle Free cycle
  • You have 3 choices for setting the temperature like High Heat, Low Heat, and No Heat setting
  • The Drum is made from powder-coated steel material
  • The main dimensions of this Amana dryer are: 44 inches height, 29 inches width and 27.75 inches in depth
  • This Amana dryer weights 120 pounds (about 54.4 Kg)

This Amana NED4655EW is doing a great job as a dryer, it has basic features with compact and simple white design and most important is not an expensive model. It can be found with a price of 550 dollars or below.

Bosch WTG865H2UC Dryer Review

Company: Bosch

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.8/10

Overview: From this German brand we have an electric front load dryer from the 800 Series the Bosch WTG865H2UC. This is 24 inches dryer and has a drum with a loading capacity of 4 cubic feet. It is obvious that this dryer is not made for large families, but it’s ideal for drying small loads.

Anyway, this dryer has some excellent features that will simplify your laundry time and make it enjoyable.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Bosch WTG865H2UC

  • Type: electric dryer, front-loading door
  • These are all 14 cycles for drying that you can use in this dryer from Bosch: Towels, Anti Shrink, Cotton, Sanitizer, Hand Wash/Wool, Bulky/Large Items cycle, Quick Dry Auto, Permanent Press, Jeans cycle, Delicate, Super Quick 15 cycle, Quick 40, Time Dry and the Air Fluff cycle.
  • The Options and Programs included in this dyer are: Low Heat, Time Dry, Dryness Level, End Signal, Wrinkle Block option, Remote Start, Finish in and the Level Adjust option
  • There Moisture Sensor chooses the right temperature for efficient drying and at the same time prevents the over-drying of the clothes and
  • Total settings for temperature are 4
  • There is an option 24 Hours Delay Start Timer
  • This Bosch dryer weights 99 pounds (about 45 Kg)
  • Its dimensions are5 inches width, 33.25 inches height and 25 inches in depth
  • This dryer has an Energy Star certification

The perfect washer to pair with this dryer is the Bosch WAW285H2UC form the 800 Series.

Electrolux EFMG617STT Dryer Review

Company: Electrolux

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Overview: The Electrolux EFMG17STT is a 27 inches gas dryer and has a drum with a loading capacity of 8 cubic feet. This dryer has the Perfect Steam Wrinkle Release option which is minimizing the wrinkles and the static on your clothes during the drying. This Electrolux dryer has a beautiful design with a metallic color of the exterior.

In case if you are busy or you are not at home at the moment when the drying process is finished, the dryer features with the Extended Tumble Option that gently tumbles the clothes inside the dryer without heat until you come to remove them.

When you are in hurry and you need your clothes to be fast dried there is an option that really you are going to love and that is the Fast Dry option which is able to quickly dry your clothes in time of 15 minutes.

This dryer not only cares about drying your clothes, but it also cares about saving energy any time you use it.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Electrolux EFMG617STT

  • Type: this is gas front load dryer
  • It offers 9 cycles drying your clothes
  • The front door is reversible
  • 5 setting for the temperature
  • Its Luxury-Quiet Sound System keeps the level noise at a minimum
  • The main dimensions of the dryer are 27 inches width, 38 inches height and 31.625 inches depth
  • This dryer weighs 130 pounds (about 59 Kg)
  • It has Energy Star certification

Electrolux EIED200QSW Dryer Review

Company: Electrolux

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9/10

Overview: if you really need a small dryer that is capable to dry effectively your clothes without any damage this Electrolux EIED200QSW is the one of a kind. This 24 inches compact electric dryer has a Drum with a maximum of 4.3 cubic feet capacity for your clothes.

In this Electrolux dryer, you can use a total of 7 drying cycles including Wrinkle Reduction, Custom, Delicate and Heavy Duty Cycle.

It is worth to mention the Reverse Tumble feature that is reducing the tangling and wrinkling, which improves the drying performances.

