Lasko 6435 Ceramic Oscillating Heater Review (With Remote)

Lasko 6435 Ceramic Oscillating Heater Review with Remote

If you need a compact, powerful heater with a beautiful but unusual design to add extra warmth to your living space, the Lasko 6435 ceramic oscillating heater is the one that you need to take into consideration.

In this in-depth review, you will find out the main advantages and disadvantages of this Lasko 6435 ceramic heater which is going to help you to make the right decision whether it will meet your requirements for your home as an additional heater or not.

Our Verdict

Lasko 6435 is an energy-efficient ceramic oscillating heater that comes with many handy and safety features to satisfy your additional home heating needs. It offers great portability and along with its beautiful and unusual design, the Lasko 6435 will fit nicely in your home environment. It can be used to provide additional heat into your workplace in the garage, home office, or any small to a large room in your home.

What We Like


  • The built-in timer that gives the ability of the heater to turn off itself.
  • It is super easy to set up and operate with the heater.
  • We love the oscillating operation for better spreading the heated air in the room.
  • The aesthetic design.
  • We really appreciate the remote control; you don’t need to go to the heater if you want to change the heating temperature.
  • The timer where you have an option to set the heater how long to work before it turns off itself. The timer can be set from 1 to a maximum of 7 hours.
  • You can use it right after unpacking because the heater is fully assembled and ready to use.
  • The automatic overheat protection.
  • The two heat settings: low at 900 watts and high at 1500 watts also including the additional auto controlled setting.
  • The ability quickly to heat up the room.

What We Don't Like


  • If you accidentally bump into it or from some reasons the heater falls down on the floor, it doesn’t have an automatic turn off safety feature.
  • If you want to move the heater to another location, it has only one handle nothing else which makes this heater less portable than other heaters.
  • Besides the ability to quickly heat up the room, this heater can quickly cool down after you turn it off. This makes the heater less effective than the convection heaters.

Lasko 6435 Ceramic Oscillating Heater Review


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Key Features of The Lasko 6435


By having this electric ceramic space heater you will benefit in many ways, here are some of its main features:



At first sight, you will realize this heater has a little bit unusual but attractive and beautiful design that separates it from most heaters. I think it can easily fit into your home interior.

This heater does not weigh much which means you can easily move it wherever you want. The heater is too not big with its dimensions of 8.25 inches in width, 8.25 inches in depth, and 16.05 inches in height, and with its weight of 8.1 pounds (about 3.67 Kg), you can move it from one to another place in your home without any difficulty.


Ease of Use

First of all the Lasko 6435 is incredibly easy to use by anyone in your family (of course except kids not). The moment you take out the heater from its box, you will be surprised that this ceramic heater doesn’t require additional setup. You just need to choose where is the best place for the heater to be placed in your room and then just simply plug it in into the wall’s socket. Normally, with this heater, you will get manual instruction that is easy to follow. Even in case if you lose the manual instruction, without any difficulties you can operate the heater.


Quick Heating

Another benefit is that this heater is has the ability to heat up very quickly, so you will never have to worry about whether your room will warm up quickly or not.


Best for Small to Midsize Rooms

The heater is intended for indoor use and the best heating results you will get if you use it for heating up small to medium size rooms like bedroom, bathroom, garage, home office, hallways, and living rooms.


Quiet Operation

The Lasko 6435 heater belongs to a group of quiet heaters. Thanks to the built-in oscillating fan the heater works really quietly even if you set it to work at the highest setting.


Safety Features

This heater has integrated some safety features like automatic overheat protection, timer, and adjustable thermostat to protect the heater from damage or occurring any hazardous situations in your home.

  • Automatic Overheat Protection: The automatic overheat protection will automatically shut off the heater when it detects the heater starts overheating. 
  • Timer: The timer allows you to set the heater to work a certain time before it turns off itself. You are allowed to choose between 1 to 7 hours to set the heater. With this feature, you don’t need to worry if you accidentally leave the room or your home for a few hours. 
  • The Adjustable Thermostat: Whit the adjustable thermostat you can choose the heater to work on high, low, or auto settings. In this way, you are able to control usage energy and temperature as well as your bills.

As you can see from these safety features, this heater belongs to one of the best energy-saving electric space heaters. But, it would be nice if this heater also has an automatic shutdown feature if you accidentally bump into it or push it to the floor.

Key Features of the Lasko 6435 Ceramic Heater

Besides the excellent advantages of this ceramic oscillating heater, it comes with some great features that make this heater more convenient for use. Based on its design and its easy-to-use controls you will find that this heater is versatile and useful.

  • Heating Options: In case you don’t need too much heat in your room this heater offers you to choose between low (at 900 watts), high (at 1500 watts) and automatic setting. This is great because with this option you can control your energy consumption and at the same time you will save a lot of money.
  • Overheat Protection: This heater features automatic overheat protection that will protect the heater from overheating and at the same time, it will protect some parts of the heater to don’t wear out quickly.
  • Oscillating Feature: In order for the heated air to be evenly and smoothly spread throughout the entire room, the heater features with an oscillation feature. This feature you can turn it off anytime you want.
  • Remote Control: For more convenient control of the heater, along with the heater comes a remote control that allows you to control your heater from everywhere in your room. It is great when you don’t need to go to the heater in order to change the heating settings or to turn it off. The remote control requires 2 AAA batteries.
  • Timer: Another feature that is really that is integrated into this heater is a timer. With the timer, you can set the heater to turn itself off after a certain time. This feature allows you to have better control when it comes to energy consumption. This is a really safe feature, if you leave the room for an extended period of time for some reason. You can set the timer between 1 to 7 hours.
  • Warranty: The Company Lasko for this heater offers you 3 years of limited warranty.


Quick Spec

  • Type: Ceramic oscillating electric heater
  • Heating Technology: Convection
  • Heating Wattage: 1500 watts
  • Voltage: 120 V
  • Remote Control: included
  • Its main dimensions are 8.25 inches width, 8.25 inches depth, and 16.05 inches height
  • This product weighs 8.1 pounds (about 3.67 Kg)
  • Heated Area: 300 ft


Although this heater isn’t portable like most of the space heaters, however, the Lasko 6435 ceramic oscillating heater is a compact and stylish heater with the ability to quickly heat up any small to midsize room, it is highly convenient to use, with many safety features which make this heater as one of the most energy-saving electric space heaters.

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