iRobot Roomba 960 Reviews

If you are interested in buying robotic vacuum cleaner especially the Roomba 960 from the iRobot brand and you are reading a lot of iRobot Roomba 960 reviews online here you will find the right basic info for this robotic vacuum cleaner.


Roomba 960 – The Design


It is obvious this Roomba vacuum cleaner has the same circular shape like the most models from this brand and the colors of this vacuum are a combination of a black, silver and matte finish. It has dimensions of 13.8 inches in diameter, 3.6 inches height and it weighs 8.6 pounds (about 3.9 Kg).


When you take a look at this vacuum cleaner you will see on top there is a large button “CLEAN” and by pressing this you will activate the cleaning process.


In front of this model, there is implemented a camera that allows this robotic vacuum cleaner to navigate easily through your house and collect all the dust and dirt into the bin that is located in the back of this model.


In front on the right side, there is a side brush that is sweeping all kind of dirt and debris around the furniture legs and along the walls. Underneath the vacuum cleaner, there is a pair of roller brushes that collect everything in front of it including the dirt and debris swept by the side brush.


The vacuum cleaner has a couple of wheels that help it to move and maneuver itself and also it features with sensors to detect the concentration of the dirt, to remember the already cleaned areas and to make sure to don’t bump into the walls, furniture and other objects around.


Also, this model has a bumper ring that is placed along the half front of the perimeter of the vacuum cleaner, which absorbs the energy in case if the vacuum bumps into objects and avoids the damaging of the unit.


Another great thing about this vacuum cleaner is the Wi-Fi ability and together with the iRobot Home app, you are allowed to control it with your cell phone. When the battery of the vacuum cleaner is empty you will need to recharge it in its docking station. The maximum charging time of the battery is about three hours.


When this Roomba 960 vacuum cleaner is fully charged, it can do vacuuming about 75 minutes before the battery gets empty. If it happens the battery to run low and the cleaning still is not finished, the vacuum cleaner will go to its docking station to recharge itself and then to continue from where it stopped to finish its cleaning job.


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How This Roomba 960 Works?


The cleaning process of this vacuum cleaner is simple: to loosen, to lift and suck the dirt and debris on its way. This can be done thanks to the spinning brush, the extractor for the dirt and debris and the strong suction of the vacuum.


Also in the process of successful cleaning one of the main roles have the digital camera which is located on the top and the sensors that are located along the perimeter of the vacuum.


So these features help the vacuum to map your home for better cleaning operations and at the same time keeps records of its current location.


Besides that, the sensors also are detecting the dirt and debris and based on that info this unit is choosing the best path to move for cleaning.


How to Start the Roomba 960?


To use this robotic vacuum is a really simple process. The First thing that you need to do before using this unit is to connect to its charger. When the battery is full it’s time to start with the cleaning.


You need to know that there are few different ways to start this vacuum cleaner and they are: by pressing the “CLEAN” button on the top of this appliance, the second way is using the iRobot Home app and the third way is using Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Assistant by voice.


Using this app it’s a really more convenient way which allows you to start your vacuum cleaner from anywhere by using a smartphone, tablet or any other device that can use this iRobot app.


What we like about this vacuum cleaner is that you are allowed to choose one of the three cleaning-pass modes and they are:


  • One-Cleaning Pass – is a mode that gives the command to the vacuum cleaner to do only a single pass through the entire chosen area
  • Two-Cleaning Pass – is a mode that tells your vacuum cleaner to make a double pass through the entire selected area
  • Automatic Pass – is a mode that gives your vacuum cleaner a freedom to decide itself how many passes to go through the entire chosen area and its choice will depend on the size of that area.


The Edge Clean is another special feature that allows you to set the vacuum cleaner to do cleaning around the legs of the furniture and along the walls. This feature is useful, especially in open areas.


If the dust-bin during the process of vacuuming got full before that vacuuming is finished, you will get a notification on your cell phone. In this case, all that you need to do is to stop the vacuum cleaner, to empty the dust-bin and to return it back and then you need to resume the cleaning process, simple as that.


The great thing about the iRobot Home App is that it keeps the log of all cleaning areas, date, times, the cleaning jobs and duration. Also


One of the advantages of this Roomba vacuum cleaner is that you can make a schedule in advance up to 7 days of your daily cleanings.


The Main Features and Specifications of the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Roomba 960


  • The iAdapt 2.0 feature that uses a combination of sensors and together with the SLAM technology are giving an ability to this robotic vacuum cleaner for better navigation and mapping the surrounded area with its camera for more efficient cleaning the floors
  • It features with a lithium-ion battery and it gives the ability to the vacuum to do its job about 75 minutes before the battery gets empty.
  • The iRobot Home App allows you to set up and schedule your Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner to clean through your home as you wish/desire/need and this app is free for download
  • With the app also you can check all cleaning preferences and the cleaning log
  • The App will send you a notification when the bin gets full and you just need to empty it
  • This robotic vacuum cleaner features with a motor of the second generation and gives power up to 50% more than the motors in the previous models from the 700 and 600 series.
  • In this model, there are implemented acoustic and optical sensors for better detection the dirt in your house and as well better maneuvering during the cleaning
  • We don’t have to forget the cliff sensors that will prevent this robotic vacuum to fall off stairs in your house when it’s cleaning the floor
  • This Roomba is compatible with all types of floors
  • The vacuum can be controlled by your voice with Google’s assistant and Amazon’s Alexa
  • When you buy this Roomba vacuum cleaner you will get a 1-year limited warranty
  • The basic weight of this Roomba 960 is 8.6 pounds (about 3.9 Kg)
  • Its main dimensions are 13.8 inches length, 13.8 inches width and 3.6 inches height




The Main Pros of The Roomba 960


  • This Roomba 960 does a great job on all type of floors
  • The high-quality camera that is doing an excellent job during the vacuuming the floors
  • It is a great product for pet lovers and for people who are disabled
  • It is easy and fun to operate with this robotic vacuum cleaner


The Main Cons of The Roomba 960


  • The price of this Roomba vacuum is a little bit higher than the other models in the same class
  • The level of noise is higher than expected
  • The capacity of the dust-bin is too small and it needs to be emptied by the user



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Our Final Thoughts


Reading this and the other iRobot Roomba 960 reviews, from one side you realized and you know that Roomba 960 is not a cheap vacuum cleaner, but from the other side, this appliance is worth for the money you need to pay. If you compare the other robotic vacuum cleaners with sensors from the other brands this iRobot Roomba is a step ahead. During the cleaning process when the vacuum cleaner is making the transition from one type of floor to another it never slows down with its speed even if it has a lot of obstacles on its way.

Plus if you take into consideration all cleaning logs, settings, reports and easy voice commanding we think this iRobot Roomba 960 robotic vacuum cleaner is a smart choice with a great value for your home.

Actually, iRobot Roomba 960 is about 200 dollars cheaper than its bigger brother iRobot Roomba 980 robotic vacuum cleaner.

Our final thoughts about this Roomba 960 are: this is a really useful robotic vacuum with implemented high technologically features that make this model be one step away from its competitors in the same class. If you really want a robotic vacuum cleaner with high performances you don’t need to hesitate, just buy it.


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