Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

This Deik robot vacuum cleaner review will help you to see whether this vacuum cleaner is worth for its price of under 200 dollars and its cleaning abilities as the Deik brand claims.


But, let see first what are the main pros and cons of this robotic vacuum cleaner.


The Main Pros of This Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • The Gyro sensor which gives more efficiency in navigation comparing the robotic vacuum cleaners implemented with IR sensors
  • Ability to do mopping and vacuuming the floor at the same time
  • It is pretty quiet
  • Two rotating side brush rolls
  • The price
  • Pretty large dust-bin with about 900 ml of capacity for the dirt and debris


The Main Cons of This Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • It doesn’t perform a good cleaning on carpets and rugs
  • It is not able to successfully remove the stains on the tile and hardwood floors.
  • The suction power of the motor


Unpacking the Box


Here are all the items that you will get together when you buy this robotic vacuum cleaner:


  • A Remote Control
  • A Charging Dock Station with Adapter
  • 4 Side Brushes
  • 1 Dust-Bin
  • 1 HEPA filter
  • A Water Tank
  • 2 Microfiber Mops
  • Warranty and User Manual


Watch the Video – Deik 3in1 Robot Vacuum Cleaner MT820 (Unpacking, Review, and Testing)




What You Will Get from This Deik Robot Cleaner


The Design of This Vacuum Cleaner


The design of this vacuum cleaner is like most of the robotic cleaners, with a rounded shape, with scratch-resistant tempered glass and simple black finish color.


The Top of the Vacuum Cleaner – When you take a look from the top beside the satin black color you will notice two buttons that are located in the front: the “Clean” button which activates the default mode for cleaning and the “Home” button that gives an order to the vacuum cleaner to go to its docking station for recharging.


Then also on the top back, there is a sign that tells you where you need to push if you want to open the top door of the vacuum cleaner.


Under the Vacuum Cleaner – If you turn the device upside down, on the front you will see the two rotating side brushes and one cylindrical brush in the middle.


Between the two back wheels, it is a place where you can attach a mop bracket that allows this vacuum cleaner at the same time vacuuming and mopping of the floor.


This is an advantage over some of the robotic vacuum cleaners.


3-in-1 Cleaning Ability – As the Deik brand claims this vacuum cleaner has three cleaning abilities that you can choose from like sweeping, vacuuming and wet/dry mopping the floor or so-called the 3-in-1 functionality.


But, in reality, this vacuum cleaner can do only mopping and vacuuming or 2-in-1.


Actually, this vacuum cleaner is not efficient in removing the stains on the floor like some of the iRobot Braava vacuum cleaners do.


The Gyro Sensor – The Gyro is the feature that separates this vacuum cleaner from most robotic cleaners. It gives the ability of this Deik vacuum cleaner to predict its movements during the vacuuming process.


But the question is – does the gyro improve the cleaning efficiency of this vacuum cleaner or not?


The Large Dust Bin – The dust-bin is a feature that will make happy all owners of this vacuum cleaner.


The Capacity of the Dust Bin on this vacuum cleaner is about 0.9 liters and that is almost double more from the capacity of the dust-bin than in many of the robotic vacuum cleaners.


This means that the frequency of emptying the dust-bin will be decreased.


The Cleaning Modes – This Deik robotic vacuum cleaner is an easily usable home product. You can just simply choose one of the 5 offered cleaning modes and they are Auto Cleaning Mode, Spot Cleaning, Wall Following, Turbo Boost Cleaning, and S-shaped route.


More Advanced Sensors – in order to protect the vacuum cleaner from bumping into objects and damaging, the Deik has implemented improved sensors to avoid this problem.


The Battery and the Cleaning Time – This Deik has a lithium-ion battery the allows this device to do cleaning about 90 without stopping and it will need about 4 to 5 hours to be fully charged.


This is below the expectations, which is one of the disadvantages of this vacuum cleaner.


When the battery of this vacuum cleaner gets almost empty, it automatically goes to its docking station to charge its battery. This is an excellent function for the people who are mostly busy.


Using This Vacuum Cleaner on the Bare Floors


When it comes about cleaning the bare floors this vacuum cleaner will give excellent results thanks to the two side rotating brushes that collect all the dust on the way.


Some people don’t like vacuum cleaners with gyro sensor because of their way of cleaning with just one pass through the entire room during the cleaning process.


Because of this, there is the possibility the vacuum cleaner to miss some spots.


Anyway, this is an efficient vacuum cleaner and it can successfully clean multiple rooms.


Using the Vacuum Cleaner on Carpets


If you can get great cleaning results on a tile or hardwood floor with this vacuum cleaner, then on the surfaces covered with rugs and carpets you will get less positive results. The vacuum cleaner will clean only the dirt on the surface, but it cannot do a deep cleaning on the carpet.


What Consumers Say about This Robot Cleaner


If you check on Amazon the reviews about this product are mainly positive.


The consumers have used this vacuum cleaner on different types of floor and they are really happy how this Deik was successfully cleaning the dirt, cat litter, and dog food crumbs.


The customers say this Deik vacuum cleaner is not able to go from hardwood floor to climb on a carpet. If you try this, in most cases the robotic cleaner will get stuck and break the side brushes.


Also, some of the customers mentioned that this robotic vacuum cleaner can get stuck under some furniture, which is the same problem with almost all robotic vacuum cleaners.


This product doesn’t produce a lot of noise and the main reason is the suction power of the motor of 1200 Pa.


The Main Features and Specifications of the Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • 3-in-1 functionality sweeping, vacuuming and wet/dry mopping
  • There are 5 cleaning modes like S-shaped route (this is enabled by a gyro sensor) auto, spot, wall follow, turbo boost and also there is an additional mode for cleaning called the scheduling for daily cleaning
  • V-Shaped rolling brush with great efficiency for cleaning floors and surfaces covered with carpets and rugs
  • A Gyro sensor implemented for better navigation and avoiding bumping into objects
  • The Suction Power of 1200 Pa
  • Limited warranty of 1 year
  • The charging time between 4 and 5 hours
  • Type of Battery – Lithium-ion for a maximum of 90 minutes cleaning
  • The capacity of the water tank is 650 ml
  • The capacity of the dust-bin is 900 ml
  • The main dimensions of this Deik robot cleaner are 13.78 inches width, 13.78 inches length and 3.43 inches height
  • Its total weight together with a battery is 11.6 pounds (about 5.26 Kg)
  • Cliff sensors detection
  • Wet and Dry mopping
  • 2 HEPA filters
  • 4 side brushes
  • There is NO full bin detector
  • Self Docking ability


What to Do Always Before You Start Using This Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


These are the simple steps for what to do when you are intending to use this vacuum cleaner.


1) Turn of the power using the power switch, which is located on the right side of the robot.

2) Carefully lay it on the floor upside down.

3) Check if the side brushes are properly mounted. The side brushes need to be mounted before every cleaning.

4) Place the docking station flat on the floor against the wall and connect it to electricity using the power adapter.

5) Setup the charging dock using the manufacturer’s manual and place the robotic vacuum cleaner on top of the charging dock.

6) Now you can turn on the power switch on the vacuum cleaner and leave it until the battery is charged.

7) When the battery is fully charged your Deik robotic vacuum cleaner is ready for cleaning.


Our Final Conclusion


Simply said, reading this Deik robot vacuum cleaner review, it is obvious this is a great product with great performances regarding the price which is under 200 dollars.



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