Also, the Delay Start option can be really useful if you have a need to set your dryer to run at later hours.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Electrolux EIED200QSW

  • Type: front door, stackable electric dryer
  • These are all 7 drying cycles implemented in this dryer: Delicate, Casual, Heavy Duty, Custom, Wrinkle Reduction cycle, Timed Dry and the Normal cycle
  • IQ-Touch Controls
  • Its Drum is made from stainless steel material
  • Type of the Heat Source: Electricity
  • This Electrolux has dimension of 33.4 inches height, 23.6 inches width and 25.2 inches in depth
  • This dryer is heavy 125 pounds (about 56.7 Kg)

The Electrolux EIED200QSW is an excellent compact dryer for a small living space, it does a great job, and it is quiet, ventless and efficient.

Fisher Paykel DE7027J1 Dryer Review

Company: Fisher Paykel

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.7/10

Overview: This is a Fisher Paykel DE7027J1 electric dryer that allows you to dry a maximum of 7 cubic feet clothes in a single loading.

The exterior of this dryer is in white color, as you can see on the image the control panel is colored in grey, located on the top and is designed to simplify the using of the controls. The negative side of the control panel is the low responsiveness of the touch-sensitive buttons.

The front door is big enough and is easy for you to load and unload you’re your clothes and also to watch what is happening inside the dryer during the operation.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Fisher Paykel DE7027J1

  • Type: front door electric dryer
  • These are the drying cycles that are included into this dryer: Delicate, Damp Dry, Heavy Duty, Air Dry, Wrinkle Reduction, Rack Dry, Steam and the Timed Dry cycle
  • There is an AeroCare feature with auto sensors that is taking care of your clothes to be perfectly dried and not damaged.
  • The dimensions of this Fisher Paykel dryer are 27 inches width, 29.5 inches depth and 43 inches height
  • The main weight of this Fisher Paykel is 75 pounds (about 34 Kg)

This Fisher Paykel DE7027J1 dryer has an impressive and simple design with a lot of special features. It’s doing an excellent job when it comes about drying of the clothes, but the only negative things about this dryer are: the drying cycles are longer than we expect and its price that goes above 1000 dollars.

Anyway, this is an excellent dryer and if the price and the longer cycles are not problems for you than for sure we really recommend this dryer to be part of your laundry space.

GE GTD75GCPLDG Dryer Review

Company: GE

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Overview: the GE GTD75GCPLDG is an impressive gas dryer and it offers 7.4 cubic feet space for drying clothes. This American made GE dryer comes in diamond gray color and you will be able to control and monitor the drying process on your dryer with your Smartphone using Google’s Assistant or Amazon’s Alexa.

The Damp Alert feature is notifying you when the clothes have the ideal dampness for ironing to effectively minimize the wrinkles.

Any time you want to dry your clothes, the option My Cycle allows you to make your own settings that you think are best for your clothes and remember them for later use, rather than the settings by defaults.

The Main Features and Certifications for the Dryer GE GTD75GCPLDG

  • Type: 27 inches gas dryer with a front loading door
  • These are the drying cycle that you can be able to use with this GE dryer: Bulky Items cycle, Damp Dry, Dewrinkle, Extended Tumble, Mixed Load, Quick Fluff, Sanitize cycle, Antibacterial, Steam Dewrinkle, Steam Refresh, and the Towels/Sheets cycle
  • These are the main programs and options implemented in the dryer: Extended Tumble, My Cycle, Delay Dry, eDry, Volum and the Damp Alert option
  • It offers you the standard 5 option temperature settings like Low, Medium, High, Extra Low and the No Heat setting
  • This GE dryer weights 137 pounds (about 62.1 Kg)
  • The basic dimension of the dryer are 48 inches height, 27 inches width and the 30.5 inches in depth
  • It’s WiFi Connectable

If you are looking for quality and smart gas dryer than this GE GTD75GCPLDG dryer is an excellent choice.

GE GFD45ESPMDG Dryer Review

Company: GE

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9/10

Overview: This electric front load dryer GE GFD45ESPMDG is a 2018 model with a drum of 7.5 cubic feet capacity.

This GE dryer has the Steam Dewrinkle cycle which is using the steam to refresh the clothes during the drying process and the end results are perfectly dried and wrinkle-free clothes.

