Igloo Yukon 50 Review

Igloo Yukon 50 Review

Our Verdict

 I can say with certainty that the Igloo Yukon 50 Cold Locker is a cooler that has above-average insulation performance and stands out for its ease of use and durability.

Its insulation performance may not be as high as the Yeti Tundra 65 and ORCA 58 Quart coolers but will still meet the needs of many users.

Especially you will like its large drain plug that will allow you to quickly, easily and efficiently clean the interior of this cooler, then its reversible feet, strong external latches and the built-in ruler on top of the lid.

What We Like


  • Large drain plug that eases draining and cleaning of the cooler.
  • The large capacity
  • The cooler is made to last a very long time
  • The Grip-n-Glide feet
  • The integrated tool for measuring the size of all of your catches.
  • Easy to use

What We Don’t Like


  • The high price
  • Its dimensions
  • Portability
  • As a high-end model, it needs to offer better Insulation

Igloo Yukon 50 Review


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When it comes to the insulation capabilities of this cooler it lags behind very high-end coolers. First, it can hold ice for up to 6 days, which is within the reach of high-end models.

While it is capable of maintaining a safe food temperature for 4 days, it is below the performance of high-end class coolers capable of maintaining a safe food temperature for 5 to 6 full days.

This shows that the insulation performance of the Igloo Yukon 50 cooler is somewhere in the middle, above the insulation capabilities of traditional coolers but below the high-end models.

But this should not mean that this cooler is not worth it. However, it can keep food safe and fresh for longer camping days which is pretty good. But, for a high-class model like this, it’s normal to expect more.



But in terms of durability, the Igloo Yukon 50 is somewhere at the very top. It stands out with its all-around rugged, extremely robust and high-quality construction including the large side-extended handles molded into the body of the cooler itself.

Not only that, but it is also particularly important to mention that this cooler features a large metal drain plug. All this makes it clear that you should not doubt its durability, simply put; this cooler is designed to last a lifetime.


Ease of Use

In addition to its durability, this cooler also stands out for its easy usability. It has easy-to-use latches; the lid of the cooler opens easily and stays open, which in particular increases its usability. The drain plug is easy to open and allows you to quickly drain the liquid from the cooler.

The stainless steel ball chain strap with which the drain plug is attached is long enough to allow you to place the drain plug securely on the handles while draining the cooler.

The drainage opening is large enough so that when you drain the water from the cooler you may lose smaller ice cubes along with the water. In fact, this is the only negative feature of the large drainage opening when you want to completely drain the melted ice water.

However, this should not greatly influence your final decision whether to buy this Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler or not.



While this Igloo Yukon cooler is extremely rigid and easy to use, it lags behind its competition with its portability. This applies in particular to the design of its specific extended side handles. They are large and sturdy, so you can easily move the cooler around when it is loaded on a trailer or boat.

But the design of its handles is not as functional as the handles designed in most coolers that typically have pivot handles. In fact, the handles are not the only reason that affects its portability; its dimensions also contribute to it which is 33.581 inches long, 17 inches width and 17.55 inches tall including its weight of 32 pounds (about 14.5 Kg).


Igloo Yukon 50 Handle


But if its size coupled with a lack of pivot handles are the main culprits for its portability, the Yukon 50 Cold Locker is one of the few coolers that features reversible feet which is one of its many positive features.

The characteristic of these reversible feet is that they are smooth on one side and rubberized on the other. This is especially useful when the cooler is positioned on a flat, smooth surface and you want to move it by sliding it around. Or use the rubber side of the feet to make the cooler stable and fixed when transporting it with your vehicle.


The Capacity

From the very name of this model Igloo Yukon 50, it is clear that it is a cooler that has the capacity to hold up to 50 quarts or about 47 liters in total.


Other Special Features

I’ve already mentioned the reversible feet known as grip-n-glide feet, one side of these reversible feet the so-called the gliding side is smooth, allowing the cooler to slide better for easy unloading of the items. While the other side of the reversible feet has anti-skid pads, they help the cooler to stand in one place.

Then we have the external latches that help you to maximize the security of the lid. Also, the lid of the cooler is made of non-slip texture and has an integrated tool for measuring the size of fish or any of your other catches.

To your great pleasure, this cooler has features not available in many other coolers such as UV inhibitors and infrared technology whose main purpose is to protect food and beverages if the cooler is exposed to prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.


Our Final Thoughts

When we consider all the positive and negative features of this high-end model, my conclusion is that the Igloo Yukon 50 cooler is an above-average model.

But when we compare its performance and its high price, which is over $ 400, I can honestly say it is better to think twice before investing in this cooler. In fact, it is better to look at our list of the best coolers on the market where I think you will find coolers with better value for money.

But if you really like the design of this Igloo Yukon 50 Cold Locker and especially its special features such as the design of its handles and reversible feet along with the large drainage opening, then this is the right cooler for you. I hope this Igloo Yukon 50 review will give you the right information you need to help you decide if this is the right cooler for your needs or not.

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