Read our Krups GX5000 review to get all insights about this low-budget but quality and reliable electric coffee burr grinder.

Krups GX5000 Review

The Krups GX5000 Review



The design of the Krups GX5000 is really elegant and stylish. You can see that the black color dominates on the exterior of this grinder with some parts colored in silver. On the front, you will notice a large plastic and transparent container that holds the ground coffee. It is enough large to hold a ground coffee for a maximum of 12 cups. Actually, it can hold more than 12 cups of ground coffee, but the manufacturer has placed a mark that says “MAX” which is a limited recommendation.


Above the container for ground coffee which is in the middle on the grinder, there is a big silver cup selector with a power button in the middle. The bean hopper where you can put the coffee beans for grinding is behind the machine which is also transparent with a black plastic lid on the top. Inside the bean hopper on the bottom is located the burr grinder. On the side of this grinder, there is a fineness selector.


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What Comes Together with the Krups GX5000?


Besides the Krups GX5000 coffee grinder, you will also receive a manufacturer’s manual and a simple cleaning brush that can be easily fit inside the grinder.


Highlights of the Product


Grind Settings

It is a great feeling when you are in control over the taste of your cup coffee. Only you know what is the best taste for you and how you want to enjoy it. That’s why in this Krups coffee grinder you are offered up to 45 settings separated into 9 sections, which is really amazing for the coffee grinder in this price range. So, you have total freedom and ability to choose the texture of your coffee anything you want from fine to coarse grinds it is up to you.


For this purpose, there is a dial knob that is located from the right side of the machine. It is simply approachable and easy to operate. You can just choose the settings that you like, press the start button and then watch how this coffee grinder will do the rest of the job.


Cup Selector

The coffee grinder Krups GX5000 is astutely designed to simplify the way of using. In front of the unit, you will see a big, stylish and easy usable Cup Selector. With this cup selector, you are able to select for how many cups of coffee you will need to grind fresh coffee at the moment.


For example, if you need to prepare a coffee for six people, then you just need to position the cup selector on 6 and press the “Start” button and the machine will grind coffee for six cups of coffee, simple as that. We really like this feature which is extremely practical because you can grind fresh coffee exactly how much you need at the moment. You are able to select from 2 to a maximum of 12 cups of coffee.


Anti-Static Container

This is another amazing feature that makes this coffee grinder an excellent choice. In Krups, they think about everything, the container that needs to receive the coffee grounds is anti-static. Most of the coffee grinders have plastic containers. The problem with the regular plastic containers is that they make the coffee powder to fly and scatter around and to make a large mess, plus on top of that, there is a high possibility the coffee grounds to lose some of its flavors, for a real coffee lover this is a serious problem. When you use this Krups GX5000 you don’t need to worry about those problems. The anti-static container also has a lid to keep the freshness and flavor of the coffee.


Burr Mill System

The burr mill system of this coffee grinder is designed to give you incredible results. The burr grinder differs from the other milling systems in that it does not overheat which is a real problem for most of the coffee grinders that feature a flat burr grinder. The overheating can be one of the main reasons for severe damage to the motor.


But, with this coffee grinder, the overheating will not happen at all, and also besides that, the machine is able to produce an equal size of the coffee particles. Characteristic for burr coffee grinders is that their engine runs at a slower speed and have a reduced heat that allows them to preserve the flavor and taste of the coffee beans which is of great value for every coffee lover.


Automatic Grinding

With this Krups GX5000, everything is simplified especially the grinding process. You don’t need to hold all the time the “Start” button in order to grind the right amount of coffee beans you want. Once you set the right amount of coffee you need at the moment, you just need to press the “Start” button and wait while your grinder does the job. Amazing!


Safety Features

The Krups brand has taken care to make this coffee machine as safe as possible for handling. The coffee grinder will not work until the lids on the bean hopper and coffee container are not placed on. Also, this grinder automatically will stop as soon as the required amount of coffee will be ground.


