TRUSTECH Tower Heater 1500W Review (Features and Specifications)

TRUSTECH Tower Heater 1500W Review

If you are looking for a powerful and affordable oscillating space heater with great features and a modern design, then TRUSTECH Tower Heater 1500W should be at the top of your buying list. So, let’s see why I think this is a great oscillating space heater and it is worth its money.

Our Verdict

TRUSTECH Tower Heater 1500W is a powerful ceramic space heater that can efficiently heat any type of room in your home including small, medium, and large rooms.

This 1500 watts ceramic heater offers 3 different power modes, timer, and remote control with an adjustable thermostat that allows you comfortably with easy to have control over the temperature in your room at any time.

When you start using this powerful tower heater you will be amazed at what else it can offer to you. But, let’s start from the beginning and see what you are going to benefit from this TRUSTECH Tower Heater ceramic space heater.

What We Like


  • 12-hours timer
  • Adjustable Thermostat
  • Wide-angle of 70-degree oscillating feature
  • Three heating modes
  • Energy-efficient ECO mode
  • The ability of fast heating
  • Remote control
  • Tip-over and overheat safety features

What We Don’t Like


  • The base of the heater is not stable and fixed

TRUSTECH Ceramic Oscillating Space Heater


Modern and Stylish Design

First, the black modern tower design of this space heater is designed to fit perfectly with your furniture. With its compact dimensions of 7.1 inches in length, 7.1 inches in width, and 18 inches in height, it allows you to place it even in the smallest place in your home.

It is also very portable and suitable for its weight of 6.3 pounds (about 2.85 kg) you can carry it easily anywhere in your home. However, the connection between the heating element and the base does not seem stable and fixed.


The Control Panel

The control panel with all the buttons is located on the top of the heater where you can easily notice the big LCD that shows the current set temperature. But, you need to know that the power on and off button is at the back top side of the heater and another one is on the top on the right side of the control panel.


3 Different Heating Modes and 70° Wide Angle Oscillation

The three heating modes will give you the ability to choose how fast you want your room to be heated by choosing from low, high, and ECO mode. For more efficient heat distribution, the TRUSTECH Tower Heater has a built-in fan and a 70-degree oscillation function that makes every part of your room to be evenly heated. This product needs about 30 seconds to make you feel warm in your room without making any noise.


Adjustable Thermostat and Remote Control

As for the temperature range, you have the option to set your required temperature in the range of 59F (15C) to 86F (30C). Thanks to the built-in thermostat, it will ensure that it maintains the temperature you set.

And what is even more interesting and at the same time, much more useful is that you can do all this with the remote control. All you have to do is just pointing the remote at the display of this heater and select the desired temperature, simply, easily, and comfortably. You need to know the batteries are not included with the remote control.


12-Hour Timer

Another very useful feature that you will often use is the timer. With this timer, you can adjust the heater when it switches on, and when you want it to stop heating according to your needs. The timer can be set in the range of 0 to 12 hours.


Safety Features

As for safety, like any quality space heater, the TRUSTECH Tower Heater offers you all the necessary safety features that will protect your home from unwanted incidents.

For example, if there is ever a rise in temperature of the internal components above the permitted level, overheating protection will automatically turn off the heater.

In case the heater loses balance or falls to the floor suddenly tip-over protection will be activated and the device will be turned off.

Also, due to safety issues, this heater is not recommended to be installed in areas where the heater could be damaged, such as the bathroom, shower, kitchen sink or close to easily flammable materials such as curtains, upholstery, paint colors, and so on.

If you are having difficulties choosing a safe place in your home, you can read our detailed guide on where it is safest to place a space heater in your home.


  • Power Consumption: 1500W Maximum
  • Voltage: 110V
  • Heating Method: Convection
  • Oscillating Feature: Wide oscillating angle of 70 degrees
  • Cord: 3-prong power cord
  • Dimensions: 7.1 inches in length, 7.1 inches in width, and 18 inches in height
  • Product Weight: 6.3 pounds (about 2.85 kg)



From this TRUSTECH Tower heater 1500W review, it is obvious that it’s about an attractive and powerful ceramic heater, safe for use with many great features like a wireless remote control, oscillation function with fan, thermostat, timer, 3 heating modes, lightweight and a lot of safety features to help you with easy to have control over the temperature to make your room comfortable and cozy during cold days. More importantly, is that the heater saves you energy and comes at an affordable price.

Alternatives to TRUSTECH Tower Space Heater 1500W


If you’re not happy with this TRUSTECH tower heater, you can also consider our alternative options.


Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater

For more info click on the image above

Our first recommended ceramic heater as an alternative to the TRUSTECH Tower is the Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater. This ceramic heater fulfills all expectations of one quality product.

First, the great thing is that unlike the TRUSTECH Tower Heater, this device has the ETL Safety Certificate, and not only that, it also has an overheat protection feature so you don’t have to worry about overheating if you use the heater for a longer period of the highest heating mode. To avoid unwanted dangerous situations when the heater is knocked on the floor or displaced from its position, the heater will automatically stop heating for which the tip-over function is responsible.

A very positive thing about this heater besides being safe, it will also save you energy by using ECO mode. In this heating mode, the heater can maintain the required optimum temperature without wasting too much energy. If you need to move the heater elsewhere in your home, you will have no problem with its weight of 7.35 pounds (about 3.33 kg).

Like the TRUSTECH Tower, this heater also has a remote control for easier operation. This Comfort Zone Oscillating heater has an 8-hour self-timer, which is less than the timer of the TRUSTECH Tower heater that allows you to set it to a maximum of 12 inches. Both the TRUSTECH Tower Heater and the Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater have a built-in 70-degree wide-angle oscillator to easily distribute heat to your room.

What We Like


  • Its compact dimensions and lightweight
  • Eco-mode
  • ETL certification
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Cool housing during use
  • Digital adjustable thermostat
  • Advanced safety system
  • 70-degree oscillating feature

What We Don't Like


  • The heater can be easily tilted and fall to the floor

Also, here you can read our detailed review about Comfort Zone Oscillating Space Heater.

Lasko 5572 Ceramic Tower Space Heater

For more info click on the image above

Our second recommended ceramic heater is the Lasko 5572 Ceramic Tower Space Heater. This 1500 watt heater with a sleek and tall design is designed to heat up spaces up to 300 square feet. The heater has a lot of great features that will help you to make your place cozy and warm during the winter season.

Like the previous two heaters, this one also has a wireless remote control so you can easily manage the heater’s features to control the temperature in your room. The weight of 5.58 pounds (about 2.53 Kg) and the convenient carry handle make this device very portable so with ease, you can carry it to any location in your home.

If you worry about safety when you use a space heater, you need to know that it has ETL certification which means this is a safety device. Plus, if the temperature in the heater becomes unsafe then the device will automatically shut down and wait some time to cool down before it resumes the process of heating. When the heater is tipped or somebody pushes it to the floor, then the tip-over function will turn off the unit until it is not placed back in a normal vertical position.

This heater features an adjustable thermostat and an 8-hour timer which is really less if you compare the 12-hour timer that is built-in in the TRUSTECH Tower heater. Otherwise, the heater offers different heating modes including High, Low, and Automatic mode.

What We Like


  • Multiple heating modes
  • Wireless remote control
  • Portability
  • Oscillating fan
  • ETL certified and the safety features
  • 8-hour timer with adjustable thermostat

What We Don’t Like


  • The loud beeping when you change any of the settings. It is not convenient for the heater to be used in a bedroom at night.

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