Kenmore 70222 Review 2021

In this Kenmore 70222 review, we will help you to get the right info about all features included in this dryer and its main specifications together with its main advantages and disadvantages.


If you are a part of a large family and really you need a dryer with a huge loading capacity and great drying results, but you don’t care much about the design this Kenmore gas dryer should be on top of your list for dryers. But before you make a choice read our review for this model of dryer.




As you can see from the picture there is nothing much to say about the design of this model, it’s simple, clean and boring design finished in plain white color.


On first sight, you cannot miss the big metal square front door that gives you feeling about a dryer with a huge loading capacity, which in this case is true and the drum of this dryer can handle a maximum of 6.5 cubic feet of loading.



On the top of this dryer, you will notice the control panel which is also simple and with no many buttons. On the right side on the control panel there is a Start button and on the left side is located only one big cycle knob for dialing the dry cycles and options.


By turning the knob on left or on the right, you can choose one of the cycles or options offered with this dryer. These are all the cycles and options offered to you with this model: Timed Dry, Auto Dry, Air Only and Wrinkle Guard option.


Here are the simple explanations for all the special cycles and options for this gas dryer Kenmore 70222.


Timed Dry Cycle


The Timed Dry cycle will allow you to set up your desired time of drying and it will depend on what type of fabrics you need to dry.


Auto Dry Cycle


If you want to have great drying results then this is the cycle that you want to use. In this dryer has implemented moisture sensors and when you choose the Auto Dry option the sensors automatically will detect the level of moisture and the dryer will choose the right temperature and time for the drying cycle.


The Auto Dry is an excellent feature that will avoid the burning of your delicate fabrics or prevent under-drying and over-drying of your clothes.


The sensors will automatically shut off the dryer when is reached the chosen level of dryness. The drying time will be different and it will depend on the load size, the fabric type and the settings for dryness.


It depends what type of clothes you want to dry in this model you can select one of the three temperature settings High, Medium or Low temperature.


And also you can choose one of these three levels of dryness More, Normal and Less.


Air Only Cycle


The Air Only cycle doesn’t use heat and you will use this cycle when you need to dry fabrics that are sensitive on heat, plastics, rubber or maybe you need to dry the foam from the clothes.


Wrinkle Guard


If you choose this option the drum will continue to rotate without heat after finishing the drying process. The Wrinkle Guard option will take care of your clothes to don’t get wrinkles and also will prevent your clothes from getting creases after a long time inside the dryer.


This especially is useful when you are not able to remove the clothes from your dryer at the moment when the drying cycle is finished. With this option you able to extend the rotating of the drum up to 40 minutes.


Cycle Signal feature


If you turn-on the Cycle Signal feature at the end of the drying cycle you will be notified by a sound which means you will need to remove the clothes from the dryer to reduce the wrinkling.


If you are using the Wrinkle Guard feature when the Cycle Signal option is turned on, you will hear a sound every 5 minutes until you come to unload the dryer.




The drum of this dryer is made from the powder-coated steel and its maximum loading capacity is 6.5 cubic feet which the Kenmore brand with this dryer is targeting the large families.

Besides the huge loading capacity, the lack of internal light in this dryer is one of its disadvantages.


The Main Features and Specifications for the Dryer Kenmore 70222


  • Type: front load gas dryer
  • Color: white
  • Type of the Door: Reversible
  • The Power Source of this dryer is Gas
  • The Drum is made from powder-coated steel
  • The main drying cycles and options that are available to you in this dryer are Wrinkle Guard, Timed Dry, Auto Dry, Air Dry, and Cycle Signal
  • There are 3 drying temperatures to choose Low, Medium and High
  • There are 3 levels of dryness More, Normal and Low
  • This Kenmore dryer has basic dimensions of 29 inches width, 28 inches depth and 43 height
  • The basic weight of the dryer is 113 pounds (about 51.25 Kg)


The Main Pros of the Dryer Kenmore 70222


  • Huge loading capacity, ideal for large families
  • The Wrinkle Guard and the Cycle Signal features
  • The Price


The Main Cons of the Dryer Kenmore 70222


  • Poor choices of cycles and options
  • There is no interior light
  • The Child Lock feature is missing


Good to Know – Dryer Care


These are the few simple things you need to do always for your dryer.


  • Cleaning the location of the dryer – never pile a lot of laundry in front of the dryer; you need to keep always the dryer area clean and free from avoiding any blockage of the airflow in order your dryer effectively to run the drying cycles.


  • Cleaning the interior of the dryer – these are the simple steps on how to clean the area of the drum with stains. The first thing you need to do is to apply a special non-flammable liquid for cleaning household the stained area of the drum. Then with a clean soft cloth rub that area until you remove the stains.


  • How simply to clean the lint screen – the cleaning of the lint screen you need to do always before each load. First gently pull out the lint screen of its holder. Then with your fingers carefully roll the lint off from the screen. When the lint is removed the next step do is you need to place lint screen back into its holder by pushing the lint screen carefully and firmly back.


Our Conclusion


In this Kenmore 70222 review you will notice that besides the huge drum that is able to hold a maximum of 6.5 cubic feet of clothes, this gas dryer lacks a lot of useful features. The price of this Kenmore 70222 gas dryer is under $500, which makes this model a good choice if you are looking for a gas dryer on the budget and with a large loading capacity. If this dryer doesn’t meet your needs you can read our buying guide for top dryers of the year.


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