OXO On Conical Burr Grinder Review for 2021

This is our detailed OXO On Conical Burr Grinder review where you will get the best insights about whether it will justify your expectations for the best coffee grinder for your needs or not.


OXO On Conical Burr Grinder Review


The grinder has a similar design as its smaller brother OXO Conical Burr but with a simple and better interface which gives you excellent control over the grinding process of your coffee with higher performances. On first sight, you will notice a big dial button that looks nice and futuristic which gives you a feeling of great control over the grinder.


Highlights of the Product


Now let’s take a look at its unique features and see why is this coffee grinder as one of the best solutions for grinding coffee beans.


Quality of Taste


The taste of the coffee produced by this grinder is with the highest quality which is ahead of its competitors, better than the taste that you will get from the coffee ground with Cuisinart Deluxe, Baratza Virtuoso or Capresso Infinity coffee grinder.


By using OXO On Barista grinder, the coffee that you will get will be with exceptional taste which will be expressed all of the quality of the coffee you are using at the moment for your great satisfaction. Whether you want to prepare an espresso, drip or French press drink, the coffee that is ground by this OXO On grinder will be greatly balanced and with resonance taste.




When it comes about usability the OXO ON Barista is a true champion among the coffee grinders. When you buy a coffee grinder in most cases for sure you will need to pass some time through a learning process before you get to use the grinder. Some of the grinders feature with the option for choosing how many seconds the grinder will work like for example the Bodum Bistro. Some of them have only an option for choosing a number of cups like for example the Cuisinart CBM 20 and Baratza Virtuoso.


But, with the OXO On Barista all that learning process, the way how to use the grinder will take few seconds and in some cases no more than one minute, which is not the same case with most of the grinders. The OXO has a central dial button which you can use it to select exactly how many cups you want to be ground and then just simply you can start the grinder.


Besides that, this grinder features with scale detector which gives you the ability to get the accurate specific dose of your ground coffee. Once the needed amount of ground coffee is reached the grinder will automatically stop grinding. What is more interesting, all of this you can do by simply using just one dial button which many of the coffee grinders are missing these abilities.


Moreover, the OXO On Barista also has an automatic shut-off option and its main role is if in some cases is happen the grinder to empty while is grinding, in that case, it will automatically shut off. It is of great benefit for every user. Also, if you press and hold a little bit longer on the main control button it will show you more of the available options such as the grinding mode and the ways how you can use the main central button. 


As for example, would you like to use as a start/stop control which allows you manually yourself to control the exact amount of the coffee you to grind, another option that you can choose is to use the main dial for selecting the right number of cups that you need for brewing your coffee drinks or you can also choose the option where you are able to select the exact numbers of grams of your coffee to be ground.


Quick Info: you need to know that when you choose the “cups” option, the grinder by default is set to grind 8 grams per cup.


One more thing that is really worth to mention is the easily removable coffee bean hopper. So you can anytime easily remove the hopper in case you want to swap out the coffee or to store the coffee in an airtight coffee container in case if you need to clean the bean hopper.


The Level of Noise


As said earlier in this review, the level of noise is the only category where the OXO On Barista is falling behind its competitions. The real leader here is the Cuisinart CBM 20 which is followed right away by the Capresso Infinity grinder.


So the OXO On doesn’t belong to a group of quiet grinders, but it doesn’t mean that is not worth to buy it. Only in case if you or somebody else in your family doesn’t want to be disturbed by noise then your best option is the Cuisinart Deluxe or you can check our other recommended coffee grinders for you.


The OXO On Barista is Not a Messy Grinder


One of the features that really also matters for a coffee grinder is the ability to minimize the mess around when it is used. This OXO On grinder shows that besides producing a coffee with a high-quality taste it is also a machine that doesn’t make a lot of mess around when you are using it.


The container for the ground coffee is located in a position to maximum catch all the ground coffee without making any mess. Sometimes it may happen, a small amount of coffee ground to spill out from the grinder or coffee container. But, that is not a big deal, you can easily clean up that mess just by removing the plate located under the coffee container and wipe it off with a cloth, simple as that.


Best Cappuccino


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The Main Downside


The only main downside of this excellent coffee grinder is its loud operation. But again, if you really need an extremely quiet grinder, our best recommendation to you is the Cuisinart Deluxe CBM 20 which is right behind to the OXO Barista grinder with its overall performances.  Actually, the Cuisinart Deluxe is just one point below with its performances and only with its quietness is above the OXO On Barista.