The Quick Dry cycles are ideal to be used for small loads and the Sanitize cycle will successfully remove about 99.9% of bacteria which is perfect for families who have kids and pets.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer GE GFD45ESPMDG

  • Type: front load 27-inch electric dryer
  • This GE dryer features with 12 drying cycles like Mixed Load, Cottons, Delicate cycle, Bulky, Perm Press/Casuals, Quick Dry, Towels/Sheets, Steam Dewrinkle cycle, Warm Up, Air Fluff/No Heat and Time Dry cycle
  • The dryer has 4 levels of dryness including Damp, Dry, Less Dry and More Dry
  • The door of this dryer is reversible
  • The drum of this dryer is designed with stainless steel material
  • It has 4 temperature options and they are Low, Extra Low, Medium and High temperature
  • This GE model weights 120 pounds (it’s about 54.43 Kg)
  • This dryer is ADA compliant and also rated as Energy Star

For those who want a reliable and efficient dryer and plus to be made in the USA, this GE GFD45ESPMDG electric dryer is your perfect choice.

GE GTD86GSSJWS Dryer Review

Company: GE

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Overview: this 28 inches gas dryer is capable to dry clothes with a maximum capacity of 7.8 cubic feet and is possess many technologically innovations to improve the drying of the clothes.

Do you want your dried clothes to be without any odor and wrinkles, if the answer is yes then for sure the Steam Refresh option will make you more than happy.

Also, there is a Dryer Rack that you will use it often to dry the toys of your kids or sports shoes. Even this dryer can be controlled from anywhere in your house via your Smartphone with Wi-Fi connect option.

If you don’t want the default settings for drying, then you want to use the option My Cycle. This option will allow you to make your own setting for drying your clothes and will save them for later use.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer GE GTD86GSSJWS

  • Type: gas dryer, 28 inches with a front door
  • These are all 14 drying cycles that you will use with this GE dryer: Timer Dry, Air Fluff/No Heat, Speed Dry, Bulky Items, Towels/Sheets, Cottons, Mixed Loads, Jeans cycle, Casual, Active Wear, Delicates cycle, Steam Refresh, Steam Dewrinkle, and the Sanitize cycle
  • You have choices for 5 temperature settings like High, Medium, Low, Extra Low and the No Heat setting
  • These are the choices for the Dryness Level for the Sensor cycles: Dry, Extra Dry, More Dry, Less Dry and Damp
  • Here are some of the drying options: Wrinkle Reduction, End of Cycle Signal, Delay Star, Timed Dry, eDry and eMonitor
  • These are the dimensions for this product: 28 inches, 32 inches depth and 44.5 inches height
  • This GE dryer is heavy about 146 pounds (66.22 Kg)

Kenmore Elite 81983 Dryer Review

Company: Kenmore

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.6/10

Overview: This Kenmore Elite 81983 is a really good looking front load dryer with a huge 9 cubic feet capacity and it has a high-end design with silver metallic finish exterior.  The control panel is on the top front of the dryer, it has one big knob, which is easy to navigate to choose the desired cycle.

This dryer is doing a pretty good job; it’s really fast compared to the other dryers at a similar price.

Also is allowed to you to control it via your Smartphone by installing the Kenmore’s Smart app, which really gives you flexibility and freedom to operate with the dryer. You can also connect it with Amazon’s Alexa.

The dryer features with the Accela Steam technology to improve the performances and prevent the odor and wrinkles on your clothes

The Main Features and Specifications for the Kenmore 81983 Dryer

  • Type: front load dryer, comes in metallic color
  • Its loading capacity is satisfying 9 cubic feet and the drum is stainless steel
  • It has a front control panel with electronic LED display
  • The dryer has 14 cycles including Normal, Heavy Duty, Towels, Casual, Workout Wear, Delicates, Express Dry, Touch up, Air Dry, Khaki/Jeans, Bulky/Comforter, Steam Sanitize, Steam Refresh, and My Cycle.
  • Because of its huge loading capacity, its main dimensions are 29 inches width, 40.8 inches height and 57.8 inches in depth
  • The dryer weighs 201 pounds (91.172 Kg)

The Kenmore Elite 81983 is a dryer that offers a lot of features for the money you pay and its beautiful design with a silver metallic color will ideally match the Kenmore Smart 41983 washer.

