Samsung DW80J9945US Dishwasher Review

Product: Samsung DW80J9945US


Our Rating: 9.5/10


Overview: if there is one word to describe this model of Samsung DW80J9945US fully integrated dishwasher that is its uniqueness.

It is not just the water wall technology that makes this dishwasher to have a price over $1200, because many of the dishwashers can clean like Samsung DW80J9945US for a less few hundred dollars. But there are a lot of helpful premium features that maybe you or your family members might not be familiar with.


The Design


This model of a dishwasher can compliment any kitchen’s space thanks to the clean, sleek and simple stainless steel design. It doesn’t have any logos or branding in front.

There are only things that you will notice in front of the door are the recessed handle pocket style and the blue light that illuminates when the cycle is running.

The blue light is not very bright as should be and combined with the nearly silent operation of this unit, will be not very easy for you to know when the dishwasher is running or not.


You will find out that this model has a hidden control panel. The positive thing about this, it gives the great, simple and stylish look of this model, but the negative thing is that is impossible to see the timer on the display which means you have to pull the door to open the dishwasher to see how much time is left in the cycle, and then you will need to press the Start again to get it going.


So the control panel is located on the top lip of the door and is of digital type. The dishwasher doesn’t have many buttons which mean the operating with this appliance is easy and simplified.

Here are the buttons that you will find on the control panel going from left to the right side.

The first button from the left side of the control panel is the Power button. Next to it from the right side are the buttons for washing cycles and we have (Auto, Normal, Heavy, Delicate, and the Expres600).

If you continue to the right side you will see the button for Lower Rack Only which is perfect for small loadings of dishes and also the buttons to operate with the Zone Booster feature. Here you can choose to maximize the intensity of the spray jets on the left side or right side inside the dishwasher.

Then we have buttons for Sanitize, Dry, Delay Start and separate Start.


The Interior


The interior of this model is as anybody would expect to be made of stainless steel material.

The capacity of this dishwasher is what you would expect to find from a top-of-the-line model. There is the capacity of 15 place settings for the needs of a big family.

In this model, we have two racks: Upper Rack and Lower Rack.


The Upper Rack: On the upper rack, there is a built-in option for your wine glasses and two baskets for the utensils. The top rack also moves up and down to accommodate your giant stockpot. There is also a cutlery pad at the top which is also called as a third rack from the Samsung and has a rubber mat for easier loading and unloading your cutlery.

In case if you don’t need to use this pad you can simply remove it by slowly lifting up and you can place it somewhere in your kitchen for later use. In this way, you will make more room for more pots and pans.


The Lower Rack: Inside on the lower rack, you will find plate support tines that can be folded down so you can make more room for bigger dishes.


When it comes to interior the most of the dishwashers are boring with the simple and not attractive grayish interior. This model of Samsung dishwasher breaks that boringness of the interior.

Samsung has colored some of the parts inside the dishwasher like the WaterWall system which is in the light red color and some of the adjustable interior parts are in the dark gray and dark blue color, attract the attention of your eyes.


But the main attraction here is the key how this dishwasher cleans your dirty dishes.


Water Wall and Zone Booster – The Innovate Technologies from Samsung


The Water Wall Technology: This dishwasher comes with water wall technology which the Samsung brand claims that is the future of the cleaning dirty dishes.

But let see simply, how this Samsung’s technology works?


The Samsung’s water wall technology replaces the traditional spinning circular arm down at the bottom of the dishwasher with a spray bar that moves back and forth and with the help of the 6 sprays jets, it’s blasting the water from the bottom up and covers 100% inside the dishwasher.

Actually, this is not some kind of cutting edge of technology; it is a simple solution that helps your dishes to be spotlessly clean.


The Zone Booster: The feature that you are really going to love is the Zone Booster, you can isolate it to the left or right side and use them together and the spray jets will work extra hard to clean your cake done dishes.


If you look at the five cycles you will notice most of them have something in common, long runtimes.

In your busy home kitchen, often you are going to use the 60 minutes Express cycle. It definitely lives up to its name, but the cleaning will be nowhere near as good as the heavy cycle which will make your dishes to be spotlessly clean.


But you need to know that this dishwasher is also Energy Star and because of that you should expect long runtimes of the washing cycles, even the regular cycle will take over two and a half hours.


Watch the Video Tutorial – Water Wall and Zones Booster Technology




Also, you might want to check the Bosch 800 series of dishwashers


Quiet Operation


This model belongs to a group of very quiet dishwashers. Most of the time, you are not going to notice that your dishwasher is working. During the washing cycle, the dishwasher produces a noise of 44 decibels.


The quietness of this dishwasher is the real reason that many times will happen somebody of your family accidentally to open the door of the dishwasher to check if the washing cycle is finished. When the washing cycle is finished, you will hear a nice melody as a notification.


In the loudest moment of the washing cycle is about 54 decibels which this level of noise is only a few minutes at the end of the washing cycle when the water is draining from the dishwasher.

One more thing that often is happening even for people that know, before you start with unloading your dishes be careful some of them are still hot.


The Main Features and Specifications for Samsung DW80J9945US Dishwasher


  • Built-in 24 inches with hidden top control fully integrated dishwasher
  • The color of this model is classy and stylish the stainless steel
  • Also, the interior is made from the stainless steel material
  • The noise that this dishwasher will make is 44 decibel
  • You can use any of the 5 washing cycles like Normal, Heavy, Auto, Delicate and Express60
  • Plus you can choose any of the 5 offered washing options
  • In this dishwasher, there are 15 place settings of capacity which are perfectly enough loading space for dirty dishes to satisfy one big family
  • There are 4 type of sensors implemented in this model and they are: Digital Water Leakage, Water Fill, Overflow and Turbidity
  • The Rinse Refill indicator is included to notify you when you need to refill the Rinse Aid Dispenser
  • There is a third rack with FlexTray included
  • The Upper Rack has 3 adjustable tines, 2 shelves for cups and 2 fold-down tines
  • The Lower Rack has 6 tines that can be folded down depends on your needs
  • The dimensions of this premium model are 24 inches width, 33.875 inches height and 27 inches depth
  • The weight of this model is 101 pounds (about 45.81 Kg)


Overall this Samsung DW80J9945US is great dishwasher and you will be amazed by how the water wall system cleans the dirty dishes. Most of the dishwashers with the traditional rotary spray arm are straggling to clean properly the dishes that are loaded in the corners of the dishwasher.


One of the few negative things about this model is the long runtimes of the washing cycles. But it uses less amount of water for the washing cycles and plus we don’t have to forget the Energy Star certification.


Advantages  of the Samsung DW80J9945US


  • Simple, stylish and attractive design
  • The Practical Zone Boost
  • The low level of noise
  • Energy and Water Saver


Disadvantages of the Samsung DW80J9945US


  • A little bit this product is overpriced
  • The washing cycles need a long time to finish
  • The Timer is not visible


If you don’t like dishwashers from Samsung, maybe you want to check our best list of dishwashers.

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