Duraflame DFI 5010 01 Infrared Electric Fireplace Review: (Features and Specifications)

Duraflame DFI 5010 01 infrared electric fireplace is a 1500W space heater that produces 5200 BTUs of heat and it can perfectly heat not only small and medium-sized rooms but also large rooms up to 1000 feet square.

Besides its ability to heat, the Duraflame DFI-5010-01 Fireplace Stove with its simple, traditional, and beautiful design along with the 3D flame effect technology can enhance the ambiance in any room you place it.

It is also a safe device thanks to the features such as overheating and cool to touch. This is a really great space heater that offers a lot regarding its price. However, let’s see why this heater is truly one of the most popular infrared electric fireplaces in its class.

Our Verdict

If you are looking for a high-quality electric infrared fireplace that can quickly heat large rooms, the Duraflame DFI 5010 01 infrared quartz electric fireplace heater is the right answer to your needs. Moreover, thanks to the Patent pending 3D flame effect technology, this electric fireplace has the ability to simulates ultra-realistic flames for better ambient in your room. This attractive infrared electric fireplace also comes with all safety and useful features that can be found in more expensive electric fireplaces.

What We Like


  • You can only use the 3D visual effects of the visual effect, so you can change the ambiance of your room at any time depending on your mood, without using infrared heating
  • Remote control
  • The 3D flame effect technology that simulates realistic flames
  • A beautiful traditional design
  • You can choose the color of the electric fireplace that will best suit your home environment
  • The ability to efficiently to warm up large rooms to 1000 feet in size
  • Built-in digital thermostat
  • Safety features

What We Don’t Like


  • If you want to use only the heating element, there is not an option completely to turn off the visual effect of 3D flames
  • The heater fan produces some noise when the electric fireplace is in use
  • The electric fireplace has plastic legs 

Duraflame DFI 5010 01 Infrared Quartz Electric Fireplace Review

These are some of the main reasons why this is one of the most popular space heaters for warming up large rooms. But let’s see what else you can benefit from by purchasing this Duraflame DFI 5010 01 infrared quartz electric fireplace.

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Product Features


Traditional and Contemporary Design

When you first see this electric fireplace stove, you will be amazed by its traditional contemporary design. First of all, its complete construction made of high-quality durable metal with a simple black finish and the beveled glass on the front of the heater and secondly the fireplace is offered in a few different colors, which means it will fit perfectly with your home interior.

But, surprisingly, despite the strong metal construction, the legs of this fireplace are made of plastic, which is one of the disadvantages of this heater. Besides that, this Duraflame DFI-5010-01 electric fireplace is extremely lightweight, its weight is only 28.6 pounds (about 12.97 Kg) and along with its dimensions of 13.1 inches in depth, 24 inches in width, and 23.4 inches height, you can easily transfer it from one location to another. All this tells you that this electric fireplace you will use for many years with great satisfaction.


Powerful Quartz Infrared Heating Technology

The main feature of this electric stove fireplace is the ability to heat up large rooms without any problem. The high-quality venting infrared heater element may provide sufficient heat for areas in your home up to a maximum of 1000 square feet.

Also, keep in mind, this infrared technology is highly energy efficient. The heat that comes from this stove fireplace is more natural and it doesn’t dry the air in the room as is the case with traditional heaters.


Optimum Energy Efficient

One of the great things about this electric fireplace is that it allows you to manage the consumption of the electricity with its advanced Zone Heating feature.

By placing the heater in the best spot in your room and controlling the usage of the electricity, you are able to control the distribution of the heat in your room regarding your needs. Doing this you will also keep your bills low.


3D Flame Effect

One of the most beautiful things about this type of electric fireplace stoves is the patented 3D flame effect design feature. Besides the ability of the heater to make your room comfortably warm, also this feature offers you to enjoy watching incredibly realistic flames.

It features with different glowing embers where the 3D LED technology wraps around the wood. In fact, the heater simulates flames that give you the feeling of sitting in front of a real fireplace. If you are one of those people who love to have a wood-burning fireplace in your home this infrared quartz fireplace stove would be a perfect option.


Adjustable Brightness and Heat Settings

To meet your different needs this Duraflame DFI-5010-01 fireplace electric stove offers you an option to easily adjust the level of brightness, the size, and the look of the ultra-realistic flames. Actually, depending on how you feel you can adjust the level of ambiance. That’s why you have 5 different levels to use to adjust the flares to suit your ambient needs.

Moreover, you can also adjust the level of temperature in your room that you need at the moment. What is more amazing, in case if you don’t have a need to use the heater in your room, you can just use the 3D glowing flames to enhance the ambiance of your room without turning on the heating element.


Remote Control

It is obvious that a high-quality electric fireplace like Duraflame DFI-5010-01 comes with a multi-functional remote control that allows you easy and comfortably controlling the unit from anywhere in your room.

By using the remote control you can turn on and off the fireplace, customize the brightness and speed of the 3D flames, you can control the heating level or you can set the electronic timer if you want the heater to turn off itself at a specific time.


Safety Features

One of the main concerns of anyone using an electric heater is safety. This is especially important for those who have children and pets.


A Cool to Touch 

That’s why this Duraflame DFI-5010-10 Quartz Fireplace features a cool touch feature that allows your kids and pets to play near this heater without burning themselves in case if they suddenly touch the heater.


Overheat Protection

The overheating protection feature does not allow the heater to overheat. If the temperature rises, this feature will automatically turn off the heater before overheating occurs which is really very important for the safety of everyone in your home. So, the entire construction of the electric fireplace remains cool to the touch.


Main Specifications 

  • Type: infrared quartz electric fireplace
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Heating Power: 5.200 BTU
  • The main dimensions of this electric fireplace are 13.1 inches in depth, 24 inches in width, and 23.4 inches in height
  • This product weighs 6 pounds (about 12.97 Kg)



It is obvious that Duraflame DFI 5010 01 infrared electric fireplace is a perfect solution to heat up your large room during cold times plus with its attractive, traditional and contemporary design and the visual 3D technology of flames with the ability to adjust brightness and speed, the heater changes the ambiance of the surroundings and brings great enjoyment to your family every moment.

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