Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine Review for 2021

Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine
Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine is another great product with high-quality performances from the world-famous brand Breville. Actually, that is what they are saying from the Breville company. But, what is the real truth? Is it really worth to invest in the Bambino Plus or not? If you want to know more about the Bambino Plus espresso machine, read this review for more detailed info. Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine

The Breville Bambino Plus Espresso Machine Review


What Comes in the Package with Breville Bambino Plus

  • Breville Bambino Plus
  • Stainless steel milk jug marked with a minimum and maximum levels
  • 54mm tamper
  • Cleaning disc
  • Razor precision trimming tool
  • Dual-wall filter basket for 1 cup or 2 cups
  • Espresso cleaning tablets

The Main Differences Between the Bambino Plus and the Barista Express

  For all coffee lovers, who really want to enjoy in a high-quality espresso at their homes, the company Breville took care and made two most attractive espresso machines on the market: the Barista Express and the Bambino Plus.   But the big difference between these two machines is the process of steaming milk and the grinding of the coffee beans.   The Bambino Plus offers a much easier process of steaming milk with its classic wand. You don’t need some skills in advance to get perfect steamed milk for your cappuccinos and lattes. Just make sure if there is enough milk in the milk container, the whole process of steaming is automated. The big disadvantage with this Bambino Plus is that he has no built-in grinder and that means you need to buy one quality grinder separately.   From the other side, the Barista Express features with a high-quality built-in grinder, actually, it is an all-in espresso machine and it doesn’t require from you to buy a grinder separately which saves your money. But, you will need to practice some time until you get comfortable with making perfect steamed milk your Macchiato, Latte or Cappuccino.   So, if you are able and willing to spend a little bit more money and you want to buy a high-quality espresso machine then our Breville Bambino Plus is our best recommendation. But, if it doesn’t a problem for you to learn how to use a steam wand to prepare steamed milk then Barista Express is the way to go.   RELATED: The Best Coffee Makers  

 The Performance of the Breville Bambino Plus

  So, let see now why the Breville Bambino Plus is one of the best espresso machines, what are its performances.  

The Quality of Taste

  The Breville Bambino Plus is one of the few espresso machines that can produce high-quality espresso and coffee-based milk drinks. The quality of the taste can be even close to the quality of taste of the drinks that are produced by much more expensive espresso machines.   This is one of the machines that are able to deliver a perfect espresso at your home. The espresso that you will get will be rich, strong and creamy with all flavors extracted without any bitterness.   Now, when we talk about the classic steam wand, we can freely say that you are able to make high-quality steamed milk and with combination with the espresso produced by this machine you can prepare amazing cappuccinos and lattes. But, you need to know, the same results you will get also with Barista Express machine.  


  Now you need to know that when it comes about usability the Bambino Plus is a machine that it can easily be used, but it can never compete with any of those the super-automatic espresso machines in terms of practicality.   Bambino can offer a great brewing experience as the Barista Express and as I said before it doesn’t feature with a grinder, so you need to grind the coffee beans separately. But Bambino doesn’t have a pressure gauge which is featured in the Barista Express. This tool is of great importance for any serious barista and it gives you info whether you need to adjust the settings of the grind size and as well the tamping pressure.   This machine has also a pre-infusion stage which is really important in delivering an authentic espresso drink and according to the Breville’s manual; the Bambino is able to deliver an espresso shot within 7 to 10 seconds after you press the start button.   But, there is one thing where Bambino is better than other semi-automatic machines, and as I mentioned in this article that is the automated process of making steamed milk. You just need to put the needed amount of milk into the milk pitcher, set the milk temperature, the foam level, and the last step is to press the button and watch how the Breville Bambino is doing its job. This ability allows you to make easily a cappuccino and latte in your home.   Also, I need to mention the water tank that has a capacity of 64 oz (about 1.892 Milliliters) and easy to fill. But, there is one more disadvantage about this machine and that is the small drip tray which requires from you often to empty it. However, the drip tray has a full indicator to prevent the overflowing.   For those who want to get a cappuccino or latte in a more convenient way, our suggestion is to buy one of the high-quality super-automatic espresso machines.  

