Engel 65 Cooler Review: Best for Camping

Engel 65 Cooler Review: Best for camping

Engel 65 cooler review: if you are looking for a reliable rotomolded cooler that has great insulation and durability with a lot of useful features for camping and other outdoor adventures then you should consider the very popular Engel 65 cooler manufactured by the Engel Coolers.

The Engel Coolers has long been known for producing coolers that offer a great balance of high performance, durability at a very affordable price. But let’s see if this also applies to the Engel 65 cooler, if it meets your needs and if it is worth investing in at all.

Our Verdict

The Engel 65 cooler is a really solid product that offers really good insulation and excellent durability at a much more affordable price than other competitors. Its locks somehow differ from the locks on most coolers that use a tug-and-pull way of use.

This model comes with a built-in bottle opener that is not available in many coolers. So this makes it the perfect companion for picnic outings and hangouts on the beach.

Its size is smaller than it is advertised so it gains more portability and can be ported by one person without a major problem when is not fully loaded. Simply put, you will be truly amazed at its overall performance compared to some of its more expensive competitors.

What We Like


  • Great insulation
  • Solid and durable construction
  • Bottle openers
  • Rope handles
  • 10 years a warranty

What We Don’t Like


  • The drainage opening should be bigger
  • The price should be lower
  • Not many special features

Engel 65 Cooler Review


This Engel 65 cooler is characterized by above-average insulation thanks to the airtight rubber gasket. But not only the airtight rubber gasket but also its excellent two-inch high-performance insulation with high-quality, durable interlock hinges contribute to its complete above-average insulation.

This model is able to keep food at a safe temperature below 50 Fahrenheit for 6 days, which is really impressive when compared to the average isolation time of 5.6 days below 40 Fahrenheit.

However, the isolation of this cooler is not as impressive as it is advertised by Engel which has to keep your articles safe and cold for 10 days. But to be honest, most coolers do not meet factory insulation specifications, so we shouldn’t complain about their true insulation capabilities, so the Engel 65 is not at all to blame.

So with this cooler, you will have no problem keeping your items cold for much longer than a weekend. This is really great if you want to go camping for 4-5 days, your items will be perfectly cold, especially your beer.

But, if you are looking for a cooler with impressive insulation capabilities in the same class of capacity up to 65 quarts then I can freely recommend the very popular Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler whose insulation can keep food and drink safe and cold for 6.5 days at a temperature below 40 Fahrenheit or 7.4 days at temperatures below 50 Fahrenheit. However, for higher performance, you will have to spend a larger amount of money, which is logical.

If you are looking for ways to improve ice retention in the cooler, here you can read my best tips:


This cooler has undergone many durable tests such as rolling over all sides when it is filled with water where the end result is no leakage due to the silicone gasket.

Its interlocking latches proved to be quite durable and resistant to all rigorous tests, which proved to be truly reliable. This proves once again the quality of this cooler.

One thing you should definitely know about this cooler is that as expected, it has above-average durability that is side by side with its big competitors such as the RTIC 65 Cooler and Xspec 60qt Cooler whose price is far lower. Also, Engel 65 Cooler has passed several real bear tests and because of this, it owns the “Grizzly Resistant” stamp approved by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC).

Ease of Use

First of all, this model of Engel cooler does not use rubber Trex-grip and pull latches used by most of its competitors. Instead of Trex-grip and pull latches, this model uses interlocking hinges.

In the experience of many users, this type of latch design has not proved very useful. Actually, some users complain about their slim, long shape and the small space around the latches, which somehow makes the opening and closing of the cooler a little bit difficult. Plus the latches are unstable when used; in fact, they tend to move from side to side, making it difficult to operate.

So, when handling the locks on this cooler you need to be a little more precise. This adversely affects the usefulness of this product. But this does not mean that they are not quality, durable and functional.

If interlocking locks tend to slip from side to side then the downside to Trex-grip and pull latches is that you have to use a bit more force when pulling them down when closing and opening the cooler.

However, whether interlaced or Trex-grip and pull latches are better, in the end, all depends on personal preference. Both types of locks have their advantages and disadvantages. And most importantly, the interlocking hinges of this cooler successfully and efficiently seal the lid.

The cooler has a simple and easy-to-use drainage opening for removing water and cleaning its interior. It is my personal opinion that the drainage opening should be slightly larger than it is.

The cover of this cooler is highly textured which allows you when you place items on top of the lid they get a better grip and they will not slip when the cooler gets bumped during transportation. Also, there are holes on both corners on the front for using padlocks.

However, in terms of usability, Engel 65 has satisfactory results, which is not so bad, considering the fact that it is slightly better than the far more expensive ORCA 58 Quart Cooler, which has a smaller capacity.

Engel 65 Cooler


With its dimensions of 29.9 inches in width, 16.8 in length, and 16.5 in height plus its starting weight of 26 pounds (about 11.8 kg), it makes this model one of the lightest rotomolded of its class. This is the limit of a personal-sized cooler, which allows it to be worn by only one person if not fully loaded. On both sides of this model are solid carrying handles and next to them are two rope handles for better carrying by two people.


The cooler does not have many special features, but I should especially mention that you will really like about this model and that are the metal hooks that are used to secure the interlocking hinges and they can also be used as bottle openers.

This model has large feet (pads) at the bottom so the cooler can stay in place without moving itself. For example, if you place the cooler inside the truck bed or tailgate of your vehicle, the stable feet will not allow the cooler to slide around during the transport. I also like that the lid has a specific texture so that any objects you place on it will not slip, they will stay firmly in place.

There are two holes on the front corners, so you can lock the cooler securely with a padlock. As I said before, when you need to drain water from the cooler, this model has a simple drainage channel that is easy to use.

The capacity of the cooler is 56 quarts and is less by 2 quarts than the Engel brand claims to be 58 quarts, which is a common occurrence in many coolers. And what I really like is that this cooler is backed up with 10 years a warranty by the manufacturer. Again proof that this is a quality product.


When it comes to value or overall performance compared to the price you have to pay, the Engel 65 cooler has a great balance between its price and what it offers. However, Engel 65 does not have top performance but it justifies your spending.

I also highly recommend the RTIC 65 Cooler which has a similar price and slightly better overall performance.


I think the Engel 65 may not be among the best-performing coolers with many special features, but if you compare its above-average performance and below-average price, it is more than ideal for your daily outings and sporting activities such as fishing, hunting, and hiking.

But, you’ll be more than pleased with its durability, simplicity of use, its solid design, decent insulation, and super-useful features such as a bottle opener and a surface-specific textured lid that allows for better grip on any objects or items you put on top of the cooler. In short, the Engel 65 cooler is more than an average product. Besides this Engel 65 cooler review, as well you can check our other cooler reviews here.

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