Pelonis NY1507-14A Oil Filled Radiator Review

Pelonis NY1507-14A Oil Filled Radiator Review

Pelonis NY1507-14A oil filled radiator review: If you need an oil-filled space heater in order to support your home central heating or you need to heat up a small or medium-sized room definitely you should consider Pelonis NY1507-14A oil-filled space heater.

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Our Verdict

Pelonis NY1507-14A is a 1500 watt oil filled radiator that comes with many useful features such as five different temperature settings, 3 different heating modes, LCD screen, programmable thermostat, 10-hour timer, remote control, and also including safety features such as overheating protection and tip-over protection.

Pelonis NY1507-14A is a very quiet space heater which means you will not be disturbed when using it. It is best for use in small to medium-sized rooms such as bedrooms, home offices, children’s rooms, and living rooms.

What We Like


  • The ECO mode
  • Power cord storage
  • The portability
  • This heater has a silent operation
  • The thermostat and 10-hour timer with 5 temperature settings
  • Easy to use and to maintenance
  • The affordable price

What We Don't Like


  • You cannot use this heater for heating large rooms
  • Some users say the thermostat is not as accurate as of that of other space heaters of the same class.
  • The beeping on the control panel is a little loud

Pelonis NY1507-14A Oil Filled Radiator Review



As you can see from the picture, this heater, like most oil-filled heaters, is very similar in design to a radiator in black color and it has 7 connected metallic fins filled with oil. At the front is usually the control panel along with the necessary buttons to control the device and a digital display where you will see all info when the heater operates.

The dimensions of this Pelonis heater are 13.8 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 25.2 inches high, weighing just 16.09 pounds (about 7.66 kg). Otherwise, as the manufacturer claims, this heater Pelonis NY1507-14A is manufactured in China.


What is Included?

When you first unpack this heater this is what you will get with it:

  • Heater
  • 4 Castor wheels
  • Holding plates for wheels
  • A remote control that uses 2 “AAA” batteries (For the model Pelonis NY1507-14A the batteries for the remote control are not included. The batteries for the remote control are included only with the newer model Pelonis PH-14A)
  • Manual instructions
  • The manufacturer is offering 1 year of limited warranty like confidence in the quality of this heater



  • The heater needs 12.5 Amps during its operation
  • The maximum power is 1500 watts and it can produce 5125 BTU of heating
  • It works on 120 V AC/60 Hz
  • The maximum coverage area of heating e 162 square feet (about 15 square meters)
  • Its power cord is 6 inches long


Pelonis NY1507-14A Oil Filled Radiator Review

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Product Features


3 Heating Modes Including ECO Mode

This heater has three modes of operating as follows:

  • High mode: in this mode, the heater operates at a maximum wattage of 1500W.
  • Low Mode: when you set the heater at low mode, it will use about 900 watts for heating your space.
  • ECO mode: When you select the ECO mode the heater will use both 1500 watts and 900 watts. For example, if you set your favorite temperature to 80 degrees Fahrenheit (about 26.6 C), the heater will operate at a high mode until the required room temperature is reached. Once it reaches the required temperature (in our example it is 80 Fahrenheit), the heater automatically switches to low operating mode. The heater will operate in low operating mode until the room temperature goes below the set temperature. When the temperature goes below the set temperature, the heater automatically switches back to high operating mode.


LCD Screen

This is one of the many positive features of this heater, the LCD screen. It will provide you with all the necessary parameters for the current operating mode such as: in which mode the heater operates, your current set temperature, timer information, and the caution light indicator.


5 Temperature Settings

This Pelonis NY1507-14A lets you set it to maintain a constant temperature at your convenience. For this purpose, there are 5 different temperature settings to choose from 65, 70, 75, 80, and 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

If in case, you turn on the heater and you do not set the required temperature within two minutes, the heater will automatically be set to operate at 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

But, let see, how the heater will maintain the set temperature? Simply, the heater will adjust the operating mode based on one of these two conditions:


Condition 1: If the set temperature is higher than the room temperature, then the heater will continue heating until it reaches the set temperature. When the required temperature has already been reached, the heating process will stop and the LED light on the control panel will keep flashing. The heater will automatically turn on the heating element only when the room temperature goes below set. Thus, in order to maintain the set temperature, the heater will be constantly switched on and off.

Condition 2: If the set temperature is lower or equal to that in your room, the temperature indicator will flash and the device will stop heating. When the room temperature goes below the set temperature, the heater will automatically resume heating.


10-Hour Timer

The timer enables you to set the heater when it needs to stop heating and when you want the heater to turn on the heating process. The maximum time that the timer allows you to set is 10 hours with a step rate of 2 hours. This means you have 5 different time settings available, ranging from 2, 4, 6, 8, and up to a maximum of 10 hours. This gives you great control over your electricity consumption and your budget.


Great Portability

This is another of the great advantages of this device, its portability. It has four 360-degree steering wheels to move it with ease wherever you want, plus a handle on the upper front for easier movement to a specific location.


Safety Features

This heater is equipped with two safety features and they are:

Overheat Protection: The main task of this feature is to turn off the heater whenever the internal temperature rises above the normal operating temperature of this unit. If overheating protection ever turns off the heater, here is what you should do:

  • First: You should first disconnect the heater and then unplug the power cord from the wall outlet.
  • Second: Allow the heater to cool for at least 10 minutes.
  • Third: Now, when the heater has already cooled down you can reconnect the power cord to the socket on the wall and turn on the heater.

Tip-Over Protection: The function of this feature has been to always turn off the heater in situations such as:

If you move it out of its balance, tilting it for more than 45 degrees, accidentally pushing it down to the floor, or positioning it horizontally on the floor. If any of these situations occur to the heater and tip-over protection turns the heater off, you only need to set it back upright on its wheels and the heater will continue to operate.


Quiet Operation

Since this heater does not have a built-in fan to move warm air through the room, it does not produce any noise at all. This will mean a lot to those who want to enjoy the silence.


Remote Control

For easier and more comfortable heater management, you will also get a remote control. With it you can turn on and off the heater, any time you can lower or increase the temperature, you can select the required heating mode and you can also set the timer.


What is the Benefit of Buying This Pelonis NY1507-14A Oil-Filled Space Heater?

If you need an oil-filled space heater to support central heating in your home or you need to heat up a small or medium-size room, I think this Pelonis NY1507-14A oil-filled space heater would be a great choice.

Considering this heater has its maximum power of 1500 watts, excellent temperature control in your room plus, three heating modes including the ECO mode, 5 different temperature settings along with remote control should really take into account this heater.

Plus the heater does not have a built-in fan that makes it very quiet when operating and most importantly the heater does not move the dust and other micro-particles through the room which is of great importance to people with allergies and asthma. It is also easy to use and operate, has great portability and plus its affordable price, really it is a great choice.


Alternatives to Pelonis NY1507-14A

If you have any doubts after reading this Pelonis NY1507-14A oil-filled radiator review or maybe it doesn’t meet your winter needs for your home also you may check our other great recommendations.

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