Electrolux EFME617STT Review 2021

In this our Electrolux EFME617STT review, you will find everything that you need to know about this Electrolux dryer before you finally decide to spend your money.


The Exterior


The exterior of this 27 inches electric dryer is in metallic color which gives you an extra effect on the visuality. The most notable part of this dryer is the big front windowed door that gives you an impression of a dryer with an extremely large loading capacity.


Right above on the top of the front door is located the control panel. In the middle of the control panel, there is one big knob that serves for selecting one of the 9 offered drying cycles.


Into the knob also is integrated a digital display that gives you the main info about the remaining time of the cycles.


From the right side of the dial knob, there are the buttons for the drying options and at the end of the control panel, you will see the Start/Pause and Cancel buttons.


It is good to mention this dryer features with a reversible door for more convenient loading, which it doesn´t matter where you are going to place the dryer to be, on the left side or on the right side of your washer.


The Interior


As we expected from a brand like the Electrolux the drum of this dryer is made from a stainless steel material and has an impressive loading capacity of 8 cubic feet.

So when you are unloading the dryer there is an internal light or Drum Light inside the drum that will help you to don’t forget any small items inside. We all know from our experience that always we forgot something inside the dryer.


The Drum Light always turns on whenever the door is opened. When you are finished the unloading or loading and the moment the door is closed, the Drum Light automatically turns off.


In this model is included the Drying Rack that will allow you to dry your items or clothes without tumbling. The maximum weight you should place on the rack is 10 lbs (about 4.5 Kg).


Watch the Video – Dryer Rack




The Main Key Selling Features of the Dryer Electrolux EFME617STT


Here are some of the useful features that Electrolux has implemented in this dryer to maximize the drying results of your clothes.


Gentle Tumble option is a really practical feature that will gently tumble your clothes inside the dryer and with implemented Large Moisture Sensors will check the level of moisture in your clothes.


In case if the clothes are already dried the sensors will automatically turn off the dryer to prevent damage from over-drying your clothes.


One of the common problems, when we are drying our clothes in a dryer are wrinkles, lint, shrinkage, harshness, and static electricity. So in this model, there is a Perfect Steam Wrinkle Release option, so you don´t have to worry anymore whether your clothes will come out with wrinkles or not after the end of the drying cycle.


This option will gently release the wrinkles on your clothes and at the same time will extremely reduce the static which will keep your clothes in perfect condition.


The 15-Minute Fast Dry is an option for people who are always busy with dynamic life and are always in a rush. This option really will make them happy; they will be able to dry a few clothes in a time of 15 minutes and continue with their duties.


Instant Refresh Cycle is a great option that allows you quickly to refresh your clothes with steam in a time of 10 minutes.


In case if you are not at home at the moment when the dryer is finished the drying process, in this model the Electrolux has included the Extended Tumble option that will provide a gently tumbling of the clothes without heat for an extended period of time until are able to remove them from the dryer.


This Electrolux EFME617STT dryer also will save you energy and money at the same time by using the Eco option. Using this eco option will decrease the temperature a few degrees which will minimize the usage of the electricity.


The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Electrolux EFME617STT


  • Type: front load electric dryer
  • Color: Metallic
  • The Drum is made from the quality stainless steel material
  • These are the all 9 drying cycles that will care for every type of fabric of your clothes Time Dry, Allergen, Heavy Duty, Towels, Normal Cycle, the 15 minutes Fast Dry Cycle, Casual, Delicate and the Instant Refresh Cycle
  • Vented type of dryer
  • These are the 5 settings for a temperature available to you low, normal, high, sanitize and air dry
  • There is a Control Lock feature to lock the controls while the dryer is working
  • Delay Start is included
  • The main dimensions of this Electrolux dryer are: 27 inches width, 31.6 inches depth and 38 inches height
  • Its basic weight is 130 pounds (about 58.967 Kg)
  • For this dryer, you have 3 years of warranty
  • Energy Start: this dryer meets the strict criteria as an energy-efficient appliance


The Main Pros of the Electrolux EFME617STT


  • Long warranty with a reasonable price
  • The Sanitize and Allergy options
  • Huge loading capacity
  • Built-in moisture sensors


The Cons of the Electrolux EFME617STT


  • The dryer is not ADA compliant which means the dryer doesn´t have easy access for people with disabilities
  • A small selection of drying cycles


Our Conclusion


Reading this Electrolux EFME617STT review you will agree that this is not the best choice for your laundry, but the dyer has a nice selection of useful features, a long warranty and is not expensive as most of the dryers in the same class.


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