The Performances of the Krups GX5000


Quality of Taste

Sadly the Krups GX5000 is not performing well as a type of a burr grinder. We know that burr grinders produce more consistent grind than those grinders that use blades. The main problem with GX5000 is that always produces a small amount of very fine coffee dust, no matter at what grind size you will select with the grind size knob. So, if you use the ground coffee produced by GX5000 for preparing a French press, you will make a coffee with a little bit of bitter taste and a little bit stronger than it should be. The main reason for this is that the small amount of the fine coffee dust is able to pass through pour-over filters.


The Usability of the Krups GX5000

This grinder has somehow average performances like a burr grinder; it is able to produce the exact amount of ground coffee that you want. But, it doesn’t have the ability to give you the notification about the weight of the ground coffee that needs to be produced, which for many coffee enthusiasts is really important. The grind selector sometimes can be in some way sticky, and you will need to use a force to make it slide around for setting the desired grind size. So far, the handling with this coffee grinder is easy and smooth. Just put the coffee beans inside the coffee bean container, set for how many cups you need coffee, select the grind size and start the grinder.


The Features and Specifications for the Krups GX5000


  • Type: Electric burr coffee grinder
  • Type of Grinder: flat burr grinder
  • Special Burr Mill System able to avoid overheating
  • Grind Levels: there are 45 settings separated into 9 main grind settings and 5 fine intermediary steps
  • Safety Mechanism: the grinder will not work until all lids are properly closed and the ground coffee container is not placed properly into the machine
  • Cleaning Brush
  • Bean Container: transparent, made from plastic and it has a maximum capacity of 8oz (about 226.8 grams) for coffee beans
  • Power: 110 W
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • Dimensions of the Krups GZ5000 are 4.29 inches, 7.24 inches, and 10.4 inches
  • This unit weighs2 pounds (about 1.45 Kg)


What We Like

  • The level of noise is not too high
  • Durability
  • Besides coffee beans, you can use it for grinding spices as well
  • The simple and elegant design
  • The price
  • Easy to use


What We Don’t Like

  • The burr grinder is inconsistent, no matter what grind size is chosen, it always produces a small amount of fine coffee dust
  • The grind size selector has a tendency to be a little bit sticky
  • It creates static that makes the coffee to get stick to the burr grinder which is a small waste of coffee and you will need more often to clean the burr grinder and the coffee bean container


The Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for the Krups GX5000


1. Every time when you finish using the coffee grinder it is recommended to empty the coffee holder from any coffee remaining.

2. Anytime before you start to clean the grinder the first and foremost safety thing you need to do is unplug the power cord from a socket.

3. Always after using the coffee machine, it is mandatory that you empty the coffee container. This way you will protect your coffee from degradation and at the same time, you will preserve the taste of coffee for a long time.

4. In order to have a more convenient cleaning the inside of the bean hopper, you will need to remove the upper burr. To do that first you need to position the fineness selector to the fine position. Then with your fingers, turn clockwise the winglets of the top mill and then lift it up.

5. Whenever you need to clean the top burr, use the cleaning brush. For cleaning the inside of the coffee bean hopper use a damp cloth. The damp cloth can be used as well for cleaning the exterior of the machine and container for the ground coffee.

6. Now, when you’ve done with cleaning of the grinder, you need to put back the upper burr inside the bean hopper. First, position the fineness selector to the coarse position. Insert the burr and turn it anticlockwise just once.


Basic Things to Know When You Use The Krups GX5000

Here are a few important things you need to know for your grinder to work properly.


  • Always check if the lid of the bean hopper is placed correctly.
  • Make sure the ground coffee holder and its lid are properly placed into the machine.
  • Sometimes will happen, the grinder to overheat which it will automatically shut down. If this happens, just leave the grinder to rest for about 30 minutes and then you can use it again.



From this Krups GX5000 review; you will realize that this is a really inexpensive burr grinder that most coffee lovers with low budget can afford it. If you are comparing the price and its performances it is really not a bad choice. But honestly, it doesn’t meet our expectations as a low budget coffee burr grinder. The burr grinder is with low quality and even the blade grinders in the same price range have better performances.

Our recommendation for a quality burr grinder with great performances which is under 100 dollars is the OXO Conical Burr Grinder. It is a little bit more expensive than Krups GX5000 but is the best value comparing the price and performances in that price range.

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