Samsung DV45H7000EW Review 2021

In this Samsung DV45H7000EW review we will simply explain the main features, specifications and also the advantages and disadvantages for this electric front load dryer form the brand Samsung.


The Exterior


The design of the exterior doesn’t promise a lot, but that doesn’t mean that the dryer is not efficient. The exterior is in plain white color with a big square front metal door which is also reversible. This reversible door gives you an option to choose how you want the door to be opened, from the left to the right side or from the right to the left side.


There is a control panel which is located on the top of the dryer. When you take a look at the control panel you will notice the big knob or cycle selector dial which you can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise to choose your desired cycle. Always when you choose your cycle you will see that the indicator light for that cycle will be illuminated.



On the right side of the cycle selector dial, there is a big digital graphic display that shows you the remaining time of the cycle. The light indicator of the chosen cycle will remain lit until the drying cycle is finished. In case if you paused the dryer during the cycle, the light indicator will blink until again you press the Start button.



On this dryer, you will have 9 different choices of drying cycles to choose from, included Sanitize, Heavy DutyTime Dry, Delicate and Perm Press cycle.


  • If you need to dry heavy fabrics for example like work clothes or jeans then you will need to choose the Heavy Duty dry cycle which uses a high temperature.
  • In case if you want to dry your bedding and curtains the best option for you will be to choose the Sanitize cycle that is using a high temperature that goes deep into the fabric which will care your clothes to be dry, clean and sanitized.
  • The Perm Press is a cycle that mostly you will use it if you want your clothes to be nice dried and without any wrinkles.
  • Then also very useful is the Time Dry cycle. This cycle mostly will be used if you want to select your desired drying time. So to use this cycle the first thing you will need to do is, you will need to position the knob selector to Dry Time and next press the Adjust Time up in order to set your desired drying time, simple as that.
  • If you need to dry items that are sensitive on heat you don’t need to worry anymore because in this case, you’ll want to choose the Delicate cycle which is using a lower temperature in the process of drying.


In this dryer, you are provided to choose one of the 3 main selections for a temperature including Low, Medium and High temperature. To select your desired temperature all you need to do is just press the Temp button and the indicator light will be illuminated for the temperature you’ve been chosen.


  • The Low temperature you’ll want to use for items that are heat sensitive.
  • The Medium you’ll need to select when you have to dry synthetic, lightweight or clothes that are labeled as Tumble Dry Medium
  • The High temperature you will need to select for items that are labeled as Tumble Dry.


The Interior


The interior of the drum is made from powder-coated steel and has a maximum loading capacity of 7.4 cubic feet. There is also a Drum Light for more comfortable loading and unloading your clothes from the dryer.


The Main Key Features of the Dryer Samsung DV457000EW


Here are some of the main selling features of this dryer including Wrinkle Prevent, Mixed Load Bell and Smart Care feature.


The Wrinkle Prevent feature gives about 180 minutes of intermittent tumbling at the end of the cycle but without heated air that prevents the wrinkling on your clothes.


Watch the Video – Dryer Troubleshooting Wrinkle Prevent




The Smart Care option will assist you to find any malfunctions on your dryer by using your Smartphone. To activate this feature you need to press and hold the Mixed Load Bell about 3 seconds.


Mixed Load Bell this is a feature that will notify you when some of the clothes or items are already dry, so you can remove them from the dryer while letting not dried clothes continue to dry. To activate this option in all Sensor Dry cycles but except Sanitize. You are offered 3 levels of dry selection including Normal Dry, More Dry and Very Dry level.


The Main Features and Specifications of the Dryer Samsung Dv457000EW


  • Type: white front load, electric dryer
  • The type of the door: square metal reversible
  • 4-way venting – you can vent your dryer on multiple sides
  • These are all 9 drying cycles included in this dryer: Quick Dry, Wrinkle Release, Normal, Heavy Duty cycle, Perm Press, Bedding, Delicates, Sanitize and the Time Dry cycle
  • These are the 3 main temperatures to select: Low, Medium and High temperature
  • There are 5 drying options included: Wrinkle Prevent, Adjust Time, Child Lock, Sound On/Off and Mixed Load Bell option
  • The main dimensions of this Samsung’s dryer are 27 inches width, 43.9 inches height and 30 inches in depth
  • The basic weight of this dryer is 121 pounds (54.88 Kg)


The Main Pros of the Dryer Samsung DV45H7000EW


  • The Wrinkle Prevent
  • The loading capacity
  • Child Lock
  • The moisture sensors


The Main Cons of the Dryer Samsung DV45H7000EW


  • There is no Steam Cycle
  • Lack of the drying options there are maximum 5
  • There is no Delay Start


Our Conclusion


In this simple Samsung DV45H7000EW review you already realized that this is an electric dryer with a huge capacity but simple design, with less drying options and also in this dryer are missing many useful features like Steam cycle, Delay Start and Dry Rack. But we suggest and it is worth to read our buying guide for the best-rated dryers today before you make the final decision.

Also, we suggest you read the review about Electrolux EFME617STT electric dryer.


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