RTIC 65 Cooler Review

RTIC 65 Cooler Review

Read our RTIC 65 cooler review to learn more about this amazing best selling rotomolded cooler with impressive insulation and super easy usability. This is one of the best high-quality coolers in a class of 65 quarts capacity.

Our Verdict

Overall, the RTIC 65 cooler is an ice chest that stands out with its fairly high performance both in terms of its insulation and its super easy usability. Its durability and portability are also at a high level, you will greatly appreciate the two drain plugs for efficient drainage of water from the cooler.

While you will be really surprised by the design of its side ropes with foam sleeves that offer great grip and reduce sweating on the hands when you carry the cooler on hot days. On top of that, this cooler offers you great capacity for your items and is dry ice compatible.

While its design will seem a bit boring, it doesn’t affect its fantastic functionality at all. The RTIC 65 rotomolded cooler is one of the best values for money and I really highly recommend it.

What We Like


  • Great value for the money
  • Great insulation
  • Very comfortable and practical carry handles
  • Two drain plugs
  • The textured surface of the lid
  • Great capacity

What We Don’t Like


  • It is difficult to be carried by one person
  • The cooler doesn’t come with a basket for dry items
  • The drain plugs don’t come with a leash

RTIC 65 Cooler Review


Here you can watch the full detailed review of the RTIC 65 cooler.


Performances and Features



First of all, the RTIC 65 cooler offers excellent insulation, which is in the range of high-quality rotomolded coolers. Secondly, I have to say that the RTIC 65 cooler does not meet the claims of the company that allegedly claims that this cooler is capable of keeping the food at a safe temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 days. In fact, this is widely known and is nothing new about the claims like this from the cooler manufacturers.

But, one thing is for sure; this RTIC 65 rotomolded cooler has excellent insulation and is one of the best coolers when it comes to insulation to coolers with a capacity of 65 Quarts. This is confirmed by the experience of many users, this RTIC 65 cooler can store items at a safe temperature for 6.8 days, which is almost a whole week.

When it comes to insulation, in your interest I also want to mention the coolers that are in the same class as the RTIC 65, which also offer fantastic capabilities but slightly better insulation, these are the coolers Yeti Tundra 65 and ORCA 58 Quart.



At first glance, the design of this cooler gives the impression of a product with very high durability. But this cooler is not certified by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee, which tells you that it is not recommended to use it if you go on excursions to areas where bears live.

But, based on the results of tests conducted on this cooler, it can be concluded that this is a really solid cooler. Thanks to the quality rubber gasket, the lid hermetically closes the cooler.

Plus, high-quality latches that are very sturdy and durable also play a big role. They hermetically keep the lid closed and do not allow hot air to enter inside the cooler or water to escape from the inside in case of sudden shaking and overturning the cooler.

Next, I need to mention both drain plugs that have rubber gaskets. They are located one on the left and one on the right side of the cooler for super fast drainage of liquids.


Ease of Use

I’ll just say, the RTIC 65 cooler is a leader when it comes to usability. First of all, it features two flexible and durable rubber latches that are very easy to use. This is really surprising compared to the similar type of latches in most coolers that lag behind usability. Also, when you open the lid, it simply stays open and you can easily and smoothly load and unload the cooler at any time.

The RTIC 65 is simply super easy to use cooler. Handling the rubber latches and the lid is so easy that even your kids will be able to handle the cooler. Another great advantage that will really make you happy with this product is that instead of one it has two drain plugs, one on each of its sides. This will drastically make it easier for you to drain the cooler liquids.

Also, surprising is the fact that the capacity of this 65 Quart model is much larger than the manufacturer claims, actually, that is 67 quarts. This means you have extra space for your items.

But, it is unexpected for such a cooler with excellent performance to come without a bucket for dry items. Despite the lack of this small but very important feature, the RTIC 65 is a cooler that will be easily used by people of different ages.



Now, I want to say a few words about the portability of this product. Given the size of this product, it is obvious that it is not a personal-sized cooler, which means that its weight will be greater than personal-sized coolers, which normally will affect its portability. First of all, when it is empty, its basic weight is about 37.5 pounds (which is about 17 kg).

On both sides of this cooler, there are strong recessed handles that will allow you to independently transfer the cooler to short destinations when it is empty without anyone’s help. However, if you need to transfer this RTIC cooler from one location to another, it is best to do so accompanied by another person, I would not recommend doing this on your own, even if it is empty.

However, it is great to praise that this cooler also comes with two carrying handles, more precisely; they are intertwined ropes with foam holders like sleeves. These foam holders make it very easy to carry the cooler when it is fully loaded.

Their design is widely approved by many users. These handles not only make it easier to carry the cooler but also do not cause your hands to sweat when it is very hot, especially in summer. In a word, this cooler is characterized by average portability, which is not so bad for a large product.



The RTIC 65 features a simple and distinctive design that is specific to a rotomolded cooler. It has all the standard features of a cooler and I will mention the most useful ones.

I like that the surface of the lid which is a bit textured. This is useful if you want to place items on top of the cover, the textured surface will not allow objects to slide around.

Always useful and necessary tie-down slots, which play an important role in securing the cooler in place without interfering with the opening and closing of the lid at all when you need to take or put something in the cooler. Then, to mention the non-slip rubber feet that do not allow the cooler to move on uneven and smooth surfaces.

As I said before, this cooler has two drain plugs. But you should know that none of these drain plugs have a leash. This means that when you remove the drain plugs to drain the cooler, you need to be careful not to lose them. A very important thing about this product is that it is compatible with dry ice.



The RTIC 65 cooler is more affordable than its competitors and has better performance. Its biggest competitor with almost similar performance and a price is the Engel 65 cooler. Maybe its size doesn’t allow it to be easily carried by just one person, yet he has many advantages when it comes to his competition.

The RTIC 65 cooler offers excellent insulation performance combined with great durability, easy and simple to use, above-average portability and a more competitive price compared to its competitors. You can easily customize the cooler regarding your needs.

In addition to the Engel 65, the RTIC 65’s biggest competitors are the ORCA 58 Quart and the Yeti Tundra 65, which is a true leader among coolers with rotomolded construction and a capacity of 65 quarts.

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