Kenmore Elite 61633 Dryer Review

Company: Kenmore

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Overview: The Kenmore Elite 61633 is an electric dryer with respectively 9.2 cubic feet of loading capacity and there is no doubt that will satisfy the needs of small and large families.

The dryer has a beautiful metallic silver finish with a modern and simple design. Its control panel is located on the top for more comfortable using the dryer.

The main function of the Steam Refresh feature is to effectively reduce the odor and to minimize the need for ironing.

In this model also there is the Kenmore’s Smart Dry Ultra Technology that will automatically measure the moisture of the clothes and it will adjust the right drying cycle, time and the heat for drying the clothes which will avoid harming the fabric.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Kenmore Elite 61633 Dryer

  • Type: front load dryer
  • The main loading capacity of this dryer is 9.2 cubic feet
  • These are some of the dry cycles that are available to you like Steam, Air Dry, Speed/Quick cycle, Delicate, Normal, Sanitize and Heavy Dry cycle
  • Also, you are offered with options for drying and they are Wrinkle Reduction, Delay Start, Cycle Status Lights, and Timed Dry option
  • This dryer has dimensions: 29 inches width, 43.5 inches height and 33.5 inches in depth
  • The weight of this dryer is 160 pounds (about 72.57 Kg)

The Kenmore Elite 61633 is a dryer that will keep your clothes to look nice and fresh, ready to wear. For sure, we may say this is a quality dryer, with great drying performances and reasonable price.

You can read the review about its ideal companion washer, the Kenmore Elite 31633.

LG DLE3170W Dryer Review

Company: LG

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 3.5/5

Overview: This is a 27 inches LG DLE3170W front load dryer with an ultra large capacity of 7.4 cubic feet and the drum of this dryer is with aluminized allow steel.

It has an upfront electronic control panel with dual LED display and a cycle selector knob to navigate and choose the desired drying cycle and option.

Its sensor drive system can measure the moisture levels during the cycle and automatically adjust the drying time to help ensure you get dry laundry every time.

The Wrinkle Care option will effectively reduce the wrinkling of your clothes during the drying process.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer LG DLE3170W

  • Type: 27 inches front load electric dryer
  • There is a built-in LoDecibel motor for reducing the noise
  • In this dryer is featured the Direct Drive motor that has 10 years of a limited warranty
  • There are 7 drying cycles available for drying your clothes
  • As usual, there are 5 choices of temperature to select
  • This LG dryer weights 130 pounds (about 58.97 Kg)
  • The main dimensions of the dryer are 27 inches width, 29.8 inches depth and 38.7 inches height

We think that the price of this dryer should be lowered, but anyway it has all the needed cycles and programs for normal and efficient drying your clothes.

Best of all this LG DLE3170W gas dryer is Energy Star certified and when it comes to looking for a dryer with great performances for your laundry room, this white dryer should definitely be on your list.

LG DLEX3570W Dryer Review

Company: LG

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 8/10

Overview:  the LG DLEX3570 is an electric steam dryer with average design, comes in white color and also if you don’t like a white color you can buy it in a stylish graphite color. The drum of this dryer has a 7.4 cubic capacity of space which quite enough for doing your every day’s laundry job.