Breville Bambino Plus Cleaning

  The cleaning process of Bambino Plus is a normal job and like every semi-automatic machine, you will need frequently to clean the portafilter and drip tray which is a really simple job, you can do it fast and easy.   The cleaning process of Bambino Plus is a normal job and like every semi-automatic machine, you will need frequently to clean the portafilter and drip tray which is a really simple job, you can do it fast and easy.   The steam wand cleans itself after every use, so you only need to wipe down the outside part, simple and easy. The descaling process is straightforward and is going to take no more than 30 minutes.   RELATED: Nespresso Vertuo Review  

Milk Steaming

  Now if you ask me about the process of steaming milk with Breville Bambino Plus, I can say for sure that Bambino is above its competitors. With a simple press of a few buttons, you can set the machine automatically to create beautiful milk foam in order to prepare amazing cappuccinos and lattes. But one thing for sure you need to know, if you want to make perfect milk foam like a professional barista for your coffee-based milk drinks, you must do it manually by using a manual steam wand.   So what that means? It means you will need a high-quality espresso machine with a manual steam wand like the Breville Barista Express or the Rancilio Silva than you will need some time to master the way of making high-quality milk foam. The whole process of making perfect foam is about 1 to 2 minutes.   However, if you are not that much picky and you don’t want to give an extra effort in preparing your cappuccinos and lattes, and you just want to enjoy the coffee drinks then the Bambino in most cases will give you that satisfaction.   Watch the Video – Breville Bambino Plus Review

 The Main Features and Specifications of Breville Bambino Plus

  • Type: semi-automatic espresso machine
  • Material: stainless steel and plastic
  • The water reservoir has a capacity of 64 oz (about 1.892 Milliliters)
  • Automatic Steam Wand
  • Auto Shut Off feature
  • Low-Pressure Pre-Infusion feature
  • Fast heat-up of time of 3 seconds thanks to the thermojet heating system
  • Portafilter with a size of 54 mm and 19 grams of capacity
  • Voltage: 220V-240V
  • The Breville Bambino Plus dimensions: 12.5 inches long, 7.6 inches width and 12.2 inches height
  • Its main weight is 1 pound (about 0.453 Kg)

What We Like

  • It has a beautiful and compact design
  • This machine is easy to clean and maintain
  • Time to heat up in 3 seconds
  • The Drip tray is removable

What We Don't Like

  • It doesn’t come with a built-in grinder
  • The price that you need to pay for this espresso machine and for an additional coffee grinder
  • It doesn’t have a scale
  • Small drip tray

What We Think About Breville Bambino Plus

  Do you really like to enjoy a high-quality espresso shot and other coffee-based milk drinks? Then the Breville Bambino Plus is one of the most suitable and reliable machines that you will find on the market.   Maybe this is not a convenient machine comparing to other super-automatic espresso machines, but you need to know that the process of steaming the milk is automatically and surprisingly with higher-quality results than its super-automated competitors. And besides that, if you use a high-quality espresso then you will enjoy one of the best lattes and cappuccinos at your home.   This espresso machine will especially make happier the people who really get annoyed when they need to use the manual steam wand for preparing the steamed milk.   But, there is one thing that this espresso machine is missing, which we really think it would be a great thing if this machine has integrated a coffee grinder. So, remember when you decide to buy this product, you will need to buy a coffee grinder as well.  

Final Conclusion

  Besides all the qualities that Bambino Plus has, in the end, really it is not easy to give the final conclusion about whether Breville Bambino Plus is the best choice for you or not. The main reason for that is because there is not built-in an espresso grinder which is a big drawback. If you want to make a perfect coffee drink with Breville Plus for sure you will need super fine grinds.   So, if you don’t have a coffee grinder then you have two solutions:  
  • The first one is that besides buying of Breville Bambino Plus you will need also to consider buying a coffee grinder with super fine grind settings. This means spending extra money in order to create a great and enjoyable coffee experience anytime with minimal effort from your side.
  • The second one is to go with the Breville Barista Express which already has a built-in grinder and at the same time; you need to do some effort in order to learn manually to make steam milk with perfect foam if you want to enjoy your cappuccinos and lattes. The main choice is yours.
  And our final words are the Breville Bambino Plus espresso machine is one of the most reliable machines which is able to produce coffee drinks with great quality and taste at any time you want. But as I said in this article the lack of a built-in grinder which makes this espresso machine more expensive investment.

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