Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater Review

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater Review

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater is a great option if you need quickly to add supplemental heat in your room. It is an energy-efficient space heater that will make your living space warm and comfortable anytime.

Our Verdict

This Oscillating Space Heater from Comfort Zone offers ceramic forced fan heating that evenly and fast spread the heat in your room while its housing stays cool to the touch. With its three heating modes and the digital thermostat you can easily program the heater to get your desired temperature in the room where you are staying.

For better usability, this Oscillating Space Heater from Comfort Zone comes with remote control and also it features many safety features to prevent unwanted dangerous situations in your living space. This oscillating space heater is ideal for small, medium, and as well as large rooms up to a maximum of 500 square feet.

What We Like


  • The heater doesn’t take up much space
  • The heater is lightweight, compact and portable
  • Remote control
  • Quiet operation
  • Energy efficient
  • Safety features
  • ETL certified
  • Digital thermostat

What We Don't like


  • Because of its weight, the heater can easily be tilted
  • Its power cord is too short

Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater Review

The Comfort Zone Space Heater is a perfect option if you are looking for a space heater to heat up any small to a medium-sized room quickly and efficiently. This heater as well can be used successfully to heat up even large rooms up to 500 square feet. It is a powerful and very affordable space heater comparing the other space heaters in the same class. Now let’s see what the main key features are of this energy-efficient space heater.


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It comes in a black housing with a chrome elongated air outlet on the front which gives a modern and elegant look to the heater. This is a tower-style model of a space heater with dimensions of 25 inches in height, 9.5 inches wide and 9 inches in depth which makes this heater easily to be fitted anywhere in your room without taking up too much space.

Its tower design and height allow you to place this heater not only on the floor, but also you can place it on a small table, in case if you want to keep it away from kids and pets and at the same to intensify the spreading the heated air in the room. In this case, the only problem will be the short power cord which is long only 6 feet (about 1.82 meters).




A Stable Base at the Bottom

One of the good things about this heater is its lightweight, which is 7.35 pounds (about 3.33 Kg). This allows you to move it with ease from one location to another.

In order to facilitate the movement, the heater has a recessed handle on the rear panel, where you can put your fingers to lift it up and take it with you to the location where you want to use the heater. This recessed handle as well serves as a storage space for the remote control that comes with the heater.

But, one of the disadvantages of a lightweight heater is that it can easily be pushed to the ground by children playing around and pets. To prevent this, the bottom of the heater has an 8-inch wide base that makes it more stable.


Fast-Heating Technology

The technology embedded in this heater enables it to instantly generate hot air immediately after switching on. The ceramic heating elements embedded in this Comfort Zone space heater are capable of producing a lot of heat with low energy consumption and at the same time remain at a safe internal temperature. Also, with the assistance of the digital thermostat, you have the ability to control the output temperature of the heater within the range of 41 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit.



The next useful feature is the timer that is included with this heater and allows you to program the heater when it needs to be switched off itself. The timer can be set from 1 up to 8 hours. But, the timer doesn’t have an option to set the heater to turn on itself in the desired time. Also of great importance is the LED display of the heater, which in large red numbers shows you the current temperature in your room in Celsius and Fahrenheit.


An Oscillating Fan

Inside the heater, there is a variable speed fan whose main task is to force the air to pass through the hot ceramic element and then the heated air exits the heater and distributes it to the room. You are offered three different fan speeds, low, medium and high. Each speed of the fan uses different electrical power in a range of the 800 watts for the lowest speed, 1000 watts for medium and 1500 watts for the highest speed.

Also, the Comfort Zone space heater features with an ECO mode. In this mode, the heater will produce heat until the pre-set temperature is achieved, in this way you save energy and you keep your bills low.

I want to mention one more thing, the oscillating fan has the ability to move from side to side at a 70 degree, in this way the heater can more evenly distribute the heated air through the room. This option can be turned off anytime if you want, so the heater will distribute the warm air in one direction. The perfect thing about this space heater is if you turn off the heating option and only the oscillating fan is turned on, this heater can be used as a cooling device.


Remote Control

Along with this space heater, you will get a remote control that will let you control the heater from any location in your room. But the downside of this remote control is it doesn’t have the ability to display the temperature settings, it has only control buttons.

Advanced Safety Features

This ceramic oscillating space heater as an energy-efficient also is a safety appliance. It features a few important safety features. 

  • Tip-over Cut Off Switch: this is the feature that will automatically cut the power if the heater by accident falls down on the floor.
  • A Thermal Sensor: The main role of this safety feature is to prevent the heater from overheating.
  • Safety Cool Touch Housing: The heater housing is designed so that no matter the temperature at which it operates, the outside of the heater always stays cool, so you never have to worry about you or anyone else in your family being accidentally burned.
  • ELT Certified: On top of that, this heater has passed all of the strict ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) certified safety tests.



  • Type: ceramic oscillating space heater
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Power Consumption is 1500 Watts on a high setting
  • Its dimensions are 25 inches in height, 9.5 inches wide and 9 inches in depth
  • Its weight is 7.35 pounds (about 3.33 Kg)

Who Is This Space Heater For?

This Comfort Zone ceramic space heater is for those who are looking for an eco-friendly and powerful space heater that has enough power to heat up not only small and medium-size rooms but also it can be used for heating up larger rooms with less usage of electricity which means in a long period it will save a lot of money.



The Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater is a great option if you need a lightweight portable space heater with a beautiful and modern tower design. It is not the most powerful space heater, but it comes with many technologically and safety features that will efficiently heat any room in your home quickly with less usage of electricity.

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