If you are really looking for a cooler that is really strong and durable for your outdoor activities then we recommend you read our Grizzly 40 Cooler review and find out why it is one of the most popular coolers with 40-quart capacity made by the well-known brand Grizzly Coolers.  

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The characteristic of the coolers made by this brand is that they are very durable, have a simple and clean design and are made of high-quality materials. 

Also to mention another very important detail when it comes to coolers manufactured by this brand that will really be of great importance to many users is the “Made in America” ​​stamp on every product of this company. This product is really very durable, as the company advertises all the coolers so this one is able to withstand a bear attack and still be sealed. 

However, for your own safety, I do recommend you never do any test of the durability of this cooler by provoking a bear! smile

This means that your food and drinks will be really well protected even in very extreme situations and conditions and your food will be fresh for a long time.


Grizzly 40 Cooler Review


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Capacity and Dimensions

The exterior dimensions of this Grizzly 40 cooler are 16 inches deep, 25.5 inches wide and 15.5 inches high, while the interior dimensions are 11 inches deep, 18 inches wide and 12 inches high. As the name of this product says, it can hold 40 quarts and its basic weight when empty is 22 pounds (about 9.97 kg).



In order to test the durability of the Grizzly 40 coolers, the Grizzly Coolers company puts these coolers under very rigorous tests such as throwing from cliffs, putting the coolers under the wheels of heavy vehicles, hitting with huge hammers and much more.

And most importantly and what was expected of these coolers is that they remain completely intact and without major damage after any type of testing. This is the reason why the company Grizzly Coolers gives a lifetime warranty to these products.



But the durability of this product is not only a strong feature, but it also boasts great portability, so you can easily take it with you no matter where you go, camping, hunting, going to your favorite sporting event or any other outdoor sports activity.

Even its compact dimensions allow you to place the cooler on small trucks while traveling somewhere where you can also use the refrigerator as a seating area or you can place many heavy things on it without damaging it.



This cooler has enough space to store enough food and drinks in the ice. And not only that, its insulation allows the ice to last for five days or more. So you should not worry about storing food and drinks for long periods of time if you are in an area where there is no easy access to food and beverages.


Drain Plug

Another great feature of this Grizzly 40 cooler is its convenience and practicality. Anyone who buys this product expects it to be easy to clean from melted ice. In addition to filling with ice and the necessary products, cleaning the melted and dirty ice from your cooler will be also one of the main things you will often need to do. To make it easier to remove melted ice, the company has implemented a great solution to this unpleasant problem in the Grizzly 40 cooler.

In the bottom of the cooler are specific full-length channels that connect to a two-inch drain plug that is located from the outside, so they will allow you efficiently and quickly to drain all liquids from the inside of the cooler. Not only will you easily remove the liquid from the inside, but you will also be able to easily and simply clean the cooler.

Grizzly 40 Quart Cooler



Functional Lid

One feature that some coolers do not have is that when you open the lid it cannot remain open independently. For some people, this may not be of any importance, but if the lid of the cooler does not function properly or does not feature the ability to stand upright when it is opened, it can often irritate you and can also be dangerous for young children.

This is not the case with this Grizzly 40 because it has a special lid mechanism that allows for better stability on uneven surfaces when it is opened.

Also, the cover features with BearClaw ™ Latches that help the cooler to be securely sealed without the need for additional hardware. Plus the lid on the inside has high-quality rubber gaskets that allow the lid to be sealed perfectly.


Durable and Easy to Use Handles

For better handling when carrying this cooler, it has side rubber handles. For greater durability and stiffness, the handles are wrapped with special nylon which gives you the feeling that they will never break.

And not only that, to make the Grizzly 40’s handles more secure and sturdy, they are molded and fitted into the cooler itself and there are also two-inch tie-down openings to secure the cooler to stay safe.

What We Like


  • Dry goods tray comes with the cooler
  • Made in America
  • Affordable
  • Molded-in rope durable handles
  • Large 2 inches drain plug

What We Don’t like


  • It will be difficult for you to find parts for this cooler

Other Useful Features

To increase the usefulness and usability of this cooler it comes with a separate dry goods tray which is another plus. And one more thing, in particular, lovers of hunting and fishing will be delighted with a twenty-two-inch ruler on the lid that will allow them to measure their catches.


Let’s Summarize

Overall the Grizzly 40 cooler impresses with quality design and extremely solid construction, due to its excellent insulation the ice retention is much longer than most coolers in its class. With a capacity of 40 quarts and its affordable price, there is no better cooler in this class. I hope this Grizzly 40 cooler review has helped you decide whether this cooler is the right choice for you or not.