The feature that you are going to love is the Smart Diagnosis technology that will be of great benefit for you. For any problem that you will have on your dryer, you don’t need to call the repairman anymore, just simply using your Smartphone and the downloaded app designed by LG for that purpose, you will be able to solve all the problems on your dryer.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer LG DLEX3570W

  • Type: front load electric steam dryer
  • The dryer has total 12 drying cycles and they are Cotton/Normal cycle, Permanent Press, cycle for Towels, Delicate, Small Load, Heavy Duty, Bulky Large cycle, Steam Fresh, Steam Sanitary, Speed Dry, Air Dry, and additional Download cycle
  • The dry cycles you can combine them with one of these Options/Programs: Less Time, More Time, Custom Program, Damp Dry Signal, Wrinkle Care, Child Lock, Reduce Static, Easy Iron, Rack Dry and the End of Cycle Signal
  • Like in the many models of the LG brand here also there is the Lo Decibel Quiet Operation for minimizing the noise when the dryer is drying process
  • The dimensions of this LG dryer are 38.69 inches height, 27 inches width and 29.75 inches in depth
  • The main weight is 136 pounds (about 61.68 Kg)

If you need a dryer that is doing a pretty good job in drying clothes, with all needed features, with a good design and plus if you are a fan of LG brand than the LG DLEX3570W is your choice. This dryer also you can pair with the LG WM3770HWA washer.

LG DLEX9000W Dryer Review

Company: LG

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.9/10

Overview: This LG DLEX9000W is an elegant and modern electric dryer with tons of innovative features. The loading capacity of its Drum is impressive 9.0 cubic feet which is one of the dryers with the biggest loading capacity.

On top of that this LG dryer features with the LG’s TurboSteam technology, that effectively minimize the wrinkles and odors and it makes your clothes to be all the time clean, fresh and ready to wear.

The Smart ThinQ is another innovative technology where also are included the Smart Access and Smart Adapt features and allow you to monitor and control remotely your dryer at any moment.

The control panel is electronic and is integrated into the door which gives more elegant and modern style to the dryer and better functionality.

For sure you are going to love the SpeedDry Cycle which can dry your clothes in a time of 15 minutes.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer LG DLEX9000W

  • Type: electric dryer with a front loading door
  • These are all 14 drying cycles included in this model: Cotton/Normal, Permanent Press or Casual, Towels, Delicates, Heavy Duty, Turbo Steam Cycle, Steam Sanitary, Bedding, Low Temp Dry, Anti-Bacteria cycle, Sport Wear and Download cycle
  • Also there are impressive 13 drying options to combine together with the drying cycles and they are: More Time, Less Time, Custom Program, PGM Save option, Damp Dry Signal, Wrinkle Care, Child Lock option, Wi-Fi Connect, Drum Light, Energy Saver option, Turbo Steam, Smart Grid, and Remote Start option
  • The LG has dimensions of 40.88 inches height, 29 inches width and 33.38 inches in depth
  • The basic weight of this dryer is 172 pounds (about 78 Kg)

This LG DLEX9000W is one of the best dryers in its class. If you are looking for a modern and beautiful dryer, with a lot of high-end features and mega loading capacity, then this is a dryer that you must possess.

Maytag MGDB835DW Bravos XL Dryer Review

Company: Maytag

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Overview: This Maytag MGDB835DW Bravos XL is a front-load gas dryer with a really huge drum that offers a capacity of 8.8 cubic feet. Besides its huge capacity, don’t expect anything more when it comes about its design.

This dryer comes in white color with a simple design and the control panel is placed on the top with electronic controls easy to use and responsive.

In the interior of this dryer are used sound dampening materials to minimize the level of noise when the dryer works.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Maytag Bravos XL MGDB835DW

  • Type: gas dryer with front-loading
  • For the drum is used the stainless steel material
  • Offers maximum 10 dry cycles to choose from Sanitize, Bedding, Heavy Duty, Power Dry, Normal, Denim cycle, Wrinkle Control cycle, Delicates, Rapid Dry and the Time Dry cycle
  • Here are the temperatures that you can choose: Air Only, High, Medium, Low and Extra Low
  • The dimensions of this dryer are 43 inches height, 29 inches width and 32.25 inches depth
  • This dryer weighs 157 pounds (about 71.21 Kg)

If you don’t care much about the design and you want a dryer that will help you to do laundry in fewer loads and to minimize the laundry time than this Maytag MGDB835DW gas dryer needs to be considered to be part of your laundry space.