Recommended Grind Size Settings


  • If you need ground coffee for Espresso then you need to set the grind size on “Fine” and to select the grind settings between 1 and 5
  • For your Pour Over and Drip Coffee set the grind size on “Medium” and select the grind settings between 6 and 10
  • For a French Press and Cold Brew set the grind size on “Coarse” and select the grind settings between 11 and 15


Features and Specifications for the OXO On Barista Grinder


  • Type: Electric conical burr grinder
  • It features with a 40 mm durable conical steel burrs
  • It offers you 38 different grind size settings
  • It has integrated a DC motor that has a high torque and low speed to avoid overheating of the beans and to preserve the flavor of the coffee
  • Removable bean hopper with a capacity of 16 oz (about 453.5 grams)
  • Voltage: 120V/60Hz
  • Container for a ground coffee with a capacity of 125 grams which is enough for 12 cups coffee
  • The dimensions of the OXO On Barista are 11.1 inches depth, 7.3 inches width and 16.4 inches height
  • The weight of this coffee grinder is 5 pounds (about 2.26 Kg)

What We Like


  • The design
  • The taste of the coffee
  • Usability
  • Automatic shut-off feature
  • Thanks to the integrated scale it has an ability to produce a precise amount of coffee
  • Innovative and easy to use interface

What We Don't Like


  • It is a little bit pricey coffee grinder
  • Not quiet grinder

What We Think


OXO On Barista is one of the most efficient coffee grinders that produces a coffee that has the best taste for brewing. Besides that, this OXO grinder has more than enough controls than its competitors. Its usability is amazingly easy and simple, actually, this is the best coffee grinder at all when it comes about usability, it is a true leader.


As for the level of noise, this OXO coffee grinder didn’t meet our expectations, it doesn’t belong to a group of quiet grinders. If you are looking for a quiet coffee grinder then the Cuisinart CBM 20 is the true leader along with the Capresso Infinity.


But, if you don’t mind the grinding noise then OXO On Barista is the perfect choice at general. You cannot find better coffee grinder than this one. It’s more expensive than most of its competitors but is not the most expensive coffee grinder on the market. But, you need to remember that its grinding performances are higher than its competitors and spending some extra money on this machine will really pay off in the long term.


And don’t forget, this OXO grinder features with a built-in scale which gives you the ability to choose the exact amount of coffee in grams that you need for brewing your coffee drink which all coffee enthusiasts will love this feature.


Cleaning and Maintenance of the OXO On Barista Burr Grinder


Here are simple and helpful steps that you can use properly to clean your OXO On Barista grinder.


1. First of all before to start with cleaning, you need to empty the hopper bean. Now with empty hopper bean, start the grinder and leave it to work about 10 to 15 seconds, so on this way you clear all beans and coffee grounds that are inside the burrs and grounds chute.

2. Turn off the grinder and unplug it from the wall socket.

3. Now you have to remove the bean hopper and you can do this by pressing on the hopper down and twist it counter-clockwise.

4. Check if there are any stuck beans between the grinder burrs and remove them out.

5. The next step is to remove the metal burr handle which you can do this with lifting and twisting the handle counter-clockwise. Now just pull it straight up.

6. Take a small bristle brush and clean the upper burr, lower burr, and the grounds chute.

7. Now is time to put all things back inside the grinder. You need to align the indents in upper burr with the tabs inside the lower burr. After this just push the upper burr down straight into the grinder and twist the handle clockwise until you hear a click.

8. Check if all parts are installed properly by pulling the metal burr handle up. If everything is OK the metal burr will stay in its place.

9. The next step is to clean the other removable parts like bean hopper, ground coffee container, their lids and the stainless steel plate in warm water with mild detergent. Then rinse them and dry them.

10. With a cloth, wipe the place that is under the stainless plate to remove any coffee grounds.

11. Now take a soft, damp cloth and wipe the entire exterior of the coffee grinder.

12. The last step is to place back all removable parts in the coffee grinder: the stainless metal plate, ground coffee container, bean hopper, and their lids.


Your coffee grinder is ready for using again.




From this OXO On Conical Burr Grinder review, you may realize that is not a quiet machine and it is a little bit with a higher price than many of the coffee grinders, but not a most expensive.


However, it is a high-quality coffee grinder that has top abilities in most of the categories like producing a balanced coffee with the best taste, the best and easy to use interface, the incredible and precise control for grinding your coffee, it does not make a lot of mess around, easy to clean and maintain as well it features with a nice and elegant design.

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