Where to Place a Space Heater – The Ultimate Guide

Where to Place a Space Heater

If you intend to buy a space heater and you are wondering where to place a space heater in a room to make the most of its potential and at the same time to consume as little electricity as possible when using it, then read my post where you will get answers and information on where to install a space heater depending on its type for greater efficiency in its use.

All those who use space heaters to heat their homes when it is cold, especially in winter, wonder where the most ideal places in their homes are to set up electric heaters in order to obtain the most efficient heating with minimum energy consumption which at the same time, also it will save you money. This is the question that people most of the times think about.

Where to Place a Space Heater

However, the placement really will depend on many factors like the size of the room, the type of the heater, your main purpose of the heater whether you want to heat up a whole room or particular space, how big is your family, do you have kids or pets, the insulation of your house and many more things.

But, also it is obvious that the location where you place your electric heater is really very important. The quality of the heat produced by the heater, the time it takes to warm up your room, the size of the room and also the electricity consumption will depend on the location chosen for your heater.

Yet, when it comes to choosing the ideal location for your space heater it is not only about the efficiency of heating, reducing energy usage and cutting down the bills. The most important thing when you need to use space heaters is the safety of your home.


The Main Factors to Consider Choosing the Best Locations for Your Space Heater

Here are the main factors that you need to take into considerations that will really help you to choose the best place for your space heater in your home and they are:

Do You Need to Heat a Whole Room or Just a Small Part of It?

The first thing you need to know is that it’s not the same if you want to heat a whole room or just a small part of it. The main purpose of the indoor space heaters is to keep your room warm and cozy, the best result you will get if you choose separate zones or areas in your home.

Mostly, people are positioning the space heater close to their favorite sitting position or in a home office. Choose a place where the heater will be best of use to satisfy your needs. This is usually the living room where you are resting, watching TV or reading a book.

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Choose the Most Frequented Places

Mostly during the winter, the space heater is placed in an area where most often people gather most and it is logical that place to be in the living room where most of the people are resting after their working hours, watching TV, having fun, reading books or playing with their kids and pets.

Ground Floor Room

If you live in a multi-story house, and you don’t have enough space heaters for all the rooms, the best-recommended place for your space heater will be on the ground floor.

By using the heater on the ground floor and due to the ability of the hot air to rise, at the same time, you will be able to heat the upper floor. This is a really efficient way to use a space heater in your home if you are not able to own a heater in every room in your hose.

Place it on a Flat and Even Surface

Ok here is another important tip that really you should always keep in your mind. When placing a space heater in your room, make sure to be on a flat and even surface.

One of the main problems if you don’t place the heater on a flat and even surface is when the heater has wheels, then there is a possibility that it could roll towards any object or upholstery furniture in your room. If the heater comes into contact with any object it may cause damage and in worse situations even fire which nobody wants to happen.

Another problem that may occur if the heating device is not properly placed on a flat surface is the possibility of uneven heating inside the heater and damage to electronic components. This is a very rare situation but you still have to keep it in mind.

Don’t Place the Heater Next to the Walls

Once you’ve decided where your space heater is most needed. Now you need to know, if you want to place the heater next to the wall, you must leave a space of about a foot or two between the wall and the heater. In case if you want to place the heater at the wall you will need to look for heaters that are designed to be placed at a wall.

Don’t Place the Heater Close to Flammable Materials

You must remember that you should never place any type of heater close to flammable materials in your home. When using the heater for a few hours at full power, it is obvious that its surface can become really hot. Make sure that your heater is at least about 3 feet away from curtains, walls, upholstery, clothing or any flammable fabric.

Away from Kids and Pets

Because of their ability to generate heat, heaters tend to be very warm on the outside. If kids or pets are playing close to the heater, they can accidentally touch the heater and get burned. So, to avoid this, you must set a 3-foot safety zone from the traffic in your room, especially from kids and pets.

Place the Heater Away from Moisture and Water

Never place the heater close to a source of water or in an environment where there is a lot of humidity. We all know that water, moisture, and dampness are one of the biggest enemies of electrical appliances. The heater can be easily damaged and also it can be very dangerous for your home.

That’s why you should never place a space heater in the laundry room and bathroom. If you want to use a space heater in these places than you check for specifically designed heaters that can withstand the effects of dampness and moisture. Also, don’t forget, you should never place a space heater close to the sink in the kitchen.

Using the Space Heater with Other Heat Sources

Also, you should never place any heating device in a room with a fireplace. Actually, there is no logic to place a space heater in a room where there is another heating source.

Except if you need an additional heat besides the central heating or any other heating that you have, in that case, you can use a space heater.

Properly Plugging

When using a heater you need to make sure it is properly plugged in. The heater must be plugged directly into the wall’s socket.

You must avoid power strips and power bars because most of them are not able to handle the high amount of current and voltage that the space heaters need.

A large percentage of fires worldwide are caused by heaters left on the power stripes and power bars for too long. The only and proper way the space heater to be plugged is directly into the wall’s socket.

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Space Heater in a Living Room

Where to Place Different Types of Heaters in Your Home

To choose the best location for your heater, the type of heater plays a very important role. These are the best places to place your space heater in your home according to its type.

Ceramic Heaters

This is the most common type of heaters around. They can be found in different sizes and shapes with different range of options making them the most common choice of people for many situations and locations.

Smaller size ceramic heaters are best suited for small rooms such as offices and larger ceramic heaters are most suitable for offices, living rooms, basements and also can be used in garages.

For most ceramic heaters, the positive thing is that when they are in use, their surface remains cold to the touch making them safe to use if you have children and pets in your home.

But when in use, these heaters produce a certain level of noise. Because of this they are not suitable for use in bedrooms.

Convection Heaters

Convection heaters are one of the most popular choices when people are deciding to buy a space heater for their large rooms. Mostly these heaters are using a heated oil to deliver heat in the room where they are located.

If you use them properly they require low maintenance, they are easy to clean and there is no need to be refilled again with oil. They are pretty silent which makes convection heaters to be a great choice to be placed in a bedroom, living room and basement.

But, you need to know, when you use convection space heaters, their surface gets pretty hot to touch. This tells you, they are not suitable for places where there are children and pets around, especially not to be used in the children’s room.

But, exceptions are some of the oil-filled convection space heaters that have a safety feature to keep their surface cool to the touch, making them ideal for use in a children’s room.

Infrared Heaters

As we know, infrared heaters use infrared rays that directly transmit heat only to objects in front of them. They are often very quiet and are one of the most energy-efficient.

Their housing is mostly made of wood and in some cases plastic or metal. Some models use a mix of some of these materials. Their surface is usually cold to the touch. The infrared heaters are best suitable for basements, garages, offices, living rooms and bedrooms.

When in use these heaters emit some kind of orange light. This can be irritating for some people, especially at night when they sleep in their bedrooms. If you are one of them my recommendation is to choose an oil-filled space heater. They are one of the best choices for bedrooms.

Mica Panel Heaters

Mika panel heaters are hybrid devices. These heaters use convection and infrared technology to heat your rooms. They are very quiet, economical and portable.

When mica panel heaters are used, their surface just like convection heaters becomes hot. This means you have to be careful when using this type of heaters in a room where there are children and pets.

The best places to use mica panel heaters are bedrooms, offices and can also be used in small to medium-sized living rooms.


These are the most important factors that you need to think about if you want to know where to place a space heater. In the end, just by following our simple advice, you can easily find the best suitable spot for your space heater. And do not forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully before using the space heater.

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