Maytag MEDB855DW Dryer Review

Company: Maytag

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 4/5

Overview: This Maytag MEDB855DW is a front-load electric dryer has incredibly 8.8 cubic feet capacity and Steam Refresh Cycle. This white colored dryer has many useful features implemented like Advanced Moisture Sensing, Wrinkle Prevent Option with steam, Rapid Dry Cycle and more.

If you have a need to remove the bacteria from your clothes than the Sanitize Cycle is the right feature that you will use often.

Also, the very practical feature that you will use often is the wire rack. It can be placed inside the dryer and you will able to dry delicate items.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Maytag MEDB855DW

  • Type: electric dryer with front load door
  • The main 11 drying cycles included in this dryer are: Normal, Denim, Wrinkle Control cycle, Rapid Dry, Timed Dry, Power Dry, Heavy Duty cycle, Bedding, Sanitize and the Steam Refresh cycle
  • The drying cycles you can combine with these 5 drying options: Energy Sever, Damp Dry Signal, Audio Level, Wrinkle Prevent with Steam and the Static Reduce option
  • This Maytag is heavy 159 pounds (about 72.12 Kg)
  • This dryer has dimensions of 29 inches width, 32.2 inches depth and 43 inches height
  • The dryer has 5 levels of dryness like Less, Low, Normal, Medium and More
  • The Drum is made of a powder-coated material

This Maytag MEDB855DW is one of the best dryers of this brand. With the stylish design, a lot of cycles, programs, and options for customizing plus with the price below than 900 dollars, this is the dryer that must be on your buyer’s list.

Miele T8033C Review

Company: Miele

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.5/10

Overview: this 24 inches electric condenser dryer is coming from one of the famous German Brands Miele. The dryer has a small loading capacity of 3.9 cubic feet, which is less than most of the dryers on the market.

Anyway, this dryer has excellent drying capabilities and great features like Miele’s Remote Vision, Condenser Dryer, and Electronic Moisture Monitoring.

The Remote Vision will create a virtual link between the dryer and the Miele’s client service center. Whenever a problem will occur on your dryer, the Miele’s client service will take the fastest and best way to solve the problem.

The Condenser Dryer will extract the moisture from the clothes during the drying process and will be condensed into water for later to be drained out from the container.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Miele T8033

  • Type: an electric condenser front load dryer
  • Color: white
  • You will have 8 pre-set drying cycling program for using like Sturdy, Smoothing, 45 minutes warm, Woolens, Normal, Wrinkle-free option, 20 minutes program, and the Fluff program
  • The Heating system is electric
  • The dryer has stainless steel honeycomb Drum
  • Child Lock option will lock the control to prevent kids to interrupt the dryer during the drying operation
  • Anti-Creasing option
  • A choice to select a different level of dryness including Extra Dry, More Dry, Normal, Less Dry, Hand Iron and Rotary Iron level of dryness
  • Main dimensions of this Miele dryer are: 24 inches width, 24 inches depth and 34.125 inches height
  • Its main weight is 130 pounds (58.96 Kg)

Samsung DVE60M9900V Dryer Review

Company: Samsung

Price: $$$$

Our Rating: 9.2/10

Overview: this Samsung DVE60M9900V electric dryer is a multitasking, modern and futuristic laundry appliance with a maximum of 7.2 cubic feet loading capacity.

This dryer features with extremely useful FlexDry technology; it means there are 2 dryers in one and gives you flexibility in drying the everyday clothes and the delicate ones at the same time.

You will see that second flat dryer is on top of the conventional dryer and is great for drying your sweaters, toys, and accessories at the same time but separately from the other clothes.

Besides the FlexDry feature, this dryer is offering you incredibly 16 dry cycles with multi steam technology that can reduce and remove wrinkles, odors, bacteria and static.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Samsung DVE60M9900V

  • Type: front load electric dryer
  • Color: black stainless steel finish
  • These are all the drying cycles that you can use on this dryer and they are Towels, Steam Refresh, Delicate, Normal cycle, Wrinkle Away cycle, Permanent Press, Time Dry, Active Wear, Heavy Duty, Air Fluff, Bedding, and Steam Sanitize cycle
  • These are all available options and programs in this dryer Child Lock, Sound, Wrinkle Prevent, Drum Light, Smart Control, Mixed Load Bell, Eco Dry, Adjust Time-Up, Adjust Time-Down, and Anti Static
  • You can choose from the 5 temperature settings for drying High, Medium, Medium Low, Low, and Extra Low temperature
  • The main dimension of this Samsung’s dryer is9 inches height, width 27 inches, and 32.5 depth
  • This Samsung dryer weights 165 pounds which are about 74.84 Kg

This Samsung DVE60M9900V is a really powerful electric dryer and at the same time is energy saver with its ECO Drive that uses about 25 percent less energy in every load.

The Samsung WV60M9900AV is the perfect washer to match with this dryer.

Samsung DV56H9000GW Dryer Review

Company: Samsung

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 10/10

Overview: The Samsung DV56H9000GW is one with the biggest loading capacity gas dryer that comes from the Samsung Company. With its 9.5 cubic feet, it gives to all small and large families more than enough space for drying their clothes.

This dryer is with Samsung’s Steam technology that makes your clothes to be without odor, fresh and with no wrinkles. This model offers you up to 15 drying cycles with 11 dry options for maximum drying results.

Instead of calling the repairman for any problem with your dryer, the Smart Care feature will allow you to do fast diagnosis and troubleshooting via your Smartphone which will save you a lot of money and time.

In this dryer also there is a Sensor Dry Technology is another useful feature and it will automatically detect the moisture of the clothes inside the dryer and the same time will adjust the needed drying time and the right temperature.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Samsung DV56H9000GW

  • Type: front load gas dryer
  • The dryer has 5 temperature settings like High, Medium, Medium Low and also Extra Low setting
  • The owners of this dryer can use any of the 11 dry options like Load Bell, Rack Dry, Wrinkle Prevent, Adjust Time, My Cycle option, Child Lock, The Sound Off and On option, Anti Static, Eco Dry, Smart Care, and the Drum option
  • This dryer has Reversible Front Door which allows you to adjust it how to be opened. You can adjust the door to be opened from the left to the right side and from the right to the left side, it depends from which side of the dryer your washer is placed and on which side the washer’s door can be opened.
  • The main dimensions are 44.9 inches height, 30 inches width and 32.13 inches depth
  • The maximum weight of this dryer is 156 pounds or about 70.76 Kg.

If you have a need every day to dry large amounts of clothes than this Samsung DV56H9000GW gas dryer with its incredibly 9.5 cubic feet capacity will be your right choice.

Samsung DV45H6300EW Dryer Review

Company: Samsung

Price: $$$

Our Rating: 9/10

Overview: this Samsung’s dryer offers 7.5 cubic feet of space for drying your clothes, its exterior is in a white color and the design is not something special, but this dryer has some of the Samsung’s high-quality features which separate this model from its competitions like Eco Dry, Dryer Rack, Steam Dry, and Smart Care.

The Steam Dry cycle will help you about remove the bad odor on your clothes and at the same time to keep them fresh and nice.

Smart Care feature will solve most of the problems on your dryer without calling the repairman.

The Eco Dry technology will save up to 25% of the energy for every drying cycle.

The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Samsung DV45H6300EW

  • Type: electric steam dryer with front load door
  • This dryer allows you to use about 13 drying cycles including Anti-Bacterial/Sanitize cycle, Heavy Duty Dry, Delicate, Normal Dry and the Permanent Press Dry Cycle
  • In the dryer features stainless steel Drum
  • You are offered to use these 5 settings for temperatures like Low, Extra Low, Medium Low, Medium and the setting for High temperature
  • These are the dimensions for the dryer 38.75 inches height, 27 inches width and 32.5 inches in depth
  • This Samsung model weighs 126 pounds (about 51.15 Kg)

Besides the dull design and lack of the Delay Start, this Samsung DV45H6300EW electric dryer has high drying performances, is energy efficient and it is enough smart to deal with any kind of